Monday, April 15, 2013

God Parents

I am not sure that I had ever considered naming anyone my kid's Godparent before I had Foster. I am not sure that Andrew has ever thought about it either- what boy really thinks about that kinds of stuff anyway. that we have a kid, we have been thinking about what the role of a Godparent is and who we would want to name Foster's Godparent/s.

There are 2 different levels of Godparents - traditionally from what we researched.

The first is the most traditional. Godparents take the role of spiritual role models and life shapers for your baby. They are around and are expected to be at the "big things" in the life of the child.

The second is when the Godparents take the role of of spiritual role model as well as being the person the child is named to if something were to happen to the parents.

We decided that the first kind...the spiritual role models and life shaper was something that we would love for Foster to have.

Now, to name those people. This is a big responsibility. We wanted someone/people who had similar theology and beliefs as us, so that when faced with a big deal, Foster would not hear conflicting sides. We wanted someone who we would be proud for Foster to grow up and be like. We wanted it to be someone who knows us and could speak honestly and confidently on our behalf. We wanted someone who wanted to be a part of his life and who loved him...and someone whom he loves.

Y'all, it was a tough decision. We thought and thought and have lots of friends who are wonderful and will have meaningful relationships with Foster, for sure. But there was one couple who I just DELIGHTED in seeing Foster with.

I knew I wanted to name his Godparents when we were all sitting in a room in their house. Foster and I were on the floor. Werm was playing piano, Andrew was playing guitar and we were all singing a song...then on the instrumental break, Allyson did a spoken word. I got choked up thinking about Foster being raised in such an environment. A place of artistic expression, filled with music and love and all as a form of worship to our Amazing God.

Allyson speaks about Fos like I speak about my nephews. She uses words like, "I just love him so much". She shows people pics and videos of him like he is her own. Also, they match a lot!

This week Allyson was in KC and she was able to facetime with Fos. He was as excited as she was!
When Werm and Allyson walk into a room, Foster Lights up! He is so excited to see them and he knows he is about to get to play hard! The best for us is when we walk into a room with Foster, Allyson and Werm light up! 

Y'all, they LOVE each other.
It is funny because Andrew and I played a big role in the shaping of them spiritually, and as a married couple - so, of course, we trust them and would be so proud if Foster grew up to be like either one of them.

So, this is our announcement that Foster has Godparents. 
Allyson and Werm (Andrew) Wermelskirchen. 
We love you guys so much, welcome to the family!