Saturday, September 27, 2008

5 things I love about Fall

here are a few photos from the Fall Festival

This is Andrew working in our church tent. These are the flyers we made for LUMY

Gyros!! Yummy!
This is soap for your feet with Loofa made in the middle! I love this idea! This is the road to my house and the end of the Parade route. I love this kid in the middle. Skinny Jeans, Skateboard, crazy long bleach hair and killer Blue Vans. He is awesome!
The rootbeer stand!
Becca and Nate came up to hang out! We ate at Los Compas! Only the best Mexican ever!
And this photo says it all!
5 things I love about fall.
1. Even though I only eat about 1 a year, I love carmel apples rolled in nuts.
2. I love the color of the tree in my front yard...and all the trees for that matter!
3. I love the smell of fall, in general, the smell of leaves and colder weather, and I get to keep my windows open and smell it all night!
4. I love the sound of the leaves crunching under my shoes!
5. I love that I get to wear sweatshirts and jeans and flipflops.

Tell me, what are 5 things you love about fall?


katie mae said...

i love wearing my sweaters and peacoats. and i like tights and leggings. and cherry pie. and i love hot chicken noodle soup. yum!

omamarge said...

I love sweater weather, frost on the pumpkin, Apple picking, Persimmons and the in-between of no air conditioning or heat on in the house.