Thursday, December 19, 2013

Id like to take a minute.

So, I turned around and my second kid is 3 months old tomorrow. WHAT!

I feel like I should have some grand thoughts for a post, since it has been so long since my last post, but I am going to settle for reality and a few thank you's.

The last three months have been insane. I don't think I could live without coffee.
And I MOST CERTAINLY have survived by the way of my family and friends - which are pretty much my family.  I would like to high-light a few. You may be completely disinterested in this post...but I need to take a second here!

My Momma, Chris Welker, has turned out to be Super Grandma. The way she plays with Foster is insanely hilarious, she is in her 60's rolling down the alley on a toy with him - full speed ahead. She says she is tired and then gives 110% to playing like a boss with the kids while I work. She got here the first of October and left right before Thanksgiving. The woman stopped her life for 2 months to be at my side and lend a hand. Andrew and I would leave the house for hours with the kids and she would clean my Clean, Clean. REALLY!? She may be a little crazy but she is MINE and I love her soooo stinking much and loved every minute of her being here...Even if that dang walmart pharmacy can't fill a prescription, right mom?!

My Mother in Law, Anne Beard, is one of the finest women on planet earth. I can only pray to be the kind of MIL to Foster and Keating's wives - should they choose to abandon me and move on to another woman who may care for them so much but not quite as much as I do...wait, what was I saying. Oh, yeah. Anne. She was here for the few days leading up to the birth and for the week or two after (I am not sure of any dates anymore), and she has been back in town three times...since. THANK THE DEAR LORD. When she is here, I forget that we don't have a dishwasher, because she does all the dishes! CAN I GET AN AMEN!! I leave the house for meetings and andrew and I go on dates (when our schedules let us)...It's so good. She is so good and I love her so much!

My dear sweet friends and neighbors...Now don't think you can steal them. Amy Bales and her clan. What would we have done without them the last few months?! Can we just say - have extremely boring afternoons and really dirty clothes. Have I mentioned we don't have a washer and dryer? This dear sweet woman will meet me at 11pm in her driveway to take a bag of fosters sheets and clothes that he just threw up all over and wash and dry them and put them on my back doorstep! WHO DOES THIS?! Their doors are open to my family (literally we call their garage our community center) and that is awesome when all of the sudden you realize all the sheets in the house need to be washed and no one has any clean underwear left. And lets not forget mention her sweet 7 year old son who Foster thinks is the coolest kid ever - He plays with fos and cracks him bet when school is out, Fos is looking out the back door saying "Henry?" as well as he can. We call Henry Fosters best friend.

Meggie and Dexter! OH SERIOUSLY. Talk about working out a washer and Dryer. These friends are family. They live right below us and it is not uncommon to find them in our living room after the babes are in bed. The constant "let us know if we can do anything" is sometimes sanity in itself. After a day of sheer crazy with the kids Dexters child like love and humor and Meggie's sincerity is all one needs as a night cap...but there is also usually a beverage to accompany our visits!

Allyson and Werm. Godparents...and lifesavers. I have never met any two people with more love for babies that aren't theirs and a willingness to take them ANYTIME! I have not paid for babysitting more than twice because of these two wonderful people. They have gone from students to interns, to family. Date night comes to you by way of the Werms. They have saved my sanity more times than I count. Allyson works with me, so even just having the two of us in the house in the morning sometimes when things are crazy means that I can brush my know? maybe you don't...but maybe you do.

And all of these people are more than helping bodies...They are cheerleaders, confidants, breaths of fresh air, encouragement, and hope that these two sweet babies that I love so much will have the same kids of community I have. I love them. I could not have done life this year without them.

And that is my reality. Seriously. We went to the advent festival and church and got this pic taken to prove it.