Tuesday, May 17, 2011

house guests

If there is one thing that Andrew and I love It is Jesus, but another thing is each other and the next is people! We Love House Guests!
Yes, we do just have a one bedroom house, but who says you can't make it feel cozy.
There is so much joy that comes with sharing.
Here is a photo of our most recent house guests. We have had house guests, but these are the first since we have officially moved in and been unpacked and have a bed that doesn't deflate...so we got a little excited.

This is Scott and Holly Erickson. You can see so much more about what they do and who they are by clicking on their names. I am sure that you noticed Anders first, he is a little nugget and smiles all the time! He is presh. So, a word about them, even if you don't have time, sit click his name and watch the Crucifixion According to Radiohead. If you are looking for something delish to whip up, click on her name!

We love the idea of having a mint on your pillow, like a little goodie when you arrive at someplace...mix it up and do something that will go along with your guests personality!
Cotton Candy was our choice for these guests. In the future, I will probably do something state themed (simply because it is cheesy), but Scott, Holly and Anders live in Houston.
(Bedding from West Elm - on sale!!)

Since we didn't figure Anders was going to be taking a shower, or needing a towel, we decided to layer a baby gift on top of the towels. (He looked pretty sweet in it!)
(Onesie from Target)

I think it is a basic rule that when people come from far away to stay at your house, make sure they don't have to ask for something they may feel silly forgetting...like deodorant. I love fresh flowers in my home, tulips are my favorite, so I always have fresh fresh flowers when guests come to stay!

Just a peek into something I just really enjoy doing...oh and they left these for us. (the yellow "banana candle" for the monkey to hold! LOVE IT!

love you guys, it was wonderful to have you!


Karen said...

I want to come see you!! :)

hollye said...

Thank you so much again!!! LOVED staying with you guys!! I plan on putting YOUR recipes on my new blog!! : ) Holly