Wednesday, August 22, 2007

my anniversary weekend!

well, it started with a trip to Springfield. We left work as soon as it was time and headed to the walnut street inn. I love that place! we took a walk down town and met up with our good friend Maddie Fick. Then we headed off to dinner at Gilardi's, which is the best italian state site if you ask me. the next morning we met up with becca and Nate and Lundyn. Becca cut our hair. She really cut andrews, we met Ben for lunch at Oceans Zen, which is fabulous!!! Then we were able to meet up with my great friend Elsie, and our amazing "college" friends. Andy and Bridget bought a new house and are re-habin' it. It looks amazing and I am so proud of Bridget for walking into a place and seeing it for what it could be. It is an awesome deal! so here are the photos


Andrea Bowman said...

Hey Sarah!
I saw your blog on Amber's and I just wanted to say hey! Hope things are going well for you guys and I'll definately be checking up on you through your blog now :)

Bridget said...

Ooh, that's a lovely blue colored wall in those pictures. I wonder what genius picked that color out... ;)

Also, I think we are displaying ALL our teeth in that picture. It's so enthusiastic of us!