Thursday, July 14, 2011

Andrew got new glasses.

I feel like I have had so many moments of, "Oh, I need to blog that" but then I forget what it was or how exactly something happened that made it funny. But one thing I know is this. I think I am funny. I have this horrible knack for making myself laugh so hard I cry. This is something I was known for in Liberty. One time Kelley Rowe and I were talking and I claimed the idea "I just know my sense of humor and what makes me say the things that I think are funny" or something along those lines.

So this story may not be funny to you, but I totally cracked myself up.

backstory - Andrew is known around our house to have a short attentions span. If we are cleaning and he is supposed to go through mail that has been on the table, he will start at the table and end up syncing his phone or cleaning the bathroom...It is almost comical and has grown to be endearing. I think its hilarious.

Story - Andrew goes to the eye doctor and comes home with new glasses.
s - "How did It go?"
a - "Fine, I think I'm practically blind in my left eye."
"well that's not good...good thing you went to get new glasses"
"Yeah, he also said I have astigmatism"
"What really is astigmatism?"
"Its like when the shape of your eye is a little off and you can't really focus"
"Maybe you have a double astigmatism!"
followed by a really sarcastic wide eyed smile...I laughed hard, he smiled...and probably thinks I am a weirdo!

BTW - Andrew's new glasses look Hot! #Justsayin

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Matt and Jodi said...

Okay...this made me laugh out loud also. I totally get your sense of humor. Miss you!