Monday, June 13, 2011

Mike and Chrystal's wedding weekend in Photos

Started out road trippin! Phil and Jessi and Andrew and I got into the car on Wednesday evening and after a little over an hour of traffic in Dallas, we hit 35 with vigor and headed to Kansas City!

For the wedding of...
Mike and Chrystal!! Congrats you two we love you!!

I didn't seem to use my camera at all over the weekend, so thanks to the LUXE photobooth (Which made the best wedding favors ever) , I am going to get to share some lovely people with you!

Thursday evening I caught up with my "son", Tucker, got to see Allyson for a minute and got to catch up with Katie Loew for a bit, while the guys were bachelor partying.

Friday morning I was able to see some of my fav people and
Celebrate Kelley Rowe's Birthday. I got to see Jenna Wiles and Allyson Lean as well.

We had the rehearsal lunch and dinner on friday afternoon, which left Friday night open.

These two (Jenn and Gareth) hosted a gathering at their house which included,
Phil and Jessi
Me and Andrew
and Katie and Brittany.

It was a blast to just hang out and catch up. We were hoping that Mike and Chrystal would join us, but you know how wedding weekends go!

The next day was wedding day and was filled with so much fun, love and people.
we even got to sit with

Steve and Dana
Josh and Maddi and Ruth.

We ended the day hanging out at McCoy's on the Patio for like 5 hours. It was a beautiful night! Sarah Hicks and Carolyn Mimms (sorry if I spelled that wrong) even met up.
These following pictures, and basically every other person pictured are the folks who joined us! (minus Steve and Dana, Josh and Maddi, and Scott)
This is Vanessa and Robert, they joined us too, but this strip was too funny to just post one of the images!
Mike and Chrystal didn't show up to McCoy's either...Don't know why.

It was such a great weekend and we loved seeing y'all!

Seriously though, come on down!


Ben said...

Oh man. This makes me SO happy and SOO sad at the same time.

Happy for obv reasons, sad that I couldn't partake.

brooke said...

vanessa and robert are my favorite! that is hilarious!!