Tuesday, February 22, 2011

random conversation

Today is Tuesday. There are a few things about Tuesday that make the day amazing!

1. It is pad Thai Tuesday. This means you purchase one pad Thai and get one for ONE DOLLAR.
This is something that I will miss when I get to TX.

2. It is Starbucks Tuesday. This is a tradition that Andrew and I started at the beginning on this school year. We come to this booth...
at our local Starbucks and meet up with our students...college age people come first and then high schoolers come across the street when they get out. We even have some jr. highers whose parents drop them off.

Those are some of the reasons I love Tuesdays.
The title of this post is about this conversation that Andrew and I had. I just think it is funny the way conversations work..

Background facts on today's conversation.
-Andrew asked me to cut his hair.
-Beth is the name of Andrew's x-fiancée (who cuts hair) and also the name of our Director of Communications at work. We needed to send her an e-mail.
-When we walked into Tasty Thai we saw some people from church who may be coming to look at our house tonight.

Once in Tasty Thai, Andrew went to wash his hands. I sat down and got my phone out to shoot an e-mail to Beth (at church). He got out of the bathroom, sat down.
I say, "I'll be done in a second I am e-mailing Beth."
"Oh cool, my old girlfriend?"
"Yeah, I am checking to see if she would cut your hair."
(smiles and then silence)
I finished the e-mail and then was thinking about the fact that someone could be interested in our house...so I say,
"man, wouldn't that be awesome?"
Andrew replies, "Yeah, if beth could cut my hair? That would be awesome."


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