Monday, March 25, 2013

Small Space Living: for 4

It has been a while since I have done a post on small space living...lets face it, its been a while since I have posted in general.

I have had this post in mind for a few days and then my friend, Holly, posted this blog today. It's baby must have and don't needs - esp. for small space living.  It spurred me on to write a bit.
I agree with Holly 100%. So, since she did all the work for me, I will just let you read her post on that subject.
This is the first "Small Space Living" post I did. It explains our house and situation - all remains the same and this is one of my post on maximizing storage spaces.

I feel like I need to say that I understand that this kind of living is not for everyone. At least it's not preferable for everyone.  You will definitely have an opinion on how we live, and honestly, I'm not interested. This has been a tremendous learning experience - esp. for me - and I know that the Lord is still forming and teaching me.  Im, honestly, not actually sure if we ended up in this situation by choice or necessity. But now, I can say, it would definitely be our choice.

Earlier this year I read the Book "7" by Jen Hatmaker. I strongly suggest this book. Its about an "experimental mutiny against excess" and I found myself feeling convicted about all I have...this was so hard for me because I would have told you that I didn't live in excess. But, this is just not true. It was a serious wakeup call to know how much I was attached to the stuff I did have. Yuck. I found myself jealous of friends new cars, new houses/apartments, many rooms, dishwashers...fill in the blank and I was coveting it! The Lord has been working and molding my heart on this and it hard and hard to admit, but we are in a good place and I am not finished learning to detach myself from this "American Dream".
So, for this reason, we are getting ready to sign a one year lease to continue our situation. Yes. that will be four people in a one bedroom apartment. And yes, I am smiling, near laughter as I write that. It seems crazy - But hey, it's all we need.

I will post up some of the new layout soon. I will not leave you without a pic of the kid. Here you go.
Yeah, he wears green pants.
momma and baby

Friday, March 22, 2013

Real life.

It is disgusting that it has literally been two months since my last post...I've been building anticipation.

That's right friends, we are going to have kids just 15 months apart. and we could not be any happier.
I feel like my new saying (as I laugh) i, "We didn't think we could have kids for 5 1/2 years, and then it was like, yeah we can....OH, YEAH WE CAN".

There has been a huge range of emotions (I realize these can also be because of the pregnancy) but the two most prominent emotions are 1. This is gonna be nuts.   2. This is sooo fun.

We are thankful that the Lord is allowing us to be the parents of two babies.

It's exciting to think about Foster being a big brother and having a playmate all the time!

We have so many friends who have been helpful throughout the last few months (as I have been sickly)  and I am so grateful for them. You know who you are and we love you dearly.

Thanks for being excited with us!
Love you guys!