Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Traveling Mercies"

Yes, I have made fun of this statement: "Traveling Mercies" as in the video "Shoot Christians Say" (if you have not watched this - you will think it is HILARIOUS, and should take a few minutes to do so) they make fun of people praying for traveling mercies.  I think it sounds silly...and I asked the Lord for forgiveness this week for making fun of it as I also asked Him for TRAVELING MERCIES! haha.

Yesterday (and all week) I packed up Foster and Andrew's brothers dropped us off at the airport at 7:20am. We had a 2 legged flight from Dallas-Houston then Houston-Panama City, where my dear friend Jacqueline (with her sweet 6 month old twins) were picking us up and then driving us the 45-50 minute route to Destin, where I currently am.
Our flight was at 8:30 and we were to land at 11:40.
My plan. Keep him awake first leg (one hour) by feeding him breakfast, let him sleep through the second leg.

A few details. My lap is shrinking. Foster wants to run around ALL the time. The last time we flew with him, one month ago, he didn't sleep at all and it was exhausting for me WITH ANDREW THERE!!

As you may have guessed flying with him alone was causing me so much anxiety, I was seriously asking every person to pray for this. I began to wonder what the heck I was thinking taking this trip. I told Jacqueline when I got here, "I cannot believe this is real, I seriously had convinced myself that I would believe that this trip was happening when I saw her face."

SO...I decided this traveling story was one for the blog, cause it is awesome.

They dropped us off at the airport and Thomas came in with me to help me check the two suitcases and car seat (we are traveling for 3 weeks). Thanks Thomas! The guy at the ticket counter said, "everything is on time now, but there is some weather coming in, so you may be delayed."
THANKS!!!!!!!!!! *note extreme sarcasm.
So I get through security, no problem. They are awesome with people traveling with Kids. We go to the gate and I watch as the storm rolls in and the sky opens up.
Fos wants to walk all over, so I think, "Yes, walk it out now!!" So I was the mom letting my kid crawl on the floor of the airport and then holding his hands as he tries to walk laps. BUT HE MADE FRIENDS by sitting in the "check the size of your carry on" and smiling at people...so that was fun.
He is just the right size for me to carry on.
We board the plane at 8:30 only like 15 minute delay! SWEET!
We get on the plane and get that front row with the leg room so Fos can stand on ground if need be. We snagged a window seat, the seat next to us empty, and a grandpa on the isle. YES!! As the plane boarded I gave him some of his food cause he was getting a bit fussy. As the plane began takeoff, he put his head on my shoulder, snuggled up and fell asleep. The sweet man next to us offered for me to lay him on the seat between us, which I did. This flight, in the air, had to be re-routed around the storms and our one hour first leg turned into two. AND FOSTER SLEPT THE ENTIRE TIME!
Which was great, except now we have a second leg that is 1hr. 40 min.

As the second leg was boarding a sweet girl gets on the plane with her mom (apparently they were making faces with Fos through the window as they were on the walkway). She says, "mom, I'm good to sit here. So this sweet 13 year old girl and her mom sit next to us. THANK YOU LORD! Then we get to talking. (This is like the first 10 minutes of the flight) They were on their way to Nationals for dance and mentioned that this is the first time they really have had to travel for dance. They said usually they are more local, like St. Louis or Branson. WHAT???
"Where are your from?"
"Kansas City"
"Me too! I just moved to Dallas two years ago from KC!"
"Really? Where in Kansas City?"
"We lived in Liberty for 5 1/2 years."
"We live in Liberty!"
This was during the flight. Lots of playing! 

We knew some of the same people, had lots to talk about, and they let Fos crawl all over them! IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER, and we even landed an hour after we were supposed to!

So, those of you who were praying...That is how the Lord showed me some serious traveling mercies yesterday.

PS. When I got to the airport, Jacqueline was there, inside, with the twins and we looked like crazy people with all my luggage and all our kids and it was amazing!
at the PCB airport. 

We had to stop on the way back to Destin to soothe a crying baby boy. ADVENTURES!

Thanks to everyone who was so thoughtful yesterday! 

Love you guys! 

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Aunt Deb said...

You are one adventurous gal.....flying with a 1 year old by yourself! Sounds like it was a good trip, outside of the delays. We are going to Destin in August with Mandy and Aaron. Hope you have a relaxing visit with your friend and the weather is good...also, that everyone stays well.