Monday, July 23, 2007

what a life!

There are so many days that I feel like I am just going to die from business.
But this weekend made up for them all. I did nothing. well, I had dinner guests, led worship, went to Sunday school and then to a church picnic. but the rest of the time, no lie, I read!! Here is the thing about working with youth kids. I am leaving today to go on a float trip...I know that there will be at least 2, maybe 3 kids who will have read "HARRY POTTER 7" and they will be talking about it. I sincerely did not want the ending ruined, so, of course, I took about 9 hours of daylight and finished it! It was so good! I was absolutely happy with the ending and I am pretty sure that it is the best installment of all the Harry Potters!

I have been reading "your first 2 years in ministry" by Doug fields, and I keep seeing the same thing over and over again. Business does not make a ministry good. It makes it busy. I keep thinking about how we try so hard to make sure that the kids have something to do, and meanwhile we are so crazy, we have neglected each other, our houses, and our own spiritual life. The book talks about taking a sabbath day, and if you don't, you won't last long in the ministry. It sounds discouraging, but is was so good to read a 30 year veteran saying all the things I have been feeling. It is weird how the youth ministry is one of discouragement. Everyone wants the youth to do this, and serve in this way, and gets mad at them when something is left a mess. They (the people) want the youth staff to be at work all day so as to show face, and then come back, or never leave to actually execute the programming. I start to laugh when I realize that the youth programs, when they are full, are actually the most active of programs. We meet twice a week, we have bible study in the morning before school one day, we have weekend functions, and we have praise band practice...on top of that you have to be on the top of your spiritual game... I am not complaining, but it is a hard job and no one who hasn't actually done it, I don't think, could really understand the investment being made! It is a crazy life,
but I would not change it for anything!
I wish you could know, and some of you do, how these kids take a piece of my heart, and how in everything I see them do and try, I just want to see them succeed and then teach them a life lesson whether they fail or succeed. I want to see them graduate and the girls go on to stand up for what the believe in and not focus on finding a "boy" as much as solidifying their faith. I want to see them search out where they can and ultimately will serve God to their greatest ability, And I want them to good Godly men who treat them with the respect they deserve, and I want them to know they deserve it, because Andrew and I set an example and taught them how special they are.
I want to see the guys raise up to be Godly men, who these girls would be more than lucky to end up with. I want them to seek the Lord and long for the hunger and conviction that not even we could teach!
My heart is in my job, my job is Our ministry,
and Our ministry is OUR LIFE!
Oh, What a Life!

Friday, July 20, 2007

My friend Elsie!

These are some photos from May! I know, I think I have actually run some of these before, but She is awesome and she has a new blogspot! her line is called "Love, Elsie" and it is amazing!
I am throwing this in here for you, so that you can check out her new stuff.
Support her if you love scrapbooking!!

Last one!

In case you were wondering...I can't put photos up of kids in our youth group, other wise, this blog would be full of them, But I can put up photos of some of the kids that
I fell in love with last week! Patrick and Erica
Honesty and Anthony
Erica! she stole my heart!

These were our groups host this week. Katie and Justin!

They were fantastic! We had so much fun!!

A moment on the beach of Lake Michigan!

Chi-town food

We ate at some relly awesome resturants in Chicago. The first night we ate at a Gyro resturant, which, if you haven't had one, it is so good. It is a pita with lamb meat, lettuce, tomato, and a cucumber sauce! SOOO Tasty!!

then we ate at a Polish resturant. It was good, but I like German food better than Polish!
We ate Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza one night at Lou Malnati,s. Don't tell but the Dish is better.

and then they catered us with Taco's and rice and beans!

Oh, and the church we worked at fed us every day. We had the best nachos ever one day, then we had really good Hot Dogs, ( I know, but I am telling you, they were awesome!)
then they made us Fried Chicken wings (with buffalo sauce) mashed potatoes, and Corn on the cob. SOO GOOD! and then the last day we had an awesome pizza! it was like Imos but thicker everything. They fed us some good eats!

One of many in the "Chicago Series"

As you know, I have recently returned from Chicago. We took a group of 19 youth to the innercity for a mission trip. The group we went throug is called Center for Student Missions, CSM for short. It was seriously amazing. Our group was split into 2 different teams. We led VBS at a homeless shelter and at a church on the south side. The 2 groups had completley different experiences, but the only one I can tell you about with any knowledge is the one that was at the church. The church is called Little Mountian of Hope. We had anywhere from 6 to 15 kids each day. Our youth kids STEPPED UP! they led the heck out of a VBS. Our group drove for about an hour each way, and each day we took a different route, so we got to see a lot of the city. Our VBS lasted from 9am-2pm. then we would get back to the dorms and sleep. My group was able to go to the beach one afternoon, It was fun, but we couldn't get in the water. There was some sort fo bacteria spill! boo! Over all the trip was sweet!! Then around 4 or 5 we would head out for whatever was planned for us. One night we worked in a food kitchen, one night we packaged food at a food depository and one night we were sent into the city alone with 2 dollard a piece to find dinner, and a few pieces of paper. We had to have people answer survey questions, and we had to find out where we would stay in that neighborhood if we were homeless. It was a crazy experience! One night we had worship and dinner all together, and the last night we went out to Ed Debevicks and kicked around Chicago, we went to the Hancock building too.


That is all! I just wanted to let you see!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


these are just some pictures I took of my garden, and mushrooms, William Jewell Style! they grow them in shapes on campus. I know! I have been trying to hone in on my mushroom growing skills, but I have yet to pull off anything this fancy!! I love to garden, and I wish I was home more to do it! I need to weed, like it is 4 - 20!!
Soon though, soon!

My Birthday

I know this is out of order, but My birthday was on July 1st and I wanted you to see what I got!

Purty Pink roses. I love pink!!!

and a purty blue "point and Shoot" I am not kidding, it has changed my life!!!

Fun things in our tight little schedule!

I never thought I would say it! "I CANT WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START!" The life of a youth pastors wife/youth worker is a little beyond comprehension unless you do it. Most days I am pretty sure the staff at the church doesn't even know what we are up to. Let me give you a photographic update on the last few weeks. We went to shakespear in the Park with Katie and Evan, which was awesome, they are the folks in the Black and white image. We did that on the 3rd of July. We went and spent the night with Matt and Jodi and then to the Lake with Jodi the next day. That is where we were for all the water pictures. Matt couldn't hang all day because he was selling fire works! Those were two of the most fun days we have had this summer. Mainly becuase the 4th, all we did was lay on a raft or sit on a boat. Any way, that was how we celebrated the independence of our country, we didn't even blow anything up!

That trip I took like at the beginning of June!

Well, here we are in Kimswick, which I wrote about earlier! now you can see us there

My mother and Father, who are too hott to handle, don't you think?
This is that amazing apple pie we ate!!
This is from my mom's garden.
This is from our wine tasting at Stone Hill, did you know that before prohibition, Stone Hill was the 2nd largest winery in the WORLD! CRAZY!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I know, I know!

Seriously, I finished off self portrait week with a bang, but then I got swept away in a rush of business, which is why I started this blog in the first place! I hereby promise that tonight I will update the heck out of this blogsite! you will be overwhelmed with images and love and information!!