Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am such a dork

So I entered little Frederik Lightning in Regis and Kelly's Cutest Baby Contest. We will see how he did on March 9th...Here is the photo that I entered.
I don't care if he "wins" or not, he is soo the cutest baby to me!

Rockin the Headband

I have been wanting to pull off this look for a while now. You know, the headband! (By the way, you can find this Headband at Red Velvet Art starting tomorrow!!!
The thing is, I thought about it way too much. The key is to just do it and rock it with confidence! So I did it, and i love it. In fact, last night, I was inspired to swing by hobby lobby and see if I
could make some of my own that I could adjust and that would stay in place with out squeezing my head. So here is one that I came up with. I made 5 of them, I will show them with the how to's later today! (or sometime soon!) These images are taken on my webcam, so quality is sort of bad, but you will get some better photos later!

Hope you have been inspired to make something you love to wear! Have a great day!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Somethin' to talk about.

1. It is sad that I am not a part of this group anymore. My job is to demanding for me to have time to do this position justice...however.

2. Feb 1st is the opening of RED VELVET store! How awesome is this?! You must check it out! Not only will there be a web site, but an actual store in Springfield, MO. This is the most fun thing ever.

3. RED VELVET ART is the brain child of Elsie, She is pretty freaking creative! I am so proud of her for going for it!

4. Check out the Red Velvet store and the girls who make it up. Emma, Rachel, Silje and Elsie, (see links on the left) you are certian to find something you love, and if not to buy it, at least to get inspired!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

updates are slow this time of year...

So, my back went out again last week. YEAH! I didn't have a cause for onset, which is even cooler. The up-side, my chiroprachtor and I are like BFF now. Well, when my back goes out, my attitude seems to go as well, so my amazing husband showed up at home, one day when I missed work, with these.

He is pretty awesome! I am so grateful to be married to Andrew. He is seriously like the kindest man ever.

In other news, this is Mike...(the boy)Mike is our house-mate. He is one of our Best friends. We have all know each other for just about 10 years. Mike has been staying with us since June-ish. Well, the time has come. He is moving out. This is super bitter sweet. We love having someone live with us, but we are also happy for Mike to have a place of his own.

We only have 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, but we feel like we are not doing our duty if our house stands empty so much and a whole entire room is wasted if we have no one using it! Some people don't get that, but for those of you who do...I am glad you understand. We would always live in community if given the opportunity!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

new things that I sort of love

American Apparel Deep V Neck T-shirts. I found them recently and now have 3 of them! Polaroid Pogo. This Printer is awesome. I got it for Christmas from my Lover, (Andrew)! It is tiny and super light. It prints business card size photos and they are stickers.
Perfect for the journal-er.
I Picked up this little Boquet of soap and lotion. You can pick it up too at H2O's Website. I would prefer the Natural Spring...these smell sooooooo great and refreshing. The cool thing about these little buddies, is this. I throw a lotion and a soap in my purse and if there is a place that is out of soap, I have some!! (and lotion to follow!)
I just found this site today. This is the blog. Fredflare blog. It has all sorts of cute things. Here are a few!

Palmercash has super cute t-shirts!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


This post needs a short explanation.
On the 20th of Dec. Andrew and I flew to Dallas to attend our friend Phil's wedding. We got to hang out with some of our favorite people...Amber and Vernon along with Titus and Justus. Then Josh, Michelle and Fred picked us up at the reception and we drove back together the same day. We were able to be together till Dec 29th. The cool thing about being able to drive for 9 hours with them was being able to talk about all the stuff that we had looked forward to talking about. So when we got to be together in KC and in Imperial, we were able to do some things that we don't normally get to do.

So, Josh and I together are actually really creative. So we started experimenting with light in photography. I had recently been inspired by Sesha to take a look at some night scapes that she had been working on...gorgeous. So I was thinking about the light and when Josh and I got talking and working one thing led to another and this is the result.

All of these images are just as they were taken. I didn't do any post work.

This is the first one I did with two people
Task - JoshuaTime - Ben
Silent - Kori, this is the first of 2 with her. this has a shooting star in the background.
Silent - Kori
Feel - AndrewHope. Andrew and Sarah
Rest - Dreams
Lonnie - Family
Paul and Kori

Fun experimenting
The following 2 images are "Power Wars"
More Super Powers?
playing with matches
This is a joke. One time I said "honey, will turn up the heat...and Ben did it." Which started a silly song that went like this.
"Ones got a job, the others a bum, together they make...Team Husband"
Hope you enjoyed my new work!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas photos with the family...

So as most people know, I love to take photos of myself with other people this way... me holding the camera. So Fred and I were taking photos of ourselves, I couldn't believe that he was smiling with me, but the best part is that...

after seeing me do it, he gave it a try...only thing is, his arms are a bit shorter than mine, so he pushed the button and his face is really close to the lens! I love it though!!
There are some days that I just can't stand stand how much I miss these kids. My brother, Fred and Michele are some of my favorite people in the world. I just wish we were closer so that we could share life regularly...but for now, I have these sweet, sweet images that I look at when I miss them.

this photo was taken in Westport and I love it.