Thursday, December 19, 2013

Id like to take a minute.

So, I turned around and my second kid is 3 months old tomorrow. WHAT!

I feel like I should have some grand thoughts for a post, since it has been so long since my last post, but I am going to settle for reality and a few thank you's.

The last three months have been insane. I don't think I could live without coffee.
And I MOST CERTAINLY have survived by the way of my family and friends - which are pretty much my family.  I would like to high-light a few. You may be completely disinterested in this post...but I need to take a second here!

My Momma, Chris Welker, has turned out to be Super Grandma. The way she plays with Foster is insanely hilarious, she is in her 60's rolling down the alley on a toy with him - full speed ahead. She says she is tired and then gives 110% to playing like a boss with the kids while I work. She got here the first of October and left right before Thanksgiving. The woman stopped her life for 2 months to be at my side and lend a hand. Andrew and I would leave the house for hours with the kids and she would clean my Clean, Clean. REALLY!? She may be a little crazy but she is MINE and I love her soooo stinking much and loved every minute of her being here...Even if that dang walmart pharmacy can't fill a prescription, right mom?!

My Mother in Law, Anne Beard, is one of the finest women on planet earth. I can only pray to be the kind of MIL to Foster and Keating's wives - should they choose to abandon me and move on to another woman who may care for them so much but not quite as much as I do...wait, what was I saying. Oh, yeah. Anne. She was here for the few days leading up to the birth and for the week or two after (I am not sure of any dates anymore), and she has been back in town three times...since. THANK THE DEAR LORD. When she is here, I forget that we don't have a dishwasher, because she does all the dishes! CAN I GET AN AMEN!! I leave the house for meetings and andrew and I go on dates (when our schedules let us)...It's so good. She is so good and I love her so much!

My dear sweet friends and neighbors...Now don't think you can steal them. Amy Bales and her clan. What would we have done without them the last few months?! Can we just say - have extremely boring afternoons and really dirty clothes. Have I mentioned we don't have a washer and dryer? This dear sweet woman will meet me at 11pm in her driveway to take a bag of fosters sheets and clothes that he just threw up all over and wash and dry them and put them on my back doorstep! WHO DOES THIS?! Their doors are open to my family (literally we call their garage our community center) and that is awesome when all of the sudden you realize all the sheets in the house need to be washed and no one has any clean underwear left. And lets not forget mention her sweet 7 year old son who Foster thinks is the coolest kid ever - He plays with fos and cracks him bet when school is out, Fos is looking out the back door saying "Henry?" as well as he can. We call Henry Fosters best friend.

Meggie and Dexter! OH SERIOUSLY. Talk about working out a washer and Dryer. These friends are family. They live right below us and it is not uncommon to find them in our living room after the babes are in bed. The constant "let us know if we can do anything" is sometimes sanity in itself. After a day of sheer crazy with the kids Dexters child like love and humor and Meggie's sincerity is all one needs as a night cap...but there is also usually a beverage to accompany our visits!

Allyson and Werm. Godparents...and lifesavers. I have never met any two people with more love for babies that aren't theirs and a willingness to take them ANYTIME! I have not paid for babysitting more than twice because of these two wonderful people. They have gone from students to interns, to family. Date night comes to you by way of the Werms. They have saved my sanity more times than I count. Allyson works with me, so even just having the two of us in the house in the morning sometimes when things are crazy means that I can brush my know? maybe you don't...but maybe you do.

And all of these people are more than helping bodies...They are cheerleaders, confidants, breaths of fresh air, encouragement, and hope that these two sweet babies that I love so much will have the same kids of community I have. I love them. I could not have done life this year without them.

And that is my reality. Seriously. We went to the advent festival and church and got this pic taken to prove it.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Perfect Imperfections

You know what every parent says when you ask them, "Do you want a boy or a girl?"
Well, almost every parent. 
We all say the same thing. 
"I want a healthy baby."
And that is the truth. We all want healthy babies! 

I had a moment in the hospital when I looked at Keating and realized that something wasn't "perfect".
He had 10 fingers, 10 toes, his face was totally sweet and then I saw his right ear. 
"What is that?" "Why does it look like that?" "Is his hearing effected?" 

As soon as I got the hearing screening results back - which he passed with 100% (He is already good at test taking), my fears were gone. The doctors told us it was totally cosmetic and they could refer us to someone who could fix it. 
Fix it!? That is seriously ridiculous! 

I looked at that sweet little notch in his ear and let him know that it was something that would set him apart. Something that would be "his thing". This is a perfect imperfection. 
Also, it will either save us from the earring conversation completely, which we will have to consider, since his dad had earrings...or he will want two in that lobe! Either way, we love it and will not consider "fixing" it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Perspective for the "me of two years ago".

Perspective. Am I right, second time parents?

I just keep thinking, "If I knew then what I know now, I think this would have been much easier the first time around." But as I have had this thought, I also have this thought; "There is NO WAY I could have this perspective if I didn't experience this parenthood thing the first time" - and I think its good that way so when you come home with the second one, it's a bit easier!

So, what would I let my first time parent self know, you may wonder? or not. you may not wonder at all. If you do, read on...If you don't care...stop reading now.

For most people, when you have your first baby, the husband sleeps at the hospital each night on the worlds most uncomfortable "sofa" where they are woken up at least every 3 hours when the woman has to feed the baby. A lot of people choose to keep the baby in their room with them, which means that there is even less sleep happening. So by the time that you head home from the hospital, you are both already totally wiped...and then you get to take the baby home. Why they let a new parent take a baby home will be beyond you!

When you come home from the hospital with a baby, the amount of responsibility you feel for this new life is absolutely overwhelming. I had this thought that there was no one that could care for this little life like I could (when, really, what did I know about being a mom). I remember Andrews mom MAKING me and Andrew take a nap after we brought Foster home from the hospital before she would leave to go back to KC. She had to make us because I kept refusing. I felt like I was totally neglecting my baby if I were to (Gasp) take a nap while he was sleeping!!!
You will search the diaper for any amt. of pee or poop, praying that they are getting enough food. In the night, each noise that they make could be a sign of them choking, or stopping their breath patterns. Their sneezing could mean they are sick, their little breath intakes that are so sweet could mean they aren't breathing well...Worry. Worry. Worry...and why wouldn't you, you have NEVER done this before!!!!
With Foster, the first time you left the house without him was almost a month later when Andrew took you out for a sushi anniversary dinner, and trust me, we ran out and ran back as soon as we could.

I am not saying that any of this is bad or wrong at all, it is the way it is...Im just saying that now I have a totally different perspective...and that changes everything.

So, what would I suggest to my previous self. I would first say, "do what you gotta do" or "do what you think is best", but here are a few things I may offer in a gentle tone to two year ago Sarah.

1. The hospital is stocked with health care professionals who are paid to care for you and for your baby the few days after it is born. It is okay to send your sweet willing husband home for at least one of the nights in order to get some sleep so that the both of you are not well on your way to zombie land when it comes time to go home. This time, I sent Andrew home to be with Fos, and I sent Keating to the nursery, and for those 3 hour intervals, I SLEPT SO HARD! I recuperated and used those nurses for what they are paid for...delivering pain meds, checking my vitals, and bringing me Keating so that I could nurse him...and then taking him back and cuddling him...and whatever else you precious nurses do.

2. Your mom and mom-in-law, may actually know how to keep a baby alive while you sleep. And, it's actually a good thing to put the baby down and let it fall asleep so that it knows that it can...even though all you want to do is cuddle the heck out if baby and pass it around for all to hold...RIGHT AFTER THEY WASH AND SANITIZE their hands.

3. After this first baby, your world is upside down - 100% different...but it is actually still pretty restful when you get a new born baby in your house during the day. They eat, you try and keep them awake, they sleep, and they poop and pee - sometimes on you and sometimes on your furniture...and that is what they are supposed to do. Sleep when they sleep (which you know you have heard a million people tell you that and you think, "how can I? What if they stop breathing?"). But 2 year ago me, listen, its all good. Sleep when they sleep - watch your favorite shows (or start something new) when they are sleeping, I was gonna say awake...but lets face it, they are only awake a few hours a day.

These are probably the 3 things that I would tell myself, but I may also say to her,
"With your next one (which is gonna be way sooner than you think), you will venture out of the house on your own, without either child on day 5 and on day 6 of its life. You will be surprised how natural it feels to have a baby around. You will love this baby as much as the first one, so don't worry about that. AND believe it or not, grandma has got this-let her help you!"

Friday, September 27, 2013

How is Foster coping?

My biggest fear with having a second baby was how Foster was going to react. 
He has been doing awesome. As you may be able to tell from the photos below, he loves to show his brother off. He understands that when we say "brother", we mean this little baby. 
He loves to give him kisses and he loves to point to his nose, and whenever anyone comes to the house,  he grabs their hand, walks them to wherever Keating is and points to him.

He is doing great and we are super proud of him. 
Fos kissing Keatings head.

the Beard boys, minus Brian - UNCLE BRIAN COME SOON!  

Sharing Grandpa's lap

Sharing Grandma's lap

seriously, how could they get any cuter?

This is in the hospital - Fos visiting me and Keating.

This is also from his hospital visit.

Thanks for stopping by and for caring about my kids!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's in a name...Take 2

So, we named our second child 
Keating Elijah Beard
We get two responses. 
1. How do you spell that? KEATING
2. Is that a family name like Foster?

Why yes, yes it is. 
Keating is named after Mary Keating. 
Mary Keating was Fosters Grandpa McGoldrick's great grandma.
She would have been Keating and Foster's great, great, great, great grandma.
We found out the day that Keating was born that Mary's Daughter was born on Sept 20th too...and she would have been 116!

So, that is the story of why we named him Keating.

Elijah means "the Lord is my God" and since we did a family name and then a Bible name with a meaning that we love for Foster, we decided to repeat the pattern for baby number 2.

and thats the way it is.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Foster's first birthday party

I cannot believe I have not posted anything from Fos' actual party! 
So here is the quick version and the story in pics.

It was surfer themed. I made cupcakes with fish and sand.
We had "Surfs Up" playing in the background. There were a ton of Fos's friends here - which are mostly our adult friends. 
He got lots of gifts. 
He ate his cupcake while holding a balloon. 
I think he liked the cupcake.

And also. If you pay the extra $.16/balloon for that chemical that helps hold the helium, they will last for like more than a week!! INSANE! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's the final countdown! like for realz.

About 6 months ago, I thought, "well, I have 6 months with Fos before another baby comes." While that seems like a long time ago, the fact is that there will be another baby tomorrow.

It is official. If I don't go into labor today, I am being induced at 6:00am tomorrow morning. 
Get ready for the Beards to be a family of 4!

I woke up this morning (Foster had made his way into bed with us), and I looked at my boys in bed with me and thought..."Wow. This is it. Our last day as a family of 3." What do you do with that? I will tell you what! We make plans to head to Klyde Warren Park for a food truck lunch and let Fos play in all the water while we eat!

We are so blessed. I have wanted to complain so much throughout this pregnancy - because it has been sooooo hard - but I fear I will seem ungrateful. That is just not the case! I cannot believe that after all the years of thinking that we were unable to have kids, the Lord is blessing us with two! TWO! Andrew and I are so excited and so grateful!

as we count down the hours we have remained busy.

Last night was youth group, where Andrew leads worship. Since there is always a chance this close to the due date that Andrew would be gone, he had to have a contingency plan. The plan was that he would just do an acoustic set, and then if he had to be gone, they just wouldn't do music. We obviously didn't have a baby yesterday, so we were at youth...and then Andrew asked if I would lead with him. Of course I said yes...but then you know, Foster couldn't let us do it without him joining in. Sorry for the quality of these...

So here is a video of just Andrew sound checking...and Foster thinking he was a part of the show. I am not sure if you can see him "singing" along...but that is def. happening.

Then when I agreed to sing - this is how that ended up...There is a shortened version of this on
Instagram...but here is the full clip.

Well, friends, I would appreciate your prayers for tomorrow and cannot wait to introduce you to the newest Beard...and find out if its a girl or a boy!

Also, the Dieke's set up a care calendar for us so we have some meals, if you have asked me about that, here is the info.
and enter
the following information in the appropriate spaces:

CALENDAR ID : 160095

Love you all!
Have a great day!

Also, Here is a pic from this summer of the all the boys! They look like a bunch of Swedish
kids...being superman. I wonder if we will have another Superman or a Wonder Woman!?
Foster, Charlie, Eden, and Fred.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Lookin good

I just have to take a second and brag on Andrew.
 Mainly, because in real life I whine about the topic of this very blog. I whine, mostly jokingly! 

You see, before I got pregnant the first time, I was in the best shape of my life. I was running 5-6 miles 4-5 times a week, I was eating well, and I felt great. 

Pregnancy changed me - I was so tired I could barely go on walks. These women who run marathons at 6 and 7 months are insane freaks of nature. There is NOT A CHANCE I could have done that. 
Well, after Fos came along it took me about 6 months and I was down to my pre-pregnancy a few lbs...UNTIL...I got pregnant again. Now, don't get me wrong, I am so thankful to God for my two miracle babies...I just feel like I have been wearing maternity clothes for 2 years. I just want to go shopping and try on normal size clothes in the store. This is a total first world problem, I know, but I really like to shop...whine, cry, boo...pity party for me. 

So - this is why I have been whining.
Have you met my husband? If not, here he is.
This is Andrew (on the left - alongside Me, Melody, and Tim...we miss you guys), or should I say WAS Andrew.
During my first pregnancy this is how we looked. (I think this was March 2012)

This is this weekend. (August 10, 2013)

I feel like I need to tell you that Andrew had this suit tailored, not once, but TWICE since MAY! 
I only whine because he looks amazing and has lost twice as much weight as I have gained! 
For fathers day, we basically had to buy him a new wardrobe. 
I whine because I am jealous. Let's just be honest! That is the bottom line!

But in reality. I am just really proud of him. He is down almost 40 lbs since our move to Dallas. I have always thought he was gorgeous, but I mean, come on, look at him!

Andrew, as much as I whine about how lucky you are to go shopping, I am so happy that you feel good and feel healthy! You are an inspiration to me (in so many more ways than you know) and I love you and really am so stinking proud of you!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting by

This is going to be a shorter post, but something I have been thinking about.
People ask me everyday, "how are you doing?" Usually this is in reference to raising a 1 year old, working from home, and being pregnant. My answer lately has been, "We are making it!" And we are. We are making it, and we are making it with Joy in our hearts, excitement in our days, and lots of love and laughter...but it is getting harder the bigger I get! I want to pick Fos up swing him around, but walking 5 steps with him kicks my butt!

Here are two thoughts I have had lately on "getting by"

1. not everything needs to be a battle. When we found out we were pregnant with Foster, people asked us lots of questions about how we are going to parent. I always said, "It depends on the temperament of the kid." Of course there were certain things that I just thought I would care about. Like my kid playing on the bathroom floor...or things I thought may be gross...
But yall, Foster woke up an hour earlier than usual which made my getting ready a little more trying on Sunday morning...While I was getting ready, he was keeping buys.
Sometimes you just can't care...Don't worry, we definitely used all the toilet paper - it didn't go to waste.

 2. what happens when that Chick-fil-a sticker book runs out of stickers and your kid want to play with stickers? You tear up the sticker paper while you are on a "business call" and stick it all over your kid...
 then let him stick it on you.

Look. Sometimes you just have to make due! 

This parenting thing is a constant adventure. Trying to soak everything in and not make big deals out of nothing is actually a task. You see a pile of TP on the floor and want to roll your eyes and say "Foster Isaac!"...but bottom line, I think it is way more fun to take a pic and laugh.

At the end of each day I am reminded again that to each his own when it comes to parenting. 
You do what you can and do what works best for your family!

Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, July 15, 2013


this photo is from May. We should try harder at taking
photos of ourselves. 
8 years ago today a decent sized group of our friends and family stood by and watched Andrew and I say "I do".  It seems like yesterday, for real.
Here are just a few thoughts - which may seem like rambling.

I go on and on about my spouse, I know. But I just love him.
year after year we have shared our anniversary with something.

1 came with a move to KC.
2 was a real celebration at a B and B in Springfield, M.
3-4 were surrounded by an abundance of camp, mission trips, and ministry at LUMC.
5 was a bus ride home from Camp.
6 he left for Costa Rica.
7 we were like 20 days into new baby territory.
and today (well in 10 minutes) we celebrate 8.

And no, there is nothing on the agenda. We are not (necessarily) sleep deprived and no one is leaving town (or the country).  We were lying with Fos a little earlier and I was just looking at the two of them thinking about how truly blessed I am. I love watching Andrew be a dad. I love being a wife and a mom. I am just really grateful.

Andrew, everyday you are an example of Godliness to me. You inspire me. Thank you for making me laugh and for being the best friend I could have ever asked for. You are a joy to live life with. I love you to pieces. Happy Anniversary. Let's have another one next year.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Quickest Year Ever

Today we celebrate the birthday of the little man so many of us prayed into existence.
Foster Isaac Beard is one.
He has been in our lives for an entire year. It was seriously the quickest year ever.
This is the first moment I laid eyes on my boy.

This is the first time he was in my arms. 

less than an hour old 

I think about this little dude and how he has so totally changed our lives and I am a wreck. Yesterday morning, I woke up and felt so emotional (sure, it could be the fact that I haven't been sleeping too much and I am 6 months pregnant, but it was a sweet emotional). I opened up my computer to begin this blog and decided that I would look through photos from this week and then from the birth of my dear boy. As I was looking through the photos from the birth, I sat on the couch and wept. WEPT. The most GRATEFUL TEARS of JOY and THANKSGIVING I had to offer to my amazing Lord who would bless us with the gift of not just one child, but two. Dear God, You are GOOD.
I was thinking about all the people who prayed for us and with us as we journeyed through the process of thinking we would never have a biological child and was humbled. There were so many words of love and affirmation as we announced our pregnancy. We were showered and celebrated beyond belief. I have not enough words to thank those people.

And then I began thinking about all the people who have walked with us and Fos this last year. Reminiscing about meals brought to our house, all the people who have baby sat (which we have never had to pay for - Thank you to all of you who have wanted to spend time with our kid. Your time with him and love of him is incredibly humbling and appreciated beyond comprehension), all the helping hands, all of the grandparent trips to help, all the love poured out onto our son...and again, I wept. It does take a village and Andrew and I have an AMAZING village.

Thank you friends for joining us today to say Happy Birthday to our totally rad kid.

So, today we celebrate this little man.

You, my dear, will never ever know the joy and love that you have brought into our family. I never knew that parents cheered so much for their kids until I actually jumped up and down the first time you held your head up for more than one second. I will never stop cheering for you. I watched you take your first steps this week. I screamed and clapped and squeezed the heck out of you (which you totally love and can't get enough of, incase you were wondering). We have watched you experience each new thing and try to be in the moment with you...experiencing with you, it is so fun to watch. You are just cool. You sit with your arm back or your foot up, chillin - no matter where you are (at the kitchen table, in your high chair, in your stroller, in a grocery cart). You only do things we need you to do when you realize their purpose. For example, you would never wear a hat or sunglasses until you sat in the sun without them for a minute, then put them we have no problem getting you to wear them. You jump like a maniac. You drum on everything. Once you started putting everything in your mouth, the first thing you picked up that didn't go straight into your mouth was a set of drum sticks. You dance and dance, in our arms on the ground, it doesn't matter, if there is a beat, you are bouncing! You sing with us. You giggle like crazy and love to be tickled. You want to walk everywhere and climb on everything (even though you have only taken a few steps). You love dogs ( didn't at first) but they are all scared of you - you chase them. You are sad when other babies cry. You are funny. You mimic everything we do and that keeps us on our toes.
You hate sleeping at night, unless it is with me and your dad. You love every food we have given you - except lima beans (true story). You have a large greater than the 98th percentile, but its all good, cause you have the cutest face. You have 6 teeth and curly blonde locks. You have the clearest blue eyes that everyone comments on EVERYWHERE we go.
You are precious. You are precious. We love you so much.

When I hold you while you sleep, I whisper into your ear about how much I love you and how much your daddy loves you and how much our Great God Loves You. We pray that you will know that God is Good. We pray that you know that following Him is worth anything you think you may be giving up.  We pray that you know that His plans for you are so much greater than the ones we make for ourselves. I pray that you are selfless, compassionate, kind, and a humble leader. I pray that you are an encouragement to those around you (like your daddy). I pray that you Love greatly. I pray that whatever you do, you find a way to glorify the Lord through it.

People say to us (probably at least once a week) something along the lines of "Don't blink, before you know it he will be 17 and won't be talking to you." Foster, we pray against that. We pray to cherish every moment with you and that you continue to love us and that you know that we love you and are always here for you, we understand, and we have walked through this life ahead of you. No matter what, we love you. we just really freaking love you.
Happy First Birthday Little Dude.

Love, Momma and Dadda

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Traveling Mercies"

Yes, I have made fun of this statement: "Traveling Mercies" as in the video "Shoot Christians Say" (if you have not watched this - you will think it is HILARIOUS, and should take a few minutes to do so) they make fun of people praying for traveling mercies.  I think it sounds silly...and I asked the Lord for forgiveness this week for making fun of it as I also asked Him for TRAVELING MERCIES! haha.

Yesterday (and all week) I packed up Foster and Andrew's brothers dropped us off at the airport at 7:20am. We had a 2 legged flight from Dallas-Houston then Houston-Panama City, where my dear friend Jacqueline (with her sweet 6 month old twins) were picking us up and then driving us the 45-50 minute route to Destin, where I currently am.
Our flight was at 8:30 and we were to land at 11:40.
My plan. Keep him awake first leg (one hour) by feeding him breakfast, let him sleep through the second leg.

A few details. My lap is shrinking. Foster wants to run around ALL the time. The last time we flew with him, one month ago, he didn't sleep at all and it was exhausting for me WITH ANDREW THERE!!

As you may have guessed flying with him alone was causing me so much anxiety, I was seriously asking every person to pray for this. I began to wonder what the heck I was thinking taking this trip. I told Jacqueline when I got here, "I cannot believe this is real, I seriously had convinced myself that I would believe that this trip was happening when I saw her face."

SO...I decided this traveling story was one for the blog, cause it is awesome.

They dropped us off at the airport and Thomas came in with me to help me check the two suitcases and car seat (we are traveling for 3 weeks). Thanks Thomas! The guy at the ticket counter said, "everything is on time now, but there is some weather coming in, so you may be delayed."
THANKS!!!!!!!!!! *note extreme sarcasm.
So I get through security, no problem. They are awesome with people traveling with Kids. We go to the gate and I watch as the storm rolls in and the sky opens up.
Fos wants to walk all over, so I think, "Yes, walk it out now!!" So I was the mom letting my kid crawl on the floor of the airport and then holding his hands as he tries to walk laps. BUT HE MADE FRIENDS by sitting in the "check the size of your carry on" and smiling at that was fun.
He is just the right size for me to carry on.
We board the plane at 8:30 only like 15 minute delay! SWEET!
We get on the plane and get that front row with the leg room so Fos can stand on ground if need be. We snagged a window seat, the seat next to us empty, and a grandpa on the isle. YES!! As the plane boarded I gave him some of his food cause he was getting a bit fussy. As the plane began takeoff, he put his head on my shoulder, snuggled up and fell asleep. The sweet man next to us offered for me to lay him on the seat between us, which I did. This flight, in the air, had to be re-routed around the storms and our one hour first leg turned into two. AND FOSTER SLEPT THE ENTIRE TIME!
Which was great, except now we have a second leg that is 1hr. 40 min.

As the second leg was boarding a sweet girl gets on the plane with her mom (apparently they were making faces with Fos through the window as they were on the walkway). She says, "mom, I'm good to sit here. So this sweet 13 year old girl and her mom sit next to us. THANK YOU LORD! Then we get to talking. (This is like the first 10 minutes of the flight) They were on their way to Nationals for dance and mentioned that this is the first time they really have had to travel for dance. They said usually they are more local, like St. Louis or Branson. WHAT???
"Where are your from?"
"Kansas City"
"Me too! I just moved to Dallas two years ago from KC!"
"Really? Where in Kansas City?"
"We lived in Liberty for 5 1/2 years."
"We live in Liberty!"
This was during the flight. Lots of playing! 

We knew some of the same people, had lots to talk about, and they let Fos crawl all over them! IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER, and we even landed an hour after we were supposed to!

So, those of you who were praying...That is how the Lord showed me some serious traveling mercies yesterday.

PS. When I got to the airport, Jacqueline was there, inside, with the twins and we looked like crazy people with all my luggage and all our kids and it was amazing!
at the PCB airport. 

We had to stop on the way back to Destin to soothe a crying baby boy. ADVENTURES!

Thanks to everyone who was so thoughtful yesterday! 

Love you guys! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Little Love on Father's Day!

I dote on Andrew a lot, but it is for a good reason. I love him. He is a stud!

A year ago we were waiting for a little baby to be born. I had no idea how much fun I would have watching Andrew be a dad. He is such a caring and patient man and all that has been amplified on Foster.
He goes to work each day - gives his all, comes home - gives his all, and then does it again. That working balance has been tough I am sure, esp since I got pregnant, sick, and tired again. But I am so blessed to have a husband who takes such good care of us!

Andrew, when I am praying for Foster, I always pray that he learns to be a man like his daddy. I pray that he is a gentleman, that he is kind, that he loves the way you do, that he watches you love Jesus - (and pray that he knows how cool that is), I pray that he is encouraging like you and that he learns what a noble and humble man look like by watching you.
I think you are the coolest and best person I know.
Happy Father's Day, Love.
Thanks for choo choo choosing me.

Now, here are some of my favorite pics of you being a dad from this last year.

This is the moment Andrew Saw Fos. 



And to our dads, We love you so much! Yall are amazing too!!!