Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Run with me...or jog it's whatever.

Let's say we all set a goal to run a 5k for a fundraising event...we train individually and come together and run it for a cause? Interested?

Recently, since moving to a place that invites me outside on a regular basis, I have been waking up and going for a jog. I have never been a runner, but I have been a jogger. In college and then right again after marriage I jogged a steady 2 miles a day. I did this strictly for exercise purposes, but really grew to love that time where I was alone with my thoughts. It was a time when I gathered myself together. Sometimes I meditated on some music and sometimes I spent the entire time in prayer. Sometime I just moved and breathed and took that in and then there were the times when I jogged because I had negative energy coursing through me and if you ever work out, you know that once those endorphins kick in, your energy quickly changes from negative to good.

So, since I have been here, in TX, I have tried to make a habit out of getting up, going for a jog or a walk, reading my Bible, praying with Andrew and then starting my day of work...sometimes taking a shower first! :)
The thing is, if I am going for a jog, I set distance as a goal. There is a loop I jog constantly. it is 1 mile. I take off down my back steps and then take the loop on and done...I realized that this is like a two song workout...I mean, its better than nothing right.

My parents came into town this last weekend and we walked, but I didn't get up and do my routine. So this morning was my first day back. BUT YESTERDAY. Yesterday, my friend Melody Fritson, posted a blog on how she has been running. Her husband Tim is a my brother is a runner..."you know, just a short 6 miles" is their response when you ask how far they ran this morning.
So, I read her blog and realized, I need a running tool. Something to build me up to a distance. I have always thought it would be cool to run a marathon...but lets start with a 5K.

She said a friend recommended the app "Couch to 5K", She also said she loved it.

So, this morning, I decided it was time, I downloaded that sucker and went for my first jog with a goal.

My report. I LOVED IT!
I was able to drop all of my fav. exercise songs into the app, and as you go you get a coach.
Imagine, walking to music......"DING" "RUN""DING" "WALK"
It was easy, I am working toward a goal, it gave me 25 minutes of walk/run instructions and I feel great!
(It didn't help it is in the 80's with some bright sunshine...which I LOVE)
Then I followed it up with a fruit and yogurt smoothie.

For more running tips, check out Melody's Blog!

and seriously, if you want to meet up and run, I will plan it! just comment on my blog!


Bryan, Val and CarJack said...

I did this too, and loved it!!! We'll be doing some runs in Dallas soon!!!

Matt and Jodi said...

I signed up. I really do not like running but I thought it would be neat to run together when we are in Dallas together. So I guess you could say...I am doing this for our friendship :)

Sarah Beard said...

YAY JODI! BEST COMMENT EVER! I will reward you with a margarita when you get here! haha!