Thursday, December 22, 2011

I like to brag....what??

As most of you know, my brother is an artist.
He actually has a show in St. Louis coming up and a show in Baltimore...if you want to go, I will post the deets soon.

I just want to brag on him for a second.
Recently, he submitted some pieces into on on-line art competition based out of New York called Dave Bown Projects....
and he won FIRST PLACE!
I am so proud of him. To read more, click here.
This is the piece that was highlighted!
Anyway...just a brag on my bro. I am really proud of him and love him A LOT!
Way to go JOSH! Love you!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My sweet, sweet nephews.

This is a story I got via text from my sister-in-law today. It was so sweet I had to share.

She said,
"We are listening to some really gorgeous chorale Christmas music on the radio and the boys were completely enraptured for a few golden moments. Fred broke the silence and said,

"they are the magic the magic of Jesus...Mom do we have magic?""

Michelle she went on to talk about how God created everything and that God is very magical and mysterious and that we are all made like him, so everything is magical... so she asked
"dont you think?"

to which he derailed, asked what's for dessert and jumped in the coats.
(which is where they are in the above picture!)

I just love that though, the magic people, like the magic of Jesus...Music will do that to you!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Christmastime in the city

This photo may be a bit misleading. It looks like we are cold and all bundled up. I am fairly certain that it was almost 60 degrees...That is Texas for you. It was rainy.
So, if you know me and have ever been around me for the holidays, I am a sucker for all things Christmas. I love the lights, the trees, the music, the movies the foods and all the friends that gather. This year, I was told, "You have to check out Highland Park Village, it is amazing." I am not sure what I thought it would look like...but holy cow, I was not ready for the trees to be covered like this.
and people, there are so many of them....easily more than 30, probably more like 50! It is so bright and beautiful to me...breathtaking. I wish this picture could do it justice, but just look how many lights are on that one tree and then imagine it down both sides of the street and then some.
Some of our favorite christmas music this year has been
Matt Wertz - Snow globe,
Seryn and Friends - Seryn and Friends Christmas,
Folk Angel - Comfort and Joy,

and we just found the new Hillsong - Born is the king.
If you like kids, Hillsong or Christmas...or pretty things, watch this. It is beautiful!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A different kind of gift.

As you know, I work for His Voice Global.
This year for Christmas, our project is providing each orphan in South Sudan with 2 new sets of clothing. The sets include a top, bottoms, and shoes.
Each set only cost $20!!!
That is it! We are trying to provide 205 kids with 2 sets each, so that is a big goal of 410 outfits.

Our friends Ben Cox and Tyler Dodds, put this video together for us.

If you want to make a difference with your giving just go HERE and donate now.
Make sure you write "Christmas Project" in the designation box.

Here is a pic of the first round of kiddos who have already received their clothes!
Also, we would love for you to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook. You can do that by

Thanks Friends!
Love you all!

Monday, December 5, 2011

White Rock Marathon Weekend

This weekend was a really great one for Andrew and I. It was White Rock Marathon weekend and for us that meant that we got to see lots of friends who we adore! Allyson Lean and Tim Fritson made the decision a few months ago to run the Dallas 1/2 and full marathon for two reasons. It is flat...and the weather is nice. was flat.
It ended up being around 42-44 degrees on Sunday, which would have been nice, however...IT POURED DOWN RAIN!
The two ran and Kelley Rowe, Jenna Wiles, Melody Fritson and I tracked them and cheered loud. They killed it!
After the thawing had begun! Kelley, Allyson, and Jenna...Allyson's medal says 13.1!
Tim and Melody post race.

Mile 7! Pouring rain!
Allyson surprised us and jumped out of the crowd, so I don't have a pic of her face on mile 7.
Post race. Allyson may look like she is happier than Tim in this pic...but at this point her goosebumps were bigger than thought humanly possible and she was shaking a lot! haha!
This was right after crossing the finish line. This is where I brag on our friend a bit. He finished 26.2 miles in 2:54. Ridiculous. We are so proud of you!

And these are the finishers! Seriously, you two, We love you and are so proud of you!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is it Christmas time?

So, I have this personal dilemma. I am fairly certain that people make fun of me for it. So, here it is.
I HATE being cold. I get cold, my toes get cold, my bones get cold and I cannot get warm for hours. I get miserable! I just hate it. so much.
I LOVE snow.

The way I see it is that if its going to be cold, it better snow. Otherwise that freezing is pointless.

So we just moved to Dallas in April. Everyone asks, "Oh, so you made it through the ridiculously hot summer?"
To us it wasn't so bad. I ran outside almost every day all summer (sure, it was early in the am, but I never thought it was as bad as these Texans say it was).

Now that it is December, and it does get into the 30's at night, I am a little sad that I am not going to see much, if any, snow at our new home.

I got this video from my brother in Indiana two days ago. I was so jealous. But...I have to keep telling myself that this beauty comes with FRIGID weather.
We, on the other hand, drove around with this last week!

Christmas in 60's?
Sorry folks in the midwest who don't love snow, but I am praying for a good hard Christmas snow in KC and St. Louis!

Does anyone else deal with this silly dichotomy?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Growing up, we didn't celebrate "Advent". Not in the church traditional way. My grandma made an awesome Advent calendar for all the grandkids and we would get little gifts everyday...but when I started attending the Methodist church and they spoke about the Advent season (like I was supposed to know what that was) I was totally lost. Having been in the Methodist Church for 5 years now, I now know that it is really just the celebrating the Lord - day by day - leading up to Christmas.
Here in Texas, we are a part of a church that we LOVE! Highland Park United Methodist Church has been such a blessing to be a part of. One of the resources they have offered is this book. Songs of the Season. It is an Advent devotional written by members of our congregation. One of the devotions is even written by a student in the youth group, who leads worship with Andrew. It is so fun to take the time to read these and then discuss the questions together. If you have kids, there is even a family section with ideas on how to discuss certain things with your kids, or activities for you to do.

So if you are looking for something for the family to do together during this holiday/advent season, just download this pdf!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This week there are two flavors I cant get enough of.

Grapefruit juice. Which is weird, because my mom and bro used to eat them all the time growing up...I would eat them too, with a ton of white sugar. Over the last year, I have decided that I love the sweet tart!

Apples. A good juicy fuji apple is hard to beat...and with Andrew's home-made peanut butter...there isn't a much better dessert! I used to also not enjoy an apple. I would only eat them if my mom sliced them and had a big bowl of them...Not so much anymore.
What flavors are you into these days?

Monday, October 31, 2011


This is something I have been thinking about for a while, but was struck so hard by it yesterday in church that I knew it would be the very thing to break by lack of blogging streak!

I use the word "good" in two very different ways.

First, there is the way I say it in reference to things like food and how I'm feeling. If someone says, How are you. "I feel good." When I say that, I don't really mean "the best". I mean, "fine". I mean, "good. not great, not bad."

But then there is the way I use it in reference to the Lord.
I am thoughtful and slow to speak the sweet words that "God is Good."
When I say "good" here, I mean. ULTIMATE GOOD. The only Good. The Definition of Good.
To some of you, I know I have even whispered it with conviction "He's Good".
When I use the word good in reference to the Savior of the world...I mean it.
It stirs a deep emotion in me to call God good.
He is Good.

Yesterday, in church, my new friend Krista was leading worship and she sang the song "You are Good" by Kari Jobe.

As we sang the words over and over again, "You are good, You are good" my heart swelled!
I couldn't help but to stand and lift my hands and weep at the Goodness of my Lord.

I hope you take a second and listen to this song. I hope it is LOUD TRUTH to you today! Believe it, God is Good.

God let me rest in your goodness. Let my life reflect your goodness.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dont Judge me!

two things. One personal and one for work.

I am going to start with the work and keep it simple with a link!
November 6th is Orphan Sunday. If you want to join in on that day to support the orphans His Voice Global works with, we are asking you to throw a party!
So, If you are at all interested in this idea...CLICK HERE!

Now onto personal!
Andrew and I watch very serious shows, thick plots, mysteries...this kind of thing. I, however, love a good light hearted comedy. You will never make me deny that my roots lie in shows like the Cosby Show, Growing Pains and of course Saved by the Bell. I enjoy silly comedy.
This all comes back around...hang in here with me...I may be known in certain circles as the one who "laughs so hard at herself she makes herself cry!". I have probably said it here on this blog, that it is because "I know what I think is funny, so I say what I will laugh at". Does this make sense to anyone else?
Here is the connection...I wanted to watch something silly and for just a few minutes and we realized this new show "New Girl" has started and got really mixed reviews. Well, we started it and deary, deary, I think I found my best friend.
Meet Jess.
okay, I know it's Zooey Deschanel but I have no idea if she is anything like her character or not. The show is about this girl (Jess) who lives with boys and its basically about how they interact. The thing about the show is that I think she is HILARIOUS and the rest of the show is shrug worthy...but there were multiple times per show that I was crying due to my laughter. I actually looked at Andrew with tears streaming down my face and said, "She gets it!" and I meant my humor. By all means, she is a dorky dork and the truth is...she tells horrible jokes, speaks in different accents and voices and sings her way through situations...and people look at her like she is weird and the boys always roll their eyes at her. But I love her. I totally relate to this character and wether or not the show is horrible, I laughed harder at her than at any show I have watched in the last few years.
So friends, if you really wonder how I act in my home, or wonder what kind of humor really cracks me up, sit back, ignore the guy in the pink and his slut comments, and watch her work her magic.
I at least know Allyson will get a kick out of it!

Hope it made you at least smile!
Oh coome on...she's funny! right?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's goin on.

Well, I am back in good ole TX. I spent 2 weeks traveling around cold MO (where I got to see so many was so great!) and working to complete the first ever His Voice Global Weekend...I would call it a success...and I hope if there is ever one near you, you should come.
At work we have some fun things going on. Like our new video!

Our friend (Andrew and me) Dexter Evans edited it, and our friends at Balmorhea let us use the music. Friends, Balmorhea is magical. There are no words, just some of the most beautiful music you have ever heard. So, if you are one who likes music and appreciates when it is GOOD...Please check them out! They will thank you...and so will you...thank yourself...for listening.

Also, today is the release of our new Shirt release with VIVE.
Me in a girls L
The cutest man ever (My dear Husband, Andrew Beard) in a regular L.

VIVE is a great partner with us and we would love for you to get one and then help us get out the word of His Voice Global. To read about why the shirts say "LISTEN", just go HERE!

As far as personally...well Andrew and I have never spent 2 weeks apart from one another and as far as I'm concerned, it isn't really anything I am interested in doing ever again. We have been laughing a lot and cooking a LOT! We have moved on to some fall recipes, which make our house smell like fall...
Have you ever made home-made apple sauce? Seriously, take out your crock pot. Seed and core some apples. Sprinkle with cinnamon. (that is all we do, but you could add brown sugar, or vanilla, or carmel) Turn on the crock pot, wait a few hours and then stir...the apples fall apart, your house smells so ridiculously amazing and you are eating some healthy delicious home-made apple sauce!
As of now, we don't own a TV, so we are trying to decide which shows of the Fall we will watch and where we can find them online...this is a fun thing for us!
Andrew started Seminary and is not only doing well, but I think he is actually enjoying it!

As far as running goes, I took a week off and hit it with Andrew when I got home. We ran 3 miles...I waited a day and finally ran 6.2! I seriously couldn't believe that I could run that far.
I tweeted about this, so now I will clarify. My tweet spoke about how one of my favorite benefits from running is that I get to share my accomplishments with my brother. Well, when I told him I ran a 10K, he was so proud of me...this from the dude who runs 20 like its nothing. It makes me feel special.

Okay, that is enough random thoughts to keep you busy for a minute, but thanks for stopping in. Also, I am starting to read more on marriage that I may feel smart enough to teach on it one day. I hope to share some thoughts with you soon!

Love you, Missed you, glad to be back!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

4. Really?

Today is Fred's 4th Birthday. He is my nephew...and I love him.
I remember seeing him for the first time...I cried.
I love this little guy so much. It is a really strange thing to me that he can have conversations that make sense. He is a funny, smart, and a totally cute little 4 year old. I pray for him and his little bro. all the time, and while it is fun to think about what he will be like when he grows up, it is a blast to watch him be a kid.
The last time I saw him, he wanted to go on a run with me and listen to "The Cave" (mumford and sons) What kind of kid does that! He is a constant joy in my life.
Love you Fred! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

feeling like fall

This time of year marks such beauty in MO. The temp drops cold at night and the days sunshine warms you enough for some to say "I'm hot". This is the first taste of "missing MO" I have had since moving to the fine state of TX. I have been thinking about the anticipation of the fall festival (hehe), the smell of the cold fall mornings-drinking coffe on our front porch, the leaves changing to such brilliant colors of gold, orange and bright red (like this one right outside of our window in Liberty). I sigh. I sigh because I know that Fall will not shed its brilliance on good ole Dallas, TX quite like it will in Liberty, MO.
This morning I woke up and drank coffee while reading. I said goodbye to Andrew and then I laced up my running shoes. I stepped out my front door and breathed a different sigh. It was a beautiful morning. Sunshine...right around 70. (high today 89) And I went. I ran and I smiled as the sun kissed my skin and I breathed a cooler air into my lungs.
I finished my run and stood on my front stoop and looked out. I realized...this is TX fall. I hate being cold and this is supposed to be the weather till least. I can open windows.
As I sit here typing now there is only one thing going through my mind. I think of a little curly red headed girl as she belts with all her might. "I THINK I'M GONNA LIKE IT HERE!"

(note I have made appropriate changes to my blog page to make up for things which TX cannot provide)

Sunday, September 4, 2011


A while ago I made this pizza that used this delicious sauce made with cilantro instead of a tomato sauce. I loved the flavor so much that I started using the base sauce and adding stuff to it and putting it in and on everything.

The base is this:
a huge handful of cilantro
EVOO (I add like 1/8 a cup to get started)
2 jalepenos (Seeded)


If you want it thicker add less EVOO

Sometimes I add less cilantro and more EVOO and then add some brown sugar and almonds and make it a salad dressing for an asian salad with mandarin slices, celery and snap peas...(and lots of fresh spinach)

Lately I have been adding honey and pistachios and adding it to mexican food.
I put it in green chicken chili enchiladas last week and this week I added it to mexican pork tacos (like in the place of sour cream). Something about the sweet nutty flavor goes so well with spicy mexican dishes.

So, if you are looking to sauce things up and add a fresh new is my contribution to your food!

Friday, September 2, 2011

3 years and 4 months.

So this is me. I was 3 years and 4 months old. I watch this and think about what is written on my heart. Has the truth of what I am saying filtered into my life?

The Lord is my Shepherd. I Shall not want.

I am so thankful to my parents for teaching scripture as such a young age. When I was 3 there was absolutely no way for me to know the power that these words held. I most definitely would never have known how, 28 years later these TRUTHS are things that I cling to, and base my everyday living on. Thank you Lord for allowing these words to be a part of my existence.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

kindred spirits

This year for vacation we went to Destin, FL. We usually do a Panama City beach vaca, but our vacation this year was not as much about where, but about who. Yes, we were in Destin, and got to spend time on the beach, but more fun for us was getting to spend a week with our dear friends, Jacqueline and Derek Garcia. We met at National youth Pastors Convention, November 2009, in Atlanta...and we have seen each other in person exactly 4 times; when we met, last year on vacation (we met them for dinner), at NYWC this previous year in Nashville...and in August when we spent a week at their house!
It is hard to explain our relationship with the Garcias, but I try with the words "kindred spirits". It is a daily activity for me to figure out how we can all serve in the same place. The Lord is our common bond, but it doesn't hurt that we have a ton of similar interests, and that Derek may be the funniest person I have ever met. We just LOVE them...that is all. It was a refreshing week that we needed and we were so blessed by their hospitality and more than that their company...and their dog, toby
...I know, I almost didn't say it...but I liked toby and I feel bad keeping it to myself.

here are some pics for you to look at.

Andrew and I went on a date!

This is a photo I took about 10:00pm. I love the results of a long exposure shot at the beach. It makes the world look magical.
The Garcias. Love.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The start of my day.

This morning I went for a run with my hubby...who is hott. And then I got home and got this
video texted to me...
I may have shed a tear.

Love you Fred. Happy First day of Pre-School!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Do you make art?

If you are an artist or a crafter, I would like to ask you to consider donating a few pieces of what ever you create to our His Voice Global Weekend. We are doing a kind of "Goods for Orphans" table and all the proceeds will go to build the fourth Orphanage in South Sudan.
The point of doing this is to let people know that being engaged in local missions is as easy as making it a part of your everyday.
Take Brooke Lynn Photography for example. Brooke has a heart for the orphans of Sudan. She contacted me and asked how she could she could do something. As the conversation went on she decided to donate half of her profits to His Voice Global. Practical. Thinking Global, acting locally.

She is in St. Louis so if you are too, check her photos out here and her blog out here. She is pretty awesome.

I will be selling some wicked cool t-shirt scarves and screen printing some goods. Want to add to the table? Let me know if you are interested!

My Job

Working with His Voice Global is sort of a dream job for me. Right now, I am working on a conference which will be held in Bolivar, MO.
We will be spending the entire weekend of Sept 23rd-25th discussing and teaching holistic missions. The tag line for the weekend event is "global engagement with local roots". As His Voice Global is not a "sending'' organization, we feel like part of our duty is to give practical ways to make a global impact while being locally rooted.

I love attending conferences so I am loving being on the other side of things. We have speakers lined up that I cannot wait to hear from!
Some of the speakers and breakout session leaders are Amber and Vernon Burger, Dave Becker, Adam Thomason (founder of Red Revolution) and Dr. Rodney Reeves (Author and professor at SBU). One of my favorite things that will be happening is the His Voice Worship Band led by Zack Atchley will be there...I can't wait to see him and his beautiful family!

If you have any interest in healthy, holistic missions, you don't want to miss this weekend. Just click here for any details you may need!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Top ten days of my life.

Last week, Andrew and I went on Vacation. We got home on Saturday from a mission trip to Costa Rica with our new church (Youth) and realized that if we could make it to Florida by Sunday night, we could jet to PCB on Monday morning and surprise our old youth group students (LUMY) and go to their closing camp session with them! We called their new leaders, Joy and Elliott...also some of our best friends...and they said, "Bring it on. This will be a great way to show the students that we are a community that goes beyond location." And as it turns out, the weeks theme was "Konnect" which made it a perfect and fitting surprise.
God bless Joy and Elliott - Thank you guys for letting and making this happen!

So, Monday morning we got in the car to head to PCB, I was so excited I was shaking! this is not a stretch of the truth. Elliott had figured the best way for us to show up would be for them to check out and load the bus and then meet in the lobby and gather them all together to give a last minute talk about "deep connections". That is when Allyson came and got us and we walked through the sea of students at Bigstuf and around the corner and there they were all in a circle, being led by some of our dearest friends (which is such a blessing, because we know their leadership is strong and TRUE and that they will love and pour into these students just as we did). As we turned that corner one by one they saw us and it was one of the most BLESSED moments of my life. Here is a really shaky video of it!

The thing that set this over the top was the way the Lord really just spoke to me over the next hour. Guys, there were so many tears. Grateful, happy, blessed tears of joy and love. I got to hug the heck out of these amazing students. I got to look at their faces and tell them that I love them. AND I DO!
I am going to try to explain this and I hope it makes sense. I felt like all of the laboring over the souls of these students for the last 5 years was just resting in front of me. It has been 5 months since I have seen some of them and when they saw us and teared up and ran toward us and hugged us for long sweet hugs, It was I like I felt the most amazing peace and rest and blessing from the Lord saying, "This is the reward of pouring out your time, your prayers, your wisdom, your sanity, your sleep. This is the reward of your seeking after Me in leading these kids. This is what your life is about. This is living with purpose. Your love of these people has made a difference for MY KINGDOM."
I seriously cannot explain what I felt, so I am chalking it up to the ministering of Holy Spirit to my soul. It was the greatest was squeezing Nicks face and hugging so tightly Christian and Daniel and Shelby, getting to see Kaylee and Chelsea before they head off to college, praying next to Kelley, Bailey and Krista and worshiping with my arms around Holly and Delaney next to Madison and Amy, Seeing one of my small group girls (Katja) as a leader to Josie and Alyssia, seeing Allyson, Katie, Werm and Aaron lead...and seeing one student there who will only know Joy and Elliott's leadership and being so blessed by that thought. Looking at all these blessed students and knowing that they are in good hands of leadership, watching Joy and Elliott lead them... LORD I SAY THANKS!

If you are one of our students, I hope you know how much we adore you and long for you to run after the TRUTH of the Gospel. We pray that you will give your lives up to it! I cannot explain how amazing it was to see your faces and wrap my arms around you! You are beautiful and cherished! Don't give up. Trust Joy and Elliot and let them lead you...they are wise and will work through your "stuff" with you. Let them unpack scripture with you!

And...know that we think of you often and will always be connected! (and you can contact us anytime!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, the things he says.

Since moving to TX, I have only posted one of those "funny moments" between Andrew and me. It isn't that they don't happen as often, is that I tend to forget when they do happen and so I don't write them down. Then later, I am all, "Andrew, what was that really funny thing you said?" and that is always they don't get posted. But sometimes...Sometimes...things are so awkward and funny that I don't forget. So here is a short story from last weeks vacation in Destin, FL.


Me to Andrew: "Okay, I do NOT mean this to sound racist, but every black person I know doesn't like being in the sun because they don't want to get darker...but there are a lot of black families who vacation on the beach in Destin."

Andrew to me: "Okay, I don't want to sound closed minded, but I can't believe I married a racist."

Have a great day!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


This is my work group from Costa Rica.

Just got back from Costa Rica and am getting ready to walk out the door for some of my thoughts on Costa Rica Here!

Monday, July 25, 2011

too busy?

Upon this post going live, I will be in Costa Rica with Andrew, working with many high school students (something I miss) and ministering to Costa Ricans, alongside of Costa Ricans.
I am excited about leaving. I am excited about seeing Andrew.

This post doesn't have anything to do with those things though. Friday night, I met with an old friend. One of the things she said was, "Christian people are so busy, I mean, they are doing good things, but they are just...busy."

This hit me like a ton of bricks. I haven't stopped thinking about this one statement: and we talked for like 5 hours, there were a lot of statements made.

As I drove home I kept thinking, "how is it, that a group of people who make such strong claims on community could cause one of its own to say that we are too busy for relationships."
I mean, I really do see what she was saying...but I am praying that it isn't truth in my life, or in yours. How do we really feel about our relationships? our community? are we too busy to keep up?

One of my favorite things about our move to TX is the fact that we had an almost immediate community. Phil, Jessi, Amber, Vernon, Ethun, Neil, Dexter, Stephen, Bill and Alessandra just to name a few welcomed us with open arms and immediately we had deep friendship. Sharing life is good. Having deep thoughts is great, but discussing them is even greater. Talking about marriage and Jesus with folks is a sweet, sweet thing. I have been blessed to have Ethun, Jessi, and Amber here. Just, ready.

I sincerely pray that I am not to busy to be the same blessing to them...and others.

Now, to our community we left in MO, I really don't want to be too busy for stay on me and you know we love our skype dates so lets schedule some of those!
Miss you!

Friday, July 22, 2011

life lesson I learned through running

I feel like I am pretty good about knowing my limits and when I need "pushing". I am aware of the need to push by the fact that I am really good about being comfortable. I am actually pretty great at getting to the point where I am "good" whether it be spiritually, physically, socially or creatively, and then I sit there. I sit there till either (by the grace of God) God pushes me, through Andrew, a friend, through music, or in my quiet time, to humble myself and accept the stretching that brings growth.
Lately I have been sitting. I have been sitting physically and spiritually. I feel "good".
I have been running between 2.5-3 miles about 4 or 5 times a week, I have been attending Bible study on Thursday nights, reading books, and have been spending time in prayer and the Word...but I haven't been pushing myself.

Wednesday, I was on a run. I was running and my music was playing and the song "arms open wide" came on. I ended up listening to it like 3 or 4 times. I wanted to shout along with it. It was that time when "all of a sudden you hear it differently"

Take my life I lay it down
At the cross where I am found
All I have I give to You oh God

Take my hands and make them clean
Keep my heart in purity
That I may walk in all You have for me

Oh here I stand
Arms open wide
Oh I am Yours
And You are mine

Take my moments and my days
Let each breath that I take
Be ever only for You oh God

Oh here I stand
Arms open wide
Oh I am Yours
And You are mine

My whole life is Yours
I give it all
Surrendered to Your Name
And forever I will pray
Have Your way
Have Your way

Oh here I stand
Arms open wide
Oh I am Yours
And You are mine

I realized that if my Whole life is the Lords, and I really "Give it all"
I will push myself, because God wants HIS BEST for my life, not my "good".

So, yesterday I pushed myself physically. I ran 4 miles...AND IT SUCKED. I can run 3 pretty easily, I ran 3.3 on Wednesday and it felt great, but yesterday, I went further and faster and it hurt. I even had to walk for 3 blocks. BOO! But I know I am better for it and it will help my grow in my distance and endurance.
As far as Spiritually goes. I am working to stretch. Harder, bolder prayers. Reading the Word with more intention. Actually memorizing those scriptures I write down during my reading.
The refining process is almost always never fun, but is ALWAYS worth it!

Take a listen!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Being a Texan...and summer

Well, The thing is that winters in MO are long; long and FREEZING. Did you know that I hate being cold. Like, I truly believe that my bones get cold and they take a long time to thaw.

Upon our announcement of our move to TX, I stated that I am excited to live in a place that is warm and sunny.

We moved in April, had some brilliant 70-80 degree weather for about 3 weeks...some wicked storms around the first weekend in May and then it happened. What happened? 100 happened. 100 has come and hasn't gone. Like it has literally been above 100 degrees every day for two solid months. One day, my car "temperature teller" read 117. NO LIE!

I have come to realize the coolest part of the day is as the sun is rising. This is when I run. If I miss that 6:30-8:30am time slot, I will not go running - because I would die.

Three paragraphs up, I said, "I stated that I am excited to live in a place that is warm and sunny." I may have even said "Hot" in my original statement.
Through many conversations of people telling me "Texas heat is a killer" I made a claim.
I said, "I will not complain about the heat for 1 year."

This is me...not complaining about the heat. today it wasn't supposed to hit 100 and people are actually saying that it is a cold front. WHAT?
Some things I have to get used to:
-Sweaty Back
-Burning my legs and arms on my car upholstery
-Sweaty legs
-growing my hair out so I can put it up
-Drinking extra amounts of water
-wearing shorts (I have worn jeans 3 times total since moving here)
-Not wearing hoodies...which is one of my favorite clothing items.
-being freezing inside places always bringing a long sleeve for indoors.

So, here is the thing. I do love the heat, but I think I am ready for a small break in it. One or two days or like one cooler evening...I would even take the low 90's.

The other day, Andrew and I headed out for a run at 7:30. It was cloudy and breezy...I said, "Wow, it feels great out here, its almost cool."
Andrew laughed at the time, but later tweeted "it was in the 80's #perspective"

I really do like the heat...I am just thinking the snow-peaked mountains of Colorado sound nice this time of year.
I am thanking God we don't have the humidity that MO has, if we did, I may need to complain!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

6 years

Six years ago Andrew and I began our wonderful life together. We joined a team. We have prayed for the ability to offer one another the love of the Lord, that unconditional love. We know that we fail one another, but it is not our intention to do so. We are gentle and kind to one another. We are patient with one another and we work to encourage one another. I pray that we have brought out the best in one another. We pray that our marriage can be used as an example to others.
I thank God almost everyday for allowing Andrew and I to serve in this life together. I know that I tell funny stories a lot on this blog, but let me be absolutely serious for a few lines.

Andrew is the Man that I could have never dreamed of. He is honorable, honest, bold, loving, grace filled, elegant, sensitive and NOBLE. His character is admirable and he speaks truth into my life on a daily basis. He loves me in a way that makes me feel feminine and cool, which is kind-of a neat trick. He is supportive. He prays with me, for us, and for our friends...fervently. He challenges my thinking and listens to my ideas. He is funny, and not the kind of funny that just makes fun of other things, but like, smart funny. He is soooo Hott! he is my best friend and he makes me feel like a beautiful, loving wife. I pray that I can be a reflection to him of the Love of God that he is to me.

Six years ago, Andrew and I got married.
Today he got on a plane to Costa Rica for a mission trip...and I am a proud wife...and I will join him next week!

Thank you Lord for the time we have to serve you as one!

I love you Andrew!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Andrew got new glasses.

I feel like I have had so many moments of, "Oh, I need to blog that" but then I forget what it was or how exactly something happened that made it funny. But one thing I know is this. I think I am funny. I have this horrible knack for making myself laugh so hard I cry. This is something I was known for in Liberty. One time Kelley Rowe and I were talking and I claimed the idea "I just know my sense of humor and what makes me say the things that I think are funny" or something along those lines.

So this story may not be funny to you, but I totally cracked myself up.

backstory - Andrew is known around our house to have a short attentions span. If we are cleaning and he is supposed to go through mail that has been on the table, he will start at the table and end up syncing his phone or cleaning the bathroom...It is almost comical and has grown to be endearing. I think its hilarious.

Story - Andrew goes to the eye doctor and comes home with new glasses.
s - "How did It go?"
a - "Fine, I think I'm practically blind in my left eye."
"well that's not good...good thing you went to get new glasses"
"Yeah, he also said I have astigmatism"
"What really is astigmatism?"
"Its like when the shape of your eye is a little off and you can't really focus"
"Maybe you have a double astigmatism!"
followed by a really sarcastic wide eyed smile...I laughed hard, he smiled...and probably thinks I am a weirdo!

BTW - Andrew's new glasses look Hot! #Justsayin

Monday, July 11, 2011

Friends...literally, forever.

Last week, Jessie Rochat, used to be Stough, called and told me she was gonna be rolling through town with her Kids, Taylor and Reece. And then she told me Jordan was going to be with her...Jordan is her little bro.
These visits are such blessings to me because I have known all four of these people since they were born. I called Jordan "Jordie" and it didn't feel right anymore, because he is 15 and grown up. He is almost as tall as me for crying out lout!

I love these people so much. SO MUCH. They are my family. They have shared every big moment of my life with me and I know that no matter what happens, I can always count on them to love and support me. I hope they feel the same!

Jessie, Jordan, sweet little Taylor and Reece, Thanks so much for stopping by to see me! I love you sooooo much and am so grateful to have you as my family and dear friends! (I was sad to miss Jake and Gwen, but I will take what I can get!)

Friday, July 8, 2011


Matt and Jodi came to town and we had so much fun! It was such a blessing to get to spend time with our dear friends. We did a lot of stuff, and as I am looking through the images to post, it seems a lot of "stuff", means eating.
We did all go running together on our first morning, and then we took a trip to Austin. Here are some photos of our time!

We ran...and then went to BuzzBrews for breakfast. It was so yummy!
There was a break between meals...We went to Ikea...and then we hit "In-N-Out". Jodi had never been before and Matt loves it and Andrew and I love it, it was a no-brainer.
Jodi's first time!
We then headed to Austin. We hung out at Barton Springs and then went to watch the Bats!

After the Bats, we went to Polvo' favorite place to eat. The next day (July 4th) we hiked up to Mt. Bonnell.

we met with Matt's Aunts for lunch at County Line BBQ, made a quick stop at Whole Foods, and then headed back to Dallas!

Thanks for coming down friends! We love you so much!