Wednesday, January 21, 2009

new things that I sort of love

American Apparel Deep V Neck T-shirts. I found them recently and now have 3 of them! Polaroid Pogo. This Printer is awesome. I got it for Christmas from my Lover, (Andrew)! It is tiny and super light. It prints business card size photos and they are stickers.
Perfect for the journal-er.
I Picked up this little Boquet of soap and lotion. You can pick it up too at H2O's Website. I would prefer the Natural Spring...these smell sooooooo great and refreshing. The cool thing about these little buddies, is this. I throw a lotion and a soap in my purse and if there is a place that is out of soap, I have some!! (and lotion to follow!)
I just found this site today. This is the blog. Fredflare blog. It has all sorts of cute things. Here are a few!

Palmercash has super cute t-shirts!!!


Rizzo said...

Palmercash was one of my first inspirations to get into the tee business - I bought my brother the "Say Hi To The U.P., eh?" shirt, 'cause he has a place in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan

kimi said...

That shirt is on my wish list! I totally love that printer too. I am going to have to look into getting me one :)