Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remember those shoes?

I posted a bit ago a book and some TOMS that were created in honor of Dan Eldon...

Well, one of my favorite people...Kelley Rowe...and I got together the day I got home from TX, and she gave me these.
Kelley, you totally didn't have to do that...And THANK YOU!! I love you and I love the shoes...But more than anything, I am so proud of the woman you have become and that you have let me be a part of your life. Even if we take pictures that look like this!
HAhahahahaha. Worst Pic Ever...but funny.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Things change

As everyone knows, Andrew and I are moving to TX. Dallas, TX. This is crazy...for so many reasons. There are so many things that will change with this move but the one that I think about the most is the fact that Andrew and I will no longer be working together all the time. Yes, our ministry to the world is together, always, our day jobs are, however, separate.
I cannot begin to count the number of times during the last five years that someone said to me, "how do you do it? How can you work all day with your husband...if I had to do that we would drive each other nuts!"
Working side-by-side has been the most wonderful experience. We are and forever will be a team.
I feel like I have been mourning the loss of our complete days together. I know that this is what most every other couple in the world does on a day by day basis, but that just hasn't been the case for us in the last 5 years. Our first year of marriage was not how it is now. I worked all day, he worked evenings. I photographed weddings on weekend days and evenings, he hosted the Skinny Improv on weekend nights. Sunday we went to church and Sunday night we had college kids over. We made it just fine. It is just that I love our time now.
So, as the Lord has been abundantly good to me, I have been praying for healing here.
I have spent the last 5 days traveling across the states engaged in amazing conversation, not just with my road "crew" (Which was only Katie Loew) but also with all lots of girls on the phone.
I realized that I have spent next to no time on the phone with people in the last 4 years. I think I have felt like if I am on the phone and with Andrew then I am ignoring him...but I am always with him. This brings me to the point...I had a wise person tell me that I will just have to learn how to work the "new normal" and it will be fine. I am realizing that I will be able to communicate better with friends, especially ones that are far away.
So, as things get closer I am learning that change can be so good and am praying for both Andrew and myself that we will learn to love and serve each other in new and different ways. If you feel like joining in on that with me...I would be more than blessed to have you!

Note - Andrew has never said that he feels I don't pay attention...I took that one on myself.
- Sarah -

Airplane humor

Andrew and I went to Texas a week ago and I got home yesterday. He is still there and will get home on Sunday night.
I have a lot to share and a lot of pics to post, but I am gonna go slow.
Look for a lot of posts this week and here is one to kick off the fun.

We got on to the airplane and the flight was nearly empty. We were flying Southwest so we were able to choose where we wanted to sit.
We decided to take an exit row seat so there would be more leg room.
As we sat down Andrew looked up at the signs that told you what you would need to do incase of an emergency.

He looked up at the pictures and said, "Whoa, if there is an eyes will shoot out these red lasers."
I laughed sort of a loud blurt and then took my phone out to take a pic...then the flight attendant walked up and said, "Can I ask what you are doing?" (He was just curious)
I told him the short story...he laughed and shook his head.

thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1/2 a cow

Last night Andrew and I went to Matt and Jodi Turnbough's to celebrate little Sophia turning 1!
The night was full of Johns shenanigans, lovely food and as always wonderful conversation.

This is a video of John singing - Jesus Loves Me...note that he is only 2 and 1/2.

We were talking about how Matt and Jodi bought 1/2 a cow and so they have all this meet in their basement. I personally do not love red meat and it is almost never my first choice...unless I am at Texas Roadhouse, I love their sirloin kabobs...Anyway...
Andrew finds out that it lasts for a year or so and that it is really worth the money (if you like to eat red meat) so he says "wow, maybe we should look at doing that..." he started to trail off a little as we made eye eyes were saying "you really think we would eat that?"
Then he says, "Do you think we could buy a whole chicken?"

I love that man!

Love at first site

I have never fallen in love at first sight...but today I fell in love at first Site.
Check out this rug here.
Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? Sigh....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thoughts on having faith

First I need to let you know that I have been informed that Andrew's bird, Chuck, actually died when Andrew was in high school.

Other than the radon test everything seems to be on track for a house sale! Praise the Lord. This is HUGE!

This time in our lives is a little out of whack. Balance is something that we are having to work really hard to have. Having one foot in TX and one in MO (in the sense that we have to get things in place there, but we have quite a bit of work to wrap up here) is making the day to day living a little overwhelming.

From day 1 of this entire process...even before deciding to move...God has been clearly leading.
I have all sorts of thoughts on discernment and God's leading, but I want to share about me having faith.

In this particular scenario, God's leading has been so evident for us. I have seen God's faithfulness in such a new way. A bigger way that is so much clearer than I have ever experienced before.

We felt a stirring move - A job is presented to Andrew.
Andrew wants to go seminary - The job offers seminary.
I need a job - I get offered a job.
we need to sell our house - Things are looking good.
we need to find a place to live - we go to look this week.
Our hearts have been stirring about a few different things that this move will accommodate.

So...I say this to say that things have been almost "easy". I have been viewing this as God blessing us for our obedience and what I do has any bearing on Gods know? Anyway. As I have watched God pour out blessings on us I have these moments of "OH MY GOSH - WHAT IF..." like it isn't going to work out. You know, I have watched God do unreal miracles recently and yet my faith fleets.
I see this happen with the disciples in Matthew 8:26 and with Thomas in Matthew 14 and the disciples again in Matthew 16. These men hang out with Jesus and watch him work it out and then have to be told "YE OF LITTLE FAITH"! I am in the same boat. I find myself about once a day saying, "Sarah if you seriously think that God is not going to take care of this you don't really believe that God is who you claim him to be. He is Faithful!"

I guess I just want to confess...While my faith is strong, I sometimes put limits on the faithfulness of God.

Love you guys.
thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Last night after the really long day was done Andrew and I decided it was time to "turn in". We headed into the bedroom and just fell on top of the covers, still fully dressed from the day. We were really, really still for a few minutes, and then I asked, "Andrew, If you had to pick a best-friend, that is not me, to spend every day with, who would you pick?"
"My Bird Chuck."
"Andrew, Chuck died like when you were in 5th grade. You wanna spend every day with a dead bird?"

he turned his head to face me and with a disappointed look replied.
"too soon"

he rolled over.
I laughed. hard.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


As most of you know, I am getting ready to start a new job as a part of a team that I completely believe in. His Voice Global. I will be talking about this a lot more to come, but first I want to just share with you a small way you can help.
We are currently working on raising money for the 4th His Voice Orphanage. This amazing company
has partnered with us and is giving $10/shirt to build the 4th orphanage. This is awesome and you can now play your part in changing lives of many kids. Just choose one of these awesome shirts and click on the link below to purchase!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just some stuff

It has been a week since I have posted. I feel like I have thousands of things to write about, but am feeling really tired. I actually should be studying for a bible study right now, but I wanted to at least drop a line here.
We got an offer on our house, only to counter it...and their family talked them out of a two bedroom...I am trying not to be bitter.
I would love to just sell and be done with it...but I know it will all be fine in the end.

Anyway, we have decided that near the end of March we are going to have a huge sale at our house and price almost everything and just SELL STUFF! We are ready to clean house and take the smallest truck down to Dallas. If we have anything you would like, let us know...I am not selling artwork, but most other things (including lots and lots of clothes) are for sale.

Since I am talking about getting rid of stuff, I should make a note that I did get a little excited when I saw this today.
It is the iPad 2. It is just really pretty. Check it out here.
I know I am not too exciting today but there will be more to come soon. love you guys. Thanks for stopping by.