Friday, September 5, 2008

The book that changed my Husband's life

Well I have just started it, like I have read the forward, but this book has changed Andrew's life. I am excited to come back and tell you more. He loves it and it has spurred his you should check it out too. you can get it here at Amazon. I am excited because Shane Claiborne will be speaking at National youth workers convention this year. So keep checking back so that you can get my take on it. It has really made Andrew do some thinking, so much so, that it comes up in conversation at least once each day. I guess it is that good.

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Amber said...

hehe. vern read this when we went to Sudan as a family a couple years ago. He liked it alot. Danny Dyer liked it a lot as well....i on the other hand, feel like i have read it because SOOOO many people have told me things from it....i hate it when that happens. hehe...oh well. the book i am going to read and CANNOT wait to dive into is called Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin. We will be hearing him speak at the Desiring God Conference this year YIPPEEE!!!!! love you!