Wednesday, February 23, 2011

learning is fun this week!

Here is the thing I have been learning. Our obedience is demanded and in return we shall not want.
Have you read the 23rd Psalm?
It says, "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want"
It also says that "He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake."

These two sentences lead me to this conclusion.
When I allow the Lord to lead me, as He knows how, it is not for my benefit, but for His, and in return I shall not want.
My life isn't about me, it is for His Name.

The last few days the word "Obedience" has been resonating within me. I was going to title this post obedience, but on Monday, my friend Rachel's post was titled the very same. See how this is a reoccurring thought? Then we looked at this Psalm in staff meeting yesterday as well, two other people Kelley and Katie blogged this week on things that had to do with obedience.
I have never desired obedience more.
But now it is time to praise God publicly for some times of me "Not wanting."

On Monday, Andrew and I were at work fairly early after a late night, we grabbed some bananas and headed out of the house. We worked till a little after 1:30 and had to run to Walmart since we are working on the house. We were both really hungry, and we were both exhausted and neither of us wanted to cook. While at Walmart and I get a text from Kelley, previously mentioned Kelley. She works at Red Robin and asked if we wanted a meal and she would deliver it. HECK YES. So we placed an order and we had lunch/dinner at 3:30 in our living room. Praise Him. This may seem small to some, but anyone in the middle of a big transition knows what a blessing it is to not have to cook at the end of the day.

On Tuesday, we went to work. We pulled back up to our house about 5:30. The outside of our house is being painted and worked on and since I am praying that we will be showing the house we are keeping it extra clean. So as soon as we walked in I started with the floors. I started sweeping and then I was going to vacuum and then swiffer and then touch up any little scratched areas with stain to make the hardwood sparkle.
I had every intention on making dinner.
As I was sweeping, our neighbor, Susan, walked up to the front door.
(I just learned her name yesterday).
She said,
"I don't normally do this. I see you are moving and I heard the story this morning. I am so happy for you guys. Our obedience to the Lord is so important, and things will just start to fall into place when it's so right. You are two lights at this corner and you're leaving us, but it is really exciting, and I heard today and I went home and was making dinner and I just felt the Lord say to me, "make them dinner and take it to them," I don't make the best friend chicken, but I do make good cornbread, and I argued with the Lord for about 45 minutes but I knew I couldn't sleep tonight if I hadn't been obedient. So, here is your dinner."
I wanted to cry. Her obedience is as radical as any. And Andrew LOVES CORNBREAD. The Fried Chicken was awesome too and all we had to do was put it in the oven for a re-heat as we finished the floor.
Again, HUGE BLESSING!!! Thank you God and thank you Susan.

I am learning that God is always wanting us to know that he loves us and will use us to help teach others what we, ourselves, are learning, all while driving the point home to us.
God is good, faithful and He is crazy about us - and if I don't tell you that, than I am not being obedient.

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meli said...

I needed this reminder today. Thank you!! I am excited to see what other blessings your obedience will lead you into!

Karen said...

This is so good! Thanks for sharing!!