Thursday, September 6, 2012


We made it. We actually made it like 5 weeks ago...but better late than never huh? 
So we took our 5 week old baby and boarded a plane to Panama City Beach. We spent the first three days in Destin with our dear friends Jacqueline and Derek Garcia, then a week in Panama City (Inlet Beach to be exact). It really was a blast...but completely different taking a beach vaca with a baby. But, when I say "we made it", I mean, "Foster did awesome on the flights!".

Fosters first time seeing the ocean, clearly he loves it. 
Andrew and Foster walking out to the water! 
Derek and Jacqueline cuddling Foster at Starbucks.
A few words on Derek and Jacqueline: I love this couple! They are our twin couple. We go months without talking and only see each other once a year and we pick up right where we left off and dig into the deep things in life; our Faith, work, marriage, love, hopes, dreams, family, kids.... We are always so blessed and refreshed by their company. We pray that the Lord calls us to serve in the same place someday! Two things. 1. Jacqueline is pregnant with twins. A boy and a girl. YEEEEEE!!!! 2. Derek is one of the funniest people I have ever met. We laugh a lot when we are with them.
When we were there Foster was in a growth spurt, eating all the at the breakfast table. Derek was such a good friend that he didn't want me to feel alone.

This is Derek with an apron, pretending to multitask.
The time with my family is always a trip, especially now that there are 3 little boys! Here are a few snapshots of the rest of the trip! 

Charlie doesn't speak yet, but he is a funny, sweet, and charming little boy! I could squeeze the heck out of him! Couldn't you just eat him up?!?!
Charlie! I can't handle the cuteness!
Charlie playing in the sand.
We spent an afternoon at Seaside with the fam. 

My view for most of the week.
The weather was not ideal beach weather...for most people...but, for me it was amazing. It never got into the 90's, it rained at least a little every day, and the cloud coverage was pretty much constant. For me, it meant that I got to sit outside on the covered porch for hours each day. It was awesome! My mom also chooses to sit on the porch as opposed to the beach so we got to spend lots of time talking.

We had an amazing time with my brother and sister-in-law. As I told my brother, it was so good to be a parent so I could actually understand what that is like and allowed us a chance to commiserate. I have always loved being around Josh and Michelle, but being in a new similar life stage as them made it extra special. Plus, I just LOVE those boys...and the one on the way. 
Fred, Michelle and baby on the way.
Fred holding Foster. I love Fred's face in this pic...hilarious. 
Fred has a special place in my heart - he stole my heart the second I laid eyes on him! He is turning 5 this week!!! HOLY COW! He is as rambunctious as ever and is so smart and funny. And seriously, sooo handsome. It was strange always having Foster and not being able to play with the Welker boys, but Fred and I got to play in the ocean a bit, in the waves...he said it felt like a giant bounce house...Loved it!
Fred eating a piece of bred with nutella on it...we laughed so hard in these few minutes!

Love this mug!

Josh and Charlie heading out!

I am behind the camera, and this pretty much sums up the mood of the Welker vacation! hahaha!
My mom and Michelle spent some time with Foster and Andrew and I got to take a nice long walk!
It was so good to watch people love my baby and get to meet him...
and it was also good to rest and be loved on!

How was your summer?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Visitors Galore!

 Since Foster was born we have had a constant stream of visitors. This is NOT a complaint. We have LOVED it. We took a 10 day vacation (I will post photos soon) and other than that, I am sure that we have not gone more than 5 days without having house guests. This has been great for many reasons.
1. We love watching people love our son.
2. If there are people around to hold the boy, I get to get some work done and do not feel like I am neglecting him.
3. We got to go on a date!

My parents were here from June 14-July 12th
Thomas (Andrew's little brother) came into town June 30th-July 1st.
Andrews Parents (Scott and Anne) were here June 25th-29th then July 16th-20th
Matt and Jodi were here July 18th-23rd
We left for Vacation on August home on August 10th.

My Mom and dad at the hospital when Foster was announced. Photo by Kari Crowe.

Scott and Anne

Uncle Thomas

Matt and Jodi
We had so much fun with All of our family and friends! Matt and Jodi were so sweet with Foster! It was such a blessing to have them in town to just hang out and love on us and our baby! 

 August hit us with a steady stream of visitors made up of former students of ours from Liberty - followed by friends and family.

August 12th - Jenna Wiles came over
August 13-17 - Bailey and Katja into town, Maria came over from Ft. Worth
August 21st-24th - Anne Beard in town.
August 29th-31st - Christine in town.
Sept 1st - now - Brian and Jenn Beard.

First was Jenna Wiles...She spent the day hanging out with out us and getting to love on Foster!
Jenna Wiles

The next day, These two crazy kids (Bailey Bollinger and Katja Jones)  came into town...Maria Cox came over too, but I am horrible, and didn't take a pic of all 3 of them. 
This is how they want you to think the visit was...
This is what the week was really like.  
I have to say, I learned a lot about babies from Bailey. She knows a lot!
Thanks Bai!
Katja, Foster, Bailey, and Hayley
Hayley White met up with us at the Burger's house in Ft. Worth one day. 

 This is Michael - I call him Mikey, He was on his way down to San Antonio (where he goes to school), and stopped by to meet Foster. When he showed up at our house, Bailey, Katja, and Maria were there...So in our living room we had 4 of our former students from the same graduating class...we loved that moment so much!
Granny Annie has been here a few times and is headed back down this month. 
We have been so thankful for the time that Anne has been here.  She was here for 3 days and didn't leave the house once...but we were able to go see Batman and shop a little...the longest we had been gone without him!

Then one of my best friends, Christine Biondo had a few days of break from work and decided to come into town to meet Foster.

She left on Friday and then on Saturday Andrews Brother, Brian, and his wife, Jenn, came in to meet foster!

Aunt Jenn and Uncle Brian...and Foster!
It has been NUTS but has been so much fun!

Who do I look like?

We have not been able to decide who Foster looks like, so we snapped this pic. 
I have decided...
Nose - Mine
Upper lip - Me (the Welker boys and I all have this same shape)
Mouth - Andrew far - Andrew 
What do you think.
My sweet boy is two months old. We sure do love him!