Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just some stuff

It has been a week since I have posted. I feel like I have thousands of things to write about, but am feeling really tired. I actually should be studying for a bible study right now, but I wanted to at least drop a line here.
We got an offer on our house, only to counter it...and their family talked them out of a two bedroom...I am trying not to be bitter.
I would love to just sell and be done with it...but I know it will all be fine in the end.

Anyway, we have decided that near the end of March we are going to have a huge sale at our house and price almost everything and just SELL STUFF! We are ready to clean house and take the smallest truck down to Dallas. If we have anything you would like, let us know...I am not selling artwork, but most other things (including lots and lots of clothes) are for sale.

Since I am talking about getting rid of stuff, I should make a note that I did get a little excited when I saw this today.
It is the iPad 2. It is just really pretty. Check it out here.
I know I am not too exciting today but there will be more to come soon. love you guys. Thanks for stopping by.

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