Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Favorite Artist

So my favorite artist is Robert Parke-Harrison. I love him. He has actually been my fav. for quite some time. His ideas are so different and his methods are super tedious. He works with his wife and has just started using images with women in them, and has also just started working in color. By the way, he is a photographer. I hope these images inspier you!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Worst Morning Ever!

I hope you get a kick out of this! We got to sleep at about 1am on Saturday night. We woke up slowly at 6:30 am to get up and ready for church. We needed to get there at 8:00! So the morning begins, Andrew went and got into the shower and I went to make coffee. As I was making coffee, I spilled grinds all over the place. So I cleaned them up and went in to start washing my hair. Andrew was ironing by now. So I go in and pull out the shower head and start washing my hair, I am not sure what happened next, but the shower head broke. Which is funny because we only have one shower. So...I wash out the conditioner and head into the bedroom where Andrew is still Ironing. He kept saying "I can't get this shirt flat!" so I sit down and start drying my hair. We are chatting, he is ironing I am blowing by hair dry, when all of a sudden the breaker TRIPS! If you have been to my house, you know what it is like in my basement. Right now it is dungeonsville! So i prance down stairs to flip the breaker and it is too dark and i can't find the one that has tripped. Andrew then has to come down and he realizes that for some reason the breaker for my bedroom is labeled "Furnace"! I don't know why!

SO we go up to finish getting ready...I finish straightening my hair and Andrew is STILL IRONING. He is so frustrated that he has moved over to the dinner table and is ironing on a towel on top of the table. I tell him to go straighten his hair (yes he straightens his hair) and I will work on his shirt. I had his shirt flat in no time and I hear "OH MY GOSH ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?"

The CHI died!! so we deal with that and we finish getting ready. I was making to-go cups of coffee when Andrew walks through the door into the living room all dressed, handsome as ever and guides my eyes, with his pointed finger, to the hem of his pants. they are ripped at the very bottom. I tell him, they aren't bad, no one will notice. he leaves the room and comes back a second later (by now it is 8:10) so frustrated! I look down and his pants have split up the leg to his knee. He takes off his pants, gets some needle and thread and sits down. I ask, "do you want me to do that." to which he replies "I'm sorry, do you know how to sew pants." At which point I just start laughing. I go over to pick up the ironing stuff and realize that the towel has picked up a bit of the finish on the table. We finally head out the door with coffee in hand, almost afraid to tip the cup in case of a large spill. We are driving to church when I hear a noise and i look down at the cup and coffee is coming out of the top of the mug, which is basically impossible. I look at Andrew and say, "seriously, you have to think this is funny." and he assured me "I will laugh later."

Needless to say, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph the morning. I hope you can relate! We all have those days don't we. I say Laugh while it is happening so that you don't get so mad! There is obviously nothing you can do!

Titus and Amber

I had some of my favorite visitors in town last week. Thank God, my garden needed watered. Well, it didn't really need it, but it was so great to see him diong it. Amber is one of me favorite people and It is alway a blessing to see her and her family!!


This is Sydney, she is awesome! Another one of my best friends, Jenny, and I...well, we have known each other our whole lives. Literally. She had Syd a little over a year ago. I was able to see her at Christmas time, but not agian untill last weekend. I was so scared that she wasn't going to know me, or be playfull! I just wanted her to not be shy around me, Well you can see that she was not!! We had so much fun we played, shopped, ate dinner and got snow-cones! I love her so much!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I dont take them very often, but every once in a while I pull out the trusty Cannon and take landscapes. These are both from august last year. The top image is from Las Vegas. I was there visiting one of my very favorite people on earth, Jessie!! This was taken on the military base there at about 11:00 at night!

The second is taken at Breckenridge, CO. I was there on a planning retreat for the fall semester. We spent a week doing nothing but planning, praying and hanging out! It was pretty fantastic. This was taken on the back porch of the condo at around 7:00 if memory serves me right!


These are dolls I played with when I was a kid. I still think they are amazingly cute, but people seem to get freaked out by them. They are called Monchhichi dolls. I believe it is French. there are actually quite a few of them on E-bay. Anyway. I found them at my Aunt Margies once and photographed them. Just thougt I would share a bit of my history with you!

Friday, May 11, 2007


These are some photos I took a few weeks ago when I visited Sprinfield, MO. I thought you should experience them!! They are making me hungry.
If ever you are in Springfield, You must go downtown and eat breakfast at Gailey's!
It is on Walnut street and my be the greatest of great breakfast joints. Just so you know, I get the mediteranean! PHENOM!
Of all the things I miss about Springfield, this is one of the things I miss the most! Early morning breakfast with a dear friend.
I am getting ready to skip town to spend some time with my mom and and as Andrew and I were falling asleep, he looked at me and said, "let me take you to breakfast." So I woke up super early so I could be at work on time after having breakfast, and got ready and he took me to Ginger Sue's. I do love that place, but it's no Gailey's. Anyway, it was so fun to have an early morning date. Seeing as I miss meeting my friends for breakfast, it was really fun to meet my best friend so early in the morning.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Farmers Market

So...Andrew and I went to our local Farmers Market super early on Saturday Morning. We figured "it is the first week it is opened, surely there will be a ton of booths." (we had heard great things) Well, it turned out that there were only like 4 booths, two with flowers and herbs, and 2 with baked goods. So, we ended up at this great little botique called "Eden's Garden" (no website yet, but I will link it when it comes) and then had breakfast at our new square breakfast/lunch resturant, Ginger Sue's I had this amazing omlette, with pineapple, coconut, ham and cheese. It was Hawiian!

After that we began our walk home and decided to stop by the fountian for some photos!!

This is literally our walk home from the Square. Just follow the sidewalk all the way.

My wonderful husband "trying to" make one of "my" faces. It is the one I make right after I say something that I think is really funny!

This is me, making yet antoher one of "my" faces. (I have a few)

Friday, May 4, 2007

I Love Little Kids

I love how little boy's play and explore the world. It really puts perspective into how a playground can become so mundane as we grow up. We went to the park the other day with the "family" and this was my favorite photo from the day.

This is Luke, I like to tell Andrew, my husband, that he is my best friend. If I knew I could have a little boy just like luke, I would totally start now...but...well, I don't.

My brother just found out he and his wife are going to have a little boy. I am so excited. I just wish that I was closer to them! I can't wait to see him and hold him. I know he won't be born for like another5 or so months, but I didn't know I would be as stoked as I am.

I love little Kids!!


When I was growing up I would spend, what felt like, all my time at the Booker's house. Everyday, Jenny and I would watch "Todays Special" and eat cucumbers sliced up with salt. On really nice days we would go outside and climb what we liked to call "Jenny's Gumball Tree". We would play on it year round, but we especially liked the spring. You see, in spring we started to be able to actaully have "gumball" fights. Everytime I look at a "gumball" It takes me back to those good old summer days when I was in Kindergarten with Jen, and our Brothers would be running around us like crazies!
What, in nature, flings you back to childhood?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Italy

This is my favorite photo from Italy. It is a little town called Cinque Terre. I like to pretend it is in my imagination!!

It is my Intention

I have realized that I need to make a change in my life. What better way to have accountability than with a blog! I need to be more Intentional. I am needing it in every aspect of my life. I need to be intentional in being a more consistent follower of Christ, a better friend, a stronger leader, and I need to be more intentional in taking time for myself to be creative! Call it an awakening or laugh at it. My biggest fear is that my legacy will say, "Sarah, oh yeah, she really loved Jesus, but she was so busy."
So, belt up and let's ride!!