Friday, March 18, 2011

Things change

As everyone knows, Andrew and I are moving to TX. Dallas, TX. This is crazy...for so many reasons. There are so many things that will change with this move but the one that I think about the most is the fact that Andrew and I will no longer be working together all the time. Yes, our ministry to the world is together, always, our day jobs are, however, separate.
I cannot begin to count the number of times during the last five years that someone said to me, "how do you do it? How can you work all day with your husband...if I had to do that we would drive each other nuts!"
Working side-by-side has been the most wonderful experience. We are and forever will be a team.
I feel like I have been mourning the loss of our complete days together. I know that this is what most every other couple in the world does on a day by day basis, but that just hasn't been the case for us in the last 5 years. Our first year of marriage was not how it is now. I worked all day, he worked evenings. I photographed weddings on weekend days and evenings, he hosted the Skinny Improv on weekend nights. Sunday we went to church and Sunday night we had college kids over. We made it just fine. It is just that I love our time now.
So, as the Lord has been abundantly good to me, I have been praying for healing here.
I have spent the last 5 days traveling across the states engaged in amazing conversation, not just with my road "crew" (Which was only Katie Loew) but also with all lots of girls on the phone.
I realized that I have spent next to no time on the phone with people in the last 4 years. I think I have felt like if I am on the phone and with Andrew then I am ignoring him...but I am always with him. This brings me to the point...I had a wise person tell me that I will just have to learn how to work the "new normal" and it will be fine. I am realizing that I will be able to communicate better with friends, especially ones that are far away.
So, as things get closer I am learning that change can be so good and am praying for both Andrew and myself that we will learn to love and serve each other in new and different ways. If you feel like joining in on that with me...I would be more than blessed to have you!

Note - Andrew has never said that he feels I don't pay attention...I took that one on myself.
- Sarah -

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