Monday, July 19, 2010

mini-update on us.

Hey guys, I know that you know how crazy my summer is, but I need you to know how amazing it has been. Andrew and I are doing great...and doing a lot. My goal is to add some pics today as I may have a few minutes at home in-between crazyness. Also, we are working on a vison that we feel that God has really placed on our hearts and minds and cannot wait to share what we are thinking about...And have you join with us!
But for now, I just wanted you to know that this summer has been super fruitful as we have experienced students serving people through the Love of Jesus and this last week we watched at our group just praised their faces off and really let God transform their thinking. We watched 2 girls give their lives to the Lord and we could not be more proud of the "baby steps" that our students have been making...Our older students are discipling our younger students and we are soooo blessed to be a part of Gods great plan.