Friday, August 31, 2007

little late

Before Matt and Jodi left, we decided to do a photo shoot, here are some of the pfotos we took.
As you may be able to tell, we were being silly!
I hope that you will laugh as hard as we did when we were taking them!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

more on Matt and Jodi

Well here is the newest news as of 11:53am on Thursday morning.
They got to Chicago just fine and are taking the Amtrack to St. Louis where Jodi's parents will be picking them up there and taking them to Houston for a few days to get thier car and re-coup. The details I got were just that the place is corrupt, government through law. I guess their "boss" there told them, "you will be working illegally and I can and will bribe the cops and the landlords." also the countries stability is in jepordy! so they are home. her cell is almost dead, and they will be Houston for a few days rehabilitating! Please be praying for them as we can only imagine the frustration and wonder that they are going through right now!


Okay, I have had some worrysome phone calls, Just so everone knows, this is the e-mail that we recieved from Matt and Jodi

Hello everyone, We have some news...we are coming home tomorrow. We will be in Chicago on the 30th and we are trying to figure out if we are going to fly from Chicago or rent a car. We are seeing which one is cheaper. Please don't get worried. We have just found out some things while we are over here and we think that it is best if we go back home. We have found out the director of the school is a crook. He won't get us work visas and he wants us to work illegally like it is no big deal. Pretty much everything he has told us is a lie. Another thing is that we are not real sure if Serbia is quite stable right now. Kosovo is suppose to declare independence sometime in Nov and some parties are not really happy about it. We will give you all more details of everything when we get home. Please keep us in your prayers and remember that we are safe right now and okay. We will figure out job situations when we get back to the states. We will also call you guys when we arrive in Chicago to let you know when we are back. Our flight is "suppose" to get in at 10;30 a.m....but we all know how flying goes :) We love you all, Matt and Jodi

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

my anniversary weekend!

well, it started with a trip to Springfield. We left work as soon as it was time and headed to the walnut street inn. I love that place! we took a walk down town and met up with our good friend Maddie Fick. Then we headed off to dinner at Gilardi's, which is the best italian state site if you ask me. the next morning we met up with becca and Nate and Lundyn. Becca cut our hair. She really cut andrews, we met Ben for lunch at Oceans Zen, which is fabulous!!! Then we were able to meet up with my great friend Elsie, and our amazing "college" friends. Andy and Bridget bought a new house and are re-habin' it. It looks amazing and I am so proud of Bridget for walking into a place and seeing it for what it could be. It is an awesome deal! so here are the photos

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Shoes-I think I can run longer, faster and prettier!

well, it has been way too long! I can't wait to post photos later! I had an awesome weekend and it got capped off with new tennis shoes!! yea!! Andrew got some too! Mine are the pink ones! anyway, I just thought that you could look for them when you are driving around Liberty, If you see them, wave, cause they are on my feet. I promise to add photos later (as long as my internet works). Peace and Love to everyone!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


What a whirlwind I get caught up in!!

I have photos to post later from this weekend. I am excited!! But for now I am going to post some of my big brothers art work. By the way, he is getting ready to be a daddy.

So here it is everyone........ Joshua Grant Welker the First.

more to come later!