Saturday, December 6, 2008

Greatest Date Ever!

If you are married and you don't go on need to make a change and re-prioritize! DATES are the best. Andrew and I work together everyday all day, and we have to make time to go on dates so that we are talking about things other than work and so that we are having some fun that is induced by us, rather than by the students that surround us all the time! So, last night Andrew took me on the best date ever.
Let me start by saying that over the years that Andrew and I have been Dating and Married...even on our first date ever...when he tries to plan a date for me that I don't know about, an art museum is always involved, but it is almost always closed or for some reason something happens and we don't make it...
So last night Andrew and I started early and we went to the Melting pot for happy hour. 1/2 price cheese and chocolate!! so yummy! so we left there and started driving. We were really close to the Art Museum and so I joked. "are we gonna go to the art museum?" followed by a laugh. He replies "I haven't told you anything we are doing, why would I tell you know?" (as he pulled into the museum parking lot.)
We get out of the car and he says..."I am really excited about this"
I'm like...It's the art museum.
So we walk in and stroll down the hall in the new modern side of the museum. And then I stop in my tracks as I see this name printed on the wall... Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison...I know that I have posted about this man and wife art team before, but i have to say, These are my favorite artists and I have never seen their work in person before...only books and websites. Well, they have an exhibit up from Now till Feb 8th, so if you are in KC, you have to go see it. I was nearly screaming when I got to see it, I was jumping, I got all flushed, and my heart fluttered for the rest of the night! Andrew bought me a book and it happens to be signed, which is cool, but sort of sad, cause I didn't actually get to meet them. This is one of the pieces that was up, and You really should check out the link and see some more images and read the artists statement! ahhh... so cool!

Then we went over to Kansas to see this freak show of a Christmas house. This man has been decorating the outside of his house for over 35 years (so a local woman tells me.)

It was a little scary, I will not lie! But you couldn't help but to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness that it is!