Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well, the end is near...for my tonsils...

So, I went to my ENT today, he was awesome, and I have an announcement! I will be going in to have the tonsils removed from my body next Monday, October 6th at 1:15!!! WHOO HOO! My mom doesn't know yet, cause she is on a cruise, she said that she wants to be with me when I get it done, but the thing is, she doesn't get home till late Sunday or even monday. I couldn't wait because things get a little crazy around here starting Oct 22nd. This is the best time! Send some prayers out for my healing, and give me some good advice...you can also check back for for some wicked drug induced blog posts!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

My favorite corner of our house and a little idea.

This little corner of my house is one of my favorites. The painting is my brothers and it just happens to be my favorite. For some reason this corner makes me happy! I love quite a few different styles of decorating, but one thing that stands in all of the things I like it is clean...I am not a fan of clutter and I am not a fan of dark.
So, I recently painted my living room/dining room white. We went to the farmers market on Sat where we got some pasta. the fetuccinni is chipotle and the fun colored pasta is southwest flavored...like corn, jalepeno, red pepper and black bean. I wanted to put some flowers in the kitchen, but then I realized I had pasta that needed a home, and it is pretty, so this is what I did with it! I thought about taking off the paper, but I didn't...so, maybe I will do that tomorrow!

Centerpiece for a limited time!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

5 things I love about Fall

here are a few photos from the Fall Festival

This is Andrew working in our church tent. These are the flyers we made for LUMY

Gyros!! Yummy!
This is soap for your feet with Loofa made in the middle! I love this idea! This is the road to my house and the end of the Parade route. I love this kid in the middle. Skinny Jeans, Skateboard, crazy long bleach hair and killer Blue Vans. He is awesome!
The rootbeer stand!
Becca and Nate came up to hang out! We ate at Los Compas! Only the best Mexican ever!
And this photo says it all!
5 things I love about fall.
1. Even though I only eat about 1 a year, I love carmel apples rolled in nuts.
2. I love the color of the tree in my front yard...and all the trees for that matter!
3. I love the smell of fall, in general, the smell of leaves and colder weather, and I get to keep my windows open and smell it all night!
4. I love the sound of the leaves crunching under my shoes!
5. I love that I get to wear sweatshirts and jeans and flipflops.

Tell me, what are 5 things you love about fall?

Friday, September 26, 2008

I mean, now that I have internet!

So this weekend is Fall Festival here in Liberty MO, if you are my friend or family member and have not been to my home, I have to tell you a secret. I live in Mayberry! straight up Andy Griffith style! One saturday last fall, I was waiting for the new Harry Potter book to come in the mail. So, on this beautiful Saturday morning, Andrew and I took a little walk to the square where we happened to run into our mail man delivering mail! We waved to him and he shouted back across the street, "do you want your book now?" No. I am not kidding...so he went to his truck and got out my book! Welcome to the "we think we are a small town but we have 600 in our graduating class" life.

So in honor of Fall Festival, I will be taking several photos of the town so you too, can feel like you are here with me, smelling the most awesome aromas of life. Fall and Festival.

But for now I will post some random photos so you don't get bored while you wait!This is me...and thext one is a flower arrangement that was on my kitchen table!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

a few things

Well, first I want to tell you that my friend Katie has a blogspot that I just discovered and you should check it out! It is inspiring!

I have a few announcements.

1. I have internet!!!!! No, I am not lying, this is the first time that Andrew and I have had internet. ever! We are so excited. This also means that I have access to my blog when I get home from work! Hurray!

2. I think I get to have my tonsils taken out! How awesome is this! Well, you may not think it is exciting, but, i get these gross things called tonsiliths, or tonsil stones, and last night I had an issue with them, so I am off to see an ENT doctor next tuesday and hopefully, a tonsillectomy to follow! yeah!

now because I have been inspired by Katie's blog I would like to tell you that I have been slowly re-arranging and changing things in my house. this is not my house, but a photo from Z Gallerie's web site. But all my walls are white, my accents are oarnge and my sofa is still brown! I will post photos soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

today Is a day of celebration!!

Today we celebrate one year of life for

He is probably my favorite Baby of ALL TIME! and I sort of Love him more than I have ever loved any little person! So if you know him, you should call him and sing him a little birthday song! I am sure he will at least make some noise to show you he appreciates it!
I love you Fred!

5 words and photograph!

Becca Wessley is my HERO!
So, I saw Pink on the VMA's and I have to say that I fell in love with her hair...I couldn't stop saying outloud "I LOVE HER HAIR." So this is what it looks like.
I know, my hair would look weird like this for my face shape, but with my recent haircut, I realized that I can't stand the shape of it...to plain, to boring, and not me! I just didn't look like myself when I look in the mirror. So, I called Becca, and thank God, she said she could see me "tomorrow" which was Tuesday. So Andrew and I took a shotgun trip to S-town. We left at 11:45 and got back to Liberty at 9:00. We didn't see anyone but Nate and Becca, and of course, Lundyn. We had a sweet, sweet visit with them (at the shop) and we didn't even get to eat at ony of our favorite resturants...booo...but the results were worth every hour in the car. We did get a lot of work done without our computer on and in front of us. So. Here is the new hair!

Much Better!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The book that changed my Husband's life

Well I have just started it, like I have read the forward, but this book has changed Andrew's life. I am excited to come back and tell you more. He loves it and it has spurred his thinking...so you should check it out too. you can get it here at Amazon. I am excited because Shane Claiborne will be speaking at National youth workers convention this year. So keep checking back so that you can get my take on it. It has really made Andrew do some thinking, so much so, that it comes up in conversation at least once each day. I guess it is that good.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

THE shoes

So, I have been pining over these shoes for the last, well since the 4th of July. I saw them at Tylers in Austin...and I can't stop thinking about them. You can check out the other colors here. Sometimes I see things that i think I want, and then because of not wanting to spend the money, I am pretty good at walking away. Sometimes, though, I can't stop thinking about them. It is weird to think that I have thought about shoes for 2 months. I guess I am like my mother. Ha ha! The difference is that they are not 3 inch heels! Anyway, just thought I would post about it, cause I like them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have a new favorite accessory

These are my new sunglasses, made by Chili's. (not the bar and grill) I am pretty sure that once every few years, I run across a pair of shades, that I am in love with. Some of you may remember the sky blue oakleys that I rocked for a few years...I was known by those. Anyway, I love them, but I am pretty sure that Matt Turnbough made fun of them yesterday...well, maybe he really does "Like those big red sunglasses you got on."
I looked on-line for about 30 minutes for these so that you can, too, purchase them and kick it oldschool, with me and the rest of America. So, you can go here and get them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So, I finally went to someone here in town to get my hair cut. First I have to say, I really like my color, and the cut is good, but I don't feel like it is me...and she is NO BECCA! But...it it is still good, so here are some photos of my new hair. This is the first time I have had bangs since I left my Uncle John's shop crying when I was 11 and my parent's made him cut the bangs...really short. I feel like it makes me look a lot more my age, but I am not sure that I love that.
I think I am trying to make up for it with my clothes.

Monday, September 1, 2008

a couple things from Florida

These are a few images I have from Florida. Of course, it is like Fredapalooza...I can't seem to focus on anything else when he is around. I just kind of love him. A couple of these I really love. The ones of Josh and Michelle, I am very fond of. The way they were standing and laying looked so elegant to me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing the Fam...I don't think I have one of Andrew here...sorry Andrew. I will get one up here later.