Thursday, June 30, 2011


Man, this month has been a whirlwind!
Andrew and I went to Mike and Chrystal's wedding in Liberty, MO. Got home on Sunday. Andrew left on Monday and returned on Thursday (from a camp scouting trip to FL/LA). I left with the His Voice crew on Friday (KS, MO, and INDIANA!) Andrew left on Saturday and we both landed at the airport within ten minutes of each other the following Saturday...which was last weekend. This week we have played catch up on cleaning and grocery shopping and have spent a decent amount of time working as well.
This is a new life for us. Traveling to different places and not seeing each other for days at a time? WHO HAS EVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING?
I'd be lying if I said this change was easy for me, but I would also be lying if I said it was the hardest thing I have ever done. My husband is my BEST friend and I cherish the time we get to be together. So for the next two weeks we will be going on lots of dates and having lots of fun...cause the three weeks of July are equally CRAZY! Thank God that He is Good and our foundation is built on him! Every day we spend together, in my opinion, is more fun than the last!

Here are some pics from my jaunt up to Indiana!

This is Charles, he will be one on July 2nd!
Charles, Josh, Michelle and Monkey Welker (this is my brother and family)
...That monkey is Fred and he barely sat still for a photo....
But this pic of my dad holding him is priceless, look at that smile!!
And of course he had to make a face!

This trip had a ton of great moments, from work meeting that were fruitful and encouraging, to family sitting around the Tramel living room laughing, to reading at the pool and running at my parents home (with my MOM!!!), but the highlight for me was when I took Fred on a run with me and from his stroller he said,
"I'm so glad you commed to see me Sarah, I love you so much"

Thanks for stopping in...And as a reminder...Tomorrow is my birthday.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My new favorite thing

As you have read, (if you have read) I began doing the Couch to 5k. I really liked the program and was well on my way to running for 45 minutes without stopping. Until I got to the intervals of 5 minutes, and thought I was dying, I could not breathe and my knee was already hurting me.
I went on a road trip with Amber and Vernon Burger (and their littles), and we got to talking about running, running shoes and running technique.

Vernon gave me a few tips and the next day I had a three 5 minute interval run and felt like I could do it again.
Some of the things are such simple correctives. Some are...well...not.
He also recommended that I read this book.
I finished this sucker and wanted to run all day! Not that I could, but I desired to!
It is written by a man named Christoper McDougall, check out his blog for tons of other tips and stories and races.
The thing about me is that I liked to run, but couldn't run long enough to actually feel like I was a runner. Plus I have a brother who can run like a bat out of hell. (one time he asked me if I wanted to go for a run, I asked, "How far"..."not far, like 13 miles"...true story) I was a miserable runner and on top of that have terrible knees and lower back problems...Christopher had similar problems!

So...Here is the update. I am by no means fast, but I can run and I love doing it. Today I knocked out a 25 minute interval with a smile on my face...the only stop was to change shoes...I am breaking in my new ones) The pain is almost entirely gone in my knee when I run now and I have found myself waking up earlier than the alarm to jump up and get those shoes on. (I even woke up earlier than Andrew the last 2 days...which is NOT normal)

So here are some tips that changed my running and then Check out Christopher's blog for a ton more tips on technique.

1. I am a heel striker, this is where my knee problems come in. And takes a ton of concentration for me to change. DON'T land heel-toe...strike down on that padding your body gives you like you were standing still and jumping from the ankle...your strike should be near the front of the foot, stabilizing with your big toe and kicking back the track, or road. Then bring those knees straight out. Our hard-core running shoes with heel pads make it hard to strike correctly and since I have knee problems, I decided to work into these...Merrell Minimalists.Thanks Mom for the B-day gift. I love them, I feel great and my legs and feet are thanking me!

2. straighten up. "RUN FROM YOUR CORE" is the phrase that changed my running life. I could not breathe when I ran. I was hunching and gasping...and this one leads to number 3.

3. If you can not conversate (have a conversation) you should probably slow down. We try to push ourselves to go fast, but that should not be our goal, at least at first!

There are a few more great tips that I have learned since these three, but Christopher has already typed and videoed them. So check out his blog...seriously.

I will end with my new favorite pic of me!
This is me Saturday Morning, 7am at the top of a hill in Missouri!

Happy Trails!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Dad...a guest post.

Well the time has come again you lucky people...another guest blog post from the husband of the amazing Sarah Beard...Andrew Beard...

Thank you. Glad to be here again. Now I guest blogged awhile back to highlight and honor my amazing mom, Anne Beard. And with the next parental holiday upon us, here I am to honor my pop, Scott Beard. I want to take a few moments to share some reasons I am so thankful to have an amazing father.
-When I was growing up my dad was a traveling sales man. He was often gone Tuesday-Thursday every week. My dad lived this grueling travel schedule to provide for my mom, my two brothers, and myself. Though he was often gone during the week he did everything he could to spend time with us when he was in town. I have vivid memories of family days together, family game nights, and Saturday morning breakfasts together. Even when I was in high school and worked Saturday mornings, my family would all wait for me to get back home so we could eat together. So we could spend quality time with each other and with my dad. I try to spend quality time with family as best as I can because of those special times.

-My dad was a worship leader in addition to being a salesman. Almost every Sunday from Jr. High on I would go with him up to church to get the sound set up. I had no idea at the time that one day I would be a worship leader and would work for a church. His dedication to using his gifts and talents to glorify the Lord have directed the way I live my life.

-My dad has always loved music and theatre. We went to lots of shows and concerts when I was young. With me often singing and dancing, I was enrolled in dance classes. Through dance I had the opportunity to perform at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, MO. The shows ran for about 10 days and my dad came to every single one of my performances one summer. I remember feeling so loved that he went out of his way to see every performance I did. I want to be supportive and encouraging to others like he has always been for me.

-I don't know all the details, and I don't want to paint an inaccurate picture of true events, so some of the details have been left out. But when I was younger a family friend of my mom and dad shared with me that when she knew my dad in college he was known as a rebel. Apparently, an organization/class he had been in in college had taken a different direction then what many students in the class felt was where it should be my dad led a walk out. How awesome is that? They walked out, dropped the class and then started another student led group with a direction they believed was the best for the group. As of a few years ago (and maybe even still today) that group is still in existence. When I heard that story, I knew that my dad believed in standing up for what is right and doing whatever it takes to make it right. I love that and I hope I have that same courage.

-Growing up I never remember seeing a repair man around the house...unless his name was Scott/Dad. My dad had grown up fixing everything, so he knows how to fix just about everything. I love that about him. Dozens of times over the years I've tried to do projects on my own and I end up calling my dad, because I'm stuck and he knows how to do it...even from a distance. One time in college I was trying to install a fan in an old house I lived in and the wires that hung down from the ceiling did not match what I needed to correctly attach the fan. I called my dad and he knew the color of the wires before I even told him and he knew what to do. Unbelievable. As well, we've spent lots of hours crawling under/leaning over a car which at the time were not necessarily the most thrilling moments of my life, but are great memories of my dad and his determination to accomplish a task. Thank you dad for saving me lots of money and from electrocuting myself.

-After I graduated High School my parents moved to Texas and I went to college in Springfield, MO. Through some crazy turn of events my dad left doing business stuff and stepped into full time ministry. Sarah and I moved to a church in Liberty, MO and then a year later my dad had taken the leap to pastoral ministry and was moved to that same church we were at as the Associate Pastor. So for the last 4 years I've literally shared an office wall with my dad. Getting to see his drive, dedication, and devotion to the Lord and expanding His Kingdom was such a blessing. My dad has amazing gifts of music and leadership. As many of you know a few months back we left that church and moved to TX. We were sad to move on, but knew this was the right move. In the midst of saying goodbye to literally hundreds of friends, students, and church members. I was able to keep it together and not shed a tear the whole time...until I said goodbye to my pop. I knew I would see him again, but saying goodbye to the daily visits was sad. It was an amazing blessing to work with my dad and I wouldn't have changed those 4 years for anything. Now we are at our new place in TX and funny enough, my dad has gotten moved to another church in Hamilton, MO. Once again, he continues to impress me and inspire me with his consistent excitement and dedication to whatever season of life he's in.

-Thanks pop for being the best dad a guy could ask for. Because of you I know what's really important in life. I hope someday if I'm a dad I can be half as great as you. Thanks pop. I love you. Happy Fathers Day...your tie is in the mail...just kidding.


Below are a few photos of my Dad and our family. Enjoy, and I hope you all are thankful for your father and/or father figures in your life. Happy Fathers Day.

Here we are dancing in Connecticut...totally normal.
Here are my parents on their wedding day.
Here they are this past Christmas.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

31 flavors

PEOPLE! My birthday is just a few weeks away! I will be 31 on July 1st.
30 has been brilliant! This has really been one of the best years of my life. Full of change and growth, family, friends, so much LOVE, a renewed intimacy in my relationship with the LORD and a continued blessed marriage to the most wonderful man I know.

Since my last birthday,
  • July 2nd - Nephew #2 was born. Charles Phoenix Welker. The cutest little nugget with a constant smile!
  • I watched as students gave their lives to the Lord. I was able to disciple some beautiful young women.
  • I have felt love and support from so many people. I cannot begin to express the joy that brings!
  • I have made some new friends that are turning out to be the best.
  • We said good-bye to 150 of the most wonderful kids I will ever have!
  • We sold a house.
  • We moved to TEXAS! what?!
  • We got new jobs!
  • and so much more.

For my birthday it seems I am always stuck on what to tell Andrew that I want. This year I want some perfume and a new pair of lighter running shoes..

Other than that,well, I don't want. I don't need anything.

If you haven't stopped by in a while, my new job is with His Voice Global. This is the group I went to Sudan with in 2005. We are currently working in South Sudan, India and North Korea.
(click the link or message/call me to find out more!)

Guys, I am so excited about the work that His Voice is doing! I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I feel to be a part of this team!

For my job, for the first year, I am raising support for my salary. I stressed about this for about 5 minutes, then I realized that the Lord is faithful and good, and wants to use us to do his work. So, I began sending out letters and did exactly ONE post asking for support.

Today, I checked my status on support raising. I am raising $24,000 this year. As of today I am at $17,450. In just 3 months I have reached 72% of my goal. I have $6,550 to go. This is such a huge blessing and I am totally humbled by this generosity!

So, for my birthday I am asking one more time.
Will you donate $31.00 to my salary, (either monthly or a one time donation) as a gift to me for my 31st birthday?

This would not only be a blessing to me, but also to so many orphans could use more of my attention!

so here are two ways can give.
Click here. Fill out the form and in the designation type "Sarah Beard Salary"

or send a check to
His Voice, Inc.
PO Box 331311
Fort Worth, TX
with "Sarah Beard Salary" in the memo.

I love you and am so thankful to know people care enough to stop by and check in!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mike and Chrystal's wedding weekend in Photos

Started out road trippin! Phil and Jessi and Andrew and I got into the car on Wednesday evening and after a little over an hour of traffic in Dallas, we hit 35 with vigor and headed to Kansas City!

For the wedding of...
Mike and Chrystal!! Congrats you two we love you!!

I didn't seem to use my camera at all over the weekend, so thanks to the LUXE photobooth (Which made the best wedding favors ever) , I am going to get to share some lovely people with you!

Thursday evening I caught up with my "son", Tucker, got to see Allyson for a minute and got to catch up with Katie Loew for a bit, while the guys were bachelor partying.

Friday morning I was able to see some of my fav people and
Celebrate Kelley Rowe's Birthday. I got to see Jenna Wiles and Allyson Lean as well.

We had the rehearsal lunch and dinner on friday afternoon, which left Friday night open.

These two (Jenn and Gareth) hosted a gathering at their house which included,
Phil and Jessi
Me and Andrew
and Katie and Brittany.

It was a blast to just hang out and catch up. We were hoping that Mike and Chrystal would join us, but you know how wedding weekends go!

The next day was wedding day and was filled with so much fun, love and people.
we even got to sit with

Steve and Dana
Josh and Maddi and Ruth.

We ended the day hanging out at McCoy's on the Patio for like 5 hours. It was a beautiful night! Sarah Hicks and Carolyn Mimms (sorry if I spelled that wrong) even met up.
These following pictures, and basically every other person pictured are the folks who joined us! (minus Steve and Dana, Josh and Maddi, and Scott)
This is Vanessa and Robert, they joined us too, but this strip was too funny to just post one of the images!
Mike and Chrystal didn't show up to McCoy's either...Don't know why.

It was such a great weekend and we loved seeing y'all!

Seriously though, come on down!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

in the car...

the other day Andrew and I were riding along in the car. I don't even know the subject of which we were speaking. What I do know is that Andrew said this,

"Each day is a present, that is why we call it a gift."

thought you might like that one!

Green and Gray

Our new living room is green and gray. We had a hard time getting the green to feel the way we wanted it too. Finally, while perusing the pillow/curtain/material section of Ikea, I realized that I just needed to make the pillows. So...I did. Here is what the finished product looks like.
I made the comic strip looking ones, and the stripes!
And, while I am showing you that angle, the coffee table you see there was one of the few pieces we could not part with when we moved. We found the old door in our old house basement and sanded it and cut it into two pieces. (The smaller one was sold) We sat that door on a red bench for close to two years on our house while we searched for the perfect bottom...then one day we were at Marshall's in Zona Rosa and there it was, a scratched up coffee table with the perfect legs. A screw here, a screw there and Andrew completed out cute little coffee table!
Hope your day is beautiful!
We leave tomorrow for Michael Robinson's wedding to Chrystal Wright. I cannot believe Mike is all growed up! Maybe I will run into you!
Love to yours

Monday, June 6, 2011

rooms and chairs

We had a mudroom in our old house, here are some before pics.

We used a paint stripper on the floor to get it as bare as we could.

We used a martha stewart paint for the walls (Bayleaf), we used a bright white for the trim and ceilings. We put in a little bench and viola!

This is one of a set of rocking chairs we had. They were pretty rough, but after a little wood filler and some outdoor spray paint they looked pretty awesome!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More than a week

It has been more than a week since tornados destroyed Joplin, MO. I thought I would write about it right away, but I just couldn't. I do not love the fact that 2 months ago I could hop in the car with a bunch of folks and go, but now I am not able to do that. I do not love that so many lost everything. I do not love that I know some of these people.
You know what I do love though.
I love the outpouring of love these people have seen. I love the restoration that is being brought to families. I love the hands and feet of Jesus in MOTION by the church. I Love that people are teaming up to do something to help. I love that people are using their God given gifts to help.
I love that Churches, like Freshwater in Bolivar are going all the time to help and helping us know what to do!

I love that musicians, like our friend Kenny (Whose family lost their home), post songs like this on line!

I love that other musicians make an album to help the city. Songs For Joplin!

I love that VIVE Clothing company would make a shirt where 100% of the proceeds go to Joplin relief.


So now on to something I think is funny...
This is what is printed on the front of those Joplin shirts.
In a previous post, I talk about how texans fly their flag in their living room. I was stating how strange this is for us in the rest of the country cause in reality, no one really knows what their state flag looks like.
I cracked up when I saw this shirt, looked at it for a minute, and then realized that it was the seal from the MO flag! AWESOME! It took me a minute.
Just sayin...and provin my point.

Love you all, thanks for all you are doing!