Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More than a week

It has been more than a week since tornados destroyed Joplin, MO. I thought I would write about it right away, but I just couldn't. I do not love the fact that 2 months ago I could hop in the car with a bunch of folks and go, but now I am not able to do that. I do not love that so many lost everything. I do not love that I know some of these people.
You know what I do love though.
I love the outpouring of love these people have seen. I love the restoration that is being brought to families. I love the hands and feet of Jesus in MOTION by the church. I Love that people are teaming up to do something to help. I love that people are using their God given gifts to help.
I love that Churches, like Freshwater in Bolivar are going all the time to help and helping us know what to do!

I love that musicians, like our friend Kenny (Whose family lost their home), post songs like this on line!

I love that other musicians make an album to help the city. Songs For Joplin!

I love that VIVE Clothing company would make a shirt where 100% of the proceeds go to Joplin relief.


So now on to something I think is funny...
This is what is printed on the front of those Joplin shirts.
In a previous post, I talk about how texans fly their flag in their living room. I was stating how strange this is for us in the rest of the country cause in reality, no one really knows what their state flag looks like.
I cracked up when I saw this shirt, looked at it for a minute, and then realized that it was the seal from the MO flag! AWESOME! It took me a minute.
Just sayin...and provin my point.

Love you all, thanks for all you are doing!

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Matt and Jodi said...

I LOVE this song. It is beautiful. Our school district ended up raising over 20 thousand dollars. It is amazing how people kick it in gear when others are in need.