Tuesday, July 29, 2008

no excuses.

yeah well, what can i say, i have a crazy life. this summer has been a little on the extreme side. I am pretty sure that most people know that Andrew and I are full time youth directors. I have to say I never would know what a blessing this is if it wasn't for our summers. I am pretty sure I can coun't the number of days we have been home on my fingers and toes. If we were not blessed enough to do this together, we would definitley not see much of each other. I want to catch you up as much as possible, but don't worry, I will give you lots of eye candy so that you can see what we've been up to.

I will start in JUNE! in June we went to Panama City Beach, FL (my favorite place in the world) for camp. It was absolutley amazing! we had 7 students give thier lives to Christ. We took 24 students and 5 adults.

Daraja Childrens Choir

I just thought this was funny!

We were home for a week before we left to go to New Orleans and roofed a house. We spent a week there with 15 students and 6 adults. This trip was really cool. It was totally different from any other trips we have been on. We took a totally great group of students, but like none of them were friends first. we drove for 2 days there and 1 and few hours back.

home for 3 days (one of which was my 28th birthday) and next was Austin. We were able to get away for the 4th of july to visit the fam. This was like the most blessed weekend of my summer.

right when we returned to the good ole' state of MO, we went directly from the airport to work where we started our next week which was an in town mission trip where we built a ramp and worked in this lady's yard. I (and a bunch of students) got poison Ivy. That week ended on Thursday, and exactly one week later, on July 17th, we flew out to Guatemala.

and then we got back into town on Friday and my best friend Jodi had her baby on Monday...yesterday!

We leave again on the 7th for Florida for an actual vacation! I cannot wait to go on a trip where we don't have to bring liability release forms. I hope this helps you understand why I haven't been posting! Love to you all and I can't wait to hear from you!