Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun things in our tight little schedule!

I never thought I would say it! "I CANT WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START!" The life of a youth pastors wife/youth worker is a little beyond comprehension unless you do it. Most days I am pretty sure the staff at the church doesn't even know what we are up to. Let me give you a photographic update on the last few weeks. We went to shakespear in the Park with Katie and Evan, which was awesome, they are the folks in the Black and white image. We did that on the 3rd of July. We went and spent the night with Matt and Jodi and then to the Lake with Jodi the next day. That is where we were for all the water pictures. Matt couldn't hang all day because he was selling fire works! Those were two of the most fun days we have had this summer. Mainly becuase the 4th, all we did was lay on a raft or sit on a boat. Any way, that was how we celebrated the independence of our country, we didn't even blow anything up!

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