Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Green and Gray

Our new living room is green and gray. We had a hard time getting the green to feel the way we wanted it too. Finally, while perusing the pillow/curtain/material section of Ikea, I realized that I just needed to make the pillows. So...I did. Here is what the finished product looks like.
I made the comic strip looking ones, and the stripes!
And, while I am showing you that angle, the coffee table you see there was one of the few pieces we could not part with when we moved. We found the old door in our old house basement and sanded it and cut it into two pieces. (The smaller one was sold) We sat that door on a red bench for close to two years on our house while we searched for the perfect bottom...then one day we were at Marshall's in Zona Rosa and there it was, a scratched up coffee table with the perfect legs. A screw here, a screw there and Andrew completed out cute little coffee table!
Hope your day is beautiful!
We leave tomorrow for Michael Robinson's wedding to Chrystal Wright. I cannot believe Mike is all growed up! Maybe I will run into you!
Love to yours