Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thoughts on having faith

First I need to let you know that I have been informed that Andrew's bird, Chuck, actually died when Andrew was in high school.

Other than the radon test everything seems to be on track for a house sale! Praise the Lord. This is HUGE!

This time in our lives is a little out of whack. Balance is something that we are having to work really hard to have. Having one foot in TX and one in MO (in the sense that we have to get things in place there, but we have quite a bit of work to wrap up here) is making the day to day living a little overwhelming.

From day 1 of this entire process...even before deciding to move...God has been clearly leading.
I have all sorts of thoughts on discernment and God's leading, but I want to share about me having faith.

In this particular scenario, God's leading has been so evident for us. I have seen God's faithfulness in such a new way. A bigger way that is so much clearer than I have ever experienced before.

We felt a stirring move - A job is presented to Andrew.
Andrew wants to go seminary - The job offers seminary.
I need a job - I get offered a job.
we need to sell our house - Things are looking good.
we need to find a place to live - we go to look this week.
Our hearts have been stirring about a few different things that this move will accommodate.

So...I say this to say that things have been almost "easy". I have been viewing this as God blessing us for our obedience and willingness...like what I do has any bearing on Gods goodness...you know? Anyway. As I have watched God pour out blessings on us I have these moments of "OH MY GOSH - WHAT IF..." like it isn't going to work out. You know, I have watched God do unreal miracles recently and yet my faith fleets.
I see this happen with the disciples in Matthew 8:26 and with Thomas in Matthew 14 and the disciples again in Matthew 16. These men hang out with Jesus and watch him work it out and then have to be told "YE OF LITTLE FAITH"! I am in the same boat. I find myself about once a day saying, "Sarah if you seriously think that God is not going to take care of this you don't really believe that God is who you claim him to be. He is Faithful!"

I guess I just want to confess...While my faith is strong, I sometimes put limits on the faithfulness of God.

Love you guys.
thanks for stopping by.

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Katie Loew said...

mmm, girl. i was thinking about this a LOT on my travels a few years ago. i was on a 2 hour ferry reading about when Jesus calls Peter to walk out on the water to Him and at first He does...but then sees all the craziness around Him and starts to doubt and immediately starts to sink. dang. faith is so stinking huge. we take our eyes off Jesus for one second and bam.

i do remember, however, taking some comfort in the fact that the Word says "Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him." but it would be nice if that gesture didn't have to come with a reprimand about having little faith immediately after. ha.

love you.