Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day - Why this day might suck.

These are the thoughts that are always the hardest for me to express.
These are my honest thoughts.

The day is Mother's if you exist, you, at one time had a mom. You either loved her or you didn't get along...maybe you didn't even know her. But you had that is fact.

This day is hard for me 2 fold.

1. I have no kids, not for lack of trying. On every day, I am more blessed for more than I can account. I am blessed on Mother's day...but this particular day, tomorrow, mother's day, is a little painful.
Especially in the church - especially when they don't recognize that it can be a painful day. Truth is, I tear up every mothers day at church. I do not have gaping wounds about this and I am not even sensitive about it. I love my life and I know that we will have little rugrats running around sometime, even if we have to go get them...It is just a matter of all the other Mom's being moms. It is so sweet it hurts. Yes...I realize that sounds selfish, but if you know my heart, you know that if you have kids, I ADORE THEM and I am blessed by your family! I love when you call me with the news of your pregnancy. I REJOICE WITH AND FOR YOU! AND here are photos to prove it... some of these are old! And I don't have any pic's of Reece Rochat, sorry Reece, soon enough little nug(short for nugget)!

Burgers: we need to take some pics!
There are so many more kids in our lives, this is just a little sample.

2. I just left LUMY, in our youth group, at the time of us leaving we had 5 students mom's die.
3 of which were girls. One of which I'm extremely close to. Mothers day holds a different meaning to a teenager who is neither a mom or has a mom to celebrate...I don't know what else to say about this. Except that today I pray for Ally, Kiana, Ethan, Dakota, and Kelley. I love you guys so much!

So, these are my two reasons Mother's day might suck.

Even so, I am blessed and am especially excited about this next post...


lee ellen said...

Wow, beautifully expressed!

especially the "so sweet it hurts" but still "love my life" bits.

I love the honesty here.

Bridget said...

Sarah, someday you will be a fantastic mother!