Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All It Takes Is One

All it takes is one. All it took was one strand of E.coli to be processed into one hamburger patty, to make it to one burger king, to one mom, whose one son, took one bite and the one life he had would then be over. All it took was a series of one events to lead to one of the biggest recalls on beef; because of one situation, America has never been the same.

In 2001, one man, Vernon Burger, who had, one passion, that being Jesus, took one trip, to Southern Sudan and connected with one bishop, who was trying to love and spread the gospel to many who were orphaned by the civil war. Since that one trip in 2001, HIS VOICE GLOBAL has been in an ongoing relationship with the EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church), 10 years and three orphanages later they seek to continue the movement to open a fourth.

You might ask the question what makes this place so special? Sudan was in war for over 20 years before signing a peace agreement in 2006. Until the peace agreement this was the longest civil war to date in human history, leaving over 2 million dead and many children without parents. So what makes this place unique!?!? Many things but one is there are many who have teamed up, like HIS VOICE GLOBAL and The Village Church, to be a gospel centered presence through proclamation and practice. While The Village Church has sent many teams to train pastors, equip leaders and love the children in these orphanages in Yei, HIS VOICE GLOBAL was the door that God used to bring a gospel centered presence from the west into this area of the world. Now there is an opportunity for you to be a part of this continued movement of Christ in this region for as little as a dollar.

This past September a group of 13 from all walks of life from Reach Records, The village Church, Red Revolution, Collision Records and HIS VOICE GLOBAL partnered under The Village banner to go and minister to those in Southern Sudan. They ministered through teaching, medical, music, and loving children who were victims of the Civil War that now live in one of the three Orphanages sponsored by HIS VOICE GLOBAL. Moved by the fruit there and continued need, Tedashii, Lecrae (Reach Records artist), Swoope (Collision Records artist) and Jai teamed up to do a single to raise awareness and funds for a fourth orphanage in Southern Sudan. The single, which is slated to be released November 16th under new label Collision Records is called Actions Speak Louder. This single and symbol seen above calls believers to move beyond awareness and put their prayers in motion, to quote the song. The symbol inspired by the scriptures that say a strand of three cords are not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12), the exclamation points showing the immediate nature of the call to apply the gospel (Luke 4:18-19), the highlight of one exclamation point showing the power of one to change and lead others and the patch like design showing the reality that there is strength in numbers, calling believers to action, an action beyond themselves.

So leading up to this date will you be the one to blog, the one to tweet, the one to put a twibbon on your twitter account (see the twibbon below click on the link to support), the one to Facebook, the one to lead and allow you actions to speak as loud as your words. The average number of songs downloaded per day are close to 10,000,000 yes that is correct 10 million. Come November 16th HIS VOICE GLOBAL only needs over 250,000 one’s to download this amazing song (which is not even 10% of the daily average) to complete and have a fourth self sustaining orphanage. We are not asking you to change your lifestyle just point your efforts toward something that will last. The amazing thing about this whole campaign is that 100 percent of the profits from the song will go toward this fourth orphanage. All it takes is one!!!

click here to get the song!

Monday, July 19, 2010

mini-update on us.

Hey guys, I know that you know how crazy my summer is, but I need you to know how amazing it has been. Andrew and I are doing great...and doing a lot. My goal is to add some pics today as I may have a few minutes at home in-between crazyness. Also, we are working on a vison that we feel that God has really placed on our hearts and minds and cannot wait to share what we are thinking about...And have you join with us!
But for now, I just wanted you to know that this summer has been super fruitful as we have experienced students serving people through the Love of Jesus and this last week we watched at our group just praised their faces off and really let God transform their thinking. We watched 2 girls give their lives to the Lord and we could not be more proud of the "baby steps" that our students have been making...Our older students are discipling our younger students and we are soooo blessed to be a part of Gods great plan.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

I know, I know

I am so inconsistent! We are such busy people in the summer time! Our lives our super fun, but as soon as summer arrives we are on the go! We went to Nashville the first week of June to do flood relief and Last weekend we were in Springfield for a wedding I photographed and right now we are on a bus in OK. We are traveling to our worksite! We are headed to a new place today. Te last two days we worked with a man named Dennis! His property were destroyed by a tornado. I am pretty ceryian that we are more sun burned than any group of workers I have ever been with, an we are seriously putting on sunscreen! Anyway, kust stopping in! I will fill you in more later! I can't link pics onmy phone right now...I will try to figure it out!
Love to you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation Day is coming.

Today I am working on our senior bulletin. It contains the names of every graduate, where they are graduating from, what their future plans are and a message from parents. It is a good thing that no parent writes,

"Dear Elly, this year has been a bit of a dissapointment...you really could have tried harder and worked a bit more to get better grades this year. I am really excited that you are moving away because to have you out of the house will make it way easier financially on us this next year. What a sigh of relief I feel to finally be seeing you walk out on your own. I hope you make it!"

Each year that I make this bulletin (this is the 4th one) I try to think about what I would write if I had a kid that was getting ready to graduate from HS. It is nearly impossible. I don't know what it is like to have my very own kid, but I know what I wish for the students whose lives I am a part of. To them I say.

"There are a few things I believe are 100% capitol T - TRUTH. As you are growing up, and deciding what to do in your life one thing that you need to hear is that God doesn't care how much money you make or how distinquished your job is...and neither do I. He cares about how you use the resources given you and what you do to influence the Lives of others in His name! As we read in the Scriptures over and over again, a life of following Christ is not safe and easy, it is hard and the most fulfilling way to live, becuase that is what we were created for. So follow hard after your creator who knows you hearts desire and is faithful unlike you could ever imagine. So, you be faithful to HIM and stand amazed at what He allows to happen with your life. Love to you!"

Sarah Beard

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Train Ride Surprise!

Dad took the kiddos for a little ride~

So a week ago I hopped on a train to surprise my mom for Mother's Day! It was so fun. I got to the train station at 10:15 to be greeted by my brother. He took me home and I crawled in bed with my nephew! Fred. I tossed and turned cause I was so excited about seeing my my mom. He tossed and turned too. We had a "conversation" around 3am. In the morning, my dad got home from work and woke me up. I stood in the kitchen while he went down to get my mom. When she walked into the kitchen Josh and Michelle were standing in there and I was the farthest away. She looked twice and paused. Took a big breath of surprise and followed with tears and hugs. SUCCESS! It was so fun to surprise my mom. I know she misses me, and I miss her too. My days just go by with so much to fill them that sometimes I don't have time to think about it. But when I do...it isn't very fun!
So we spent an awesome 3 days together!

I also got to see Jenny and Sydney and got to meet baby Austin~
this is Syd and Fred playing together!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did anyone watch LOST?


Oh My Gosh? How could it be that the two we have been aching to see back together croak at the same time? This did have me in tears. I was watching with Lora, who is a mother, and she couldn't believe that Sun didn't even mention to Jin that he needed to go and be with their daughter. I also think this is weird, but Jin had never met the baby? Does this make any difference to you? What do you think??

Also, did Syaid know something becuase of being around "Locke"? He clearly said, "It's going to be you"...So, new theories from the galley???

The think that made me most happy about this episode was that I have been ticked about Sayid this year being so cold (after the darkness started to take over) but he definitley died in a redemptive way that is nothing short of the Sayid that we had come to love up to season 6.

Lastly, Andrew and I both think that everyone except Jack will die on the Island...and I am afraid to make any other assessments untill I see next week when we hear more about smokey and Jacob....So excited about next Tuesday.

What are your theories...if you watch....

I will have a great story to tell you next week, just waiting on some details!

Talk back to me!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sink in...bad shape.

So, this weekend, our dear friends, Joy and Elliot, came to visit us. So, I cooked a simple meal, sweet potato fries and nuggets BWW style. I was hurrying in the afternoon to get the potatoes peeled and I ran stuff through the disposal...I KNOW THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA...I just wasn't thinking. This led to a totally clogged sink later in the night (did I say that this was Sat. night?). So all day on Sunday, Andrew sat under the sink trying to get the stupid snake to run through...no go. This ate up our entire afternoon for which we had previously imagined a nice long nap. We went to LUMY and headed home where our great friend Jay Thomason came to the rescue. He and Andrew pulled apart our old metal piping and dug thier hands in the grossness...finally they decided that it was time for us to replace that metal piping. Jay is coming over again today to help finish the process...So can I just say a few things?
1. I love our friends.
2. Our lives would not be as interesting without friends.
3. We are totally okay to be DIY'ers but only if we have someone around who knows what the crap we are doing.

I have been putting together some inspiration rooms again, so be on the lookout for some fun post on ways to update your space!
Love you all.

Friday, April 23, 2010

In the case you didn't know.

I have been doing some photos...again. So I decided to do another blog for just that. Stop by if you want to see what I have been up to.


So if you know us at all...you would have seen us on our phones.
Andrew on his iphone, and me on my free phone that comes with the sprint plan from 4 years ago.
as you know, one of the best things about the iphone is the apps.
our friend, Aaron Seavers, told us about Hipstamatic a camera app for the iphone. (In 1982 it was a camera in Wisconsin it was an SLR and had a bunch of film options..only a few hundred were produced) Andrew has added the app and these are some of the results.

Hillsong Concert

Getting ready for prayer group
Thanks for stopping by

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dave Ramsey...

Oh, Dave Ramsey. Andrew and I have just finished our course of Financial Peace University. Was it fun? Yes, actually. Was is worth it? um..yeah! Do we love the envelope system?
YES! More than you know. We are beating down our debt and enjoying life not worrying about money. I have been taking a lot of pic's lately to help with the offset! I will add a pic of a family I photographed last week.

I was excited after 12 weeks of Dave telling me I needed to be a "winner" which I had serious issues with for some reason, to have him finish with a complete lesson on giving.

I am a 100% believer in the philosophy that stuff isn't ours, money isn't our we are just taking care of it for the Lord. Give sacrificially, give abundantly, and give with joy.

Two days ago was tax day and so the better part of yesterday's morning news was about the "white house tax returns". Andrew and I had this crazy realization that maybe our country would do a little better if the leaders of our country gave more and had that mentality. Did you know that the Obamas gave 6% of their income...which isn't too bad...but get this...
Andrew and I gave almost double what the Biden's gave. ALMOST DOUBLE. This isn't to say that we are awesome givers...this is to say that this is ridiculous!!!!!!
As a married couple we know that we receive all kinds of flavors of blessing because we give...this isn't why we give, but it is a reward. We find it hard to believe that the country wouldn't be better off if the people running it found it as important as we do.

We also learned that only 2.3% of Christians give. This blows my min
People, we need to reconsider our state. We need to understand that God asks us to give! The best thing is knowing that when you give, God is going to take care of you! He promises that. And not only that, but there are benefits of giving. We get to watch the Lord in Action as he blesses those who receive and us for giving.
In our marriage, we have always been givers. This is an act of worship and we know that it has enriched our lives! We want to encourage you to do the same!
If you are interested in doing FPU and haven't convinced yourself yet...call me and let me convince you!!
love and peace to you

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New hair? of course...

I see that I am slowly getting out of the habit of checking in each day...and I am definitely not blogging every day. In fact, it has been far too long. I will say, though, that I tend to catch myself when it has been too long.

My easter was beautiful and this past weekend was wonderful too. I actually got to get to know some of you, my lovely readers, and I got to visit with some seriously amazing people.
It was really great to actually sit and talk with you!
Andrew and I were allowed to be a part of quite a few meetings/studies over the last few days and one in particular was especially fun to us. We were talking to a room of young women about marriage. Let me tell you. I love my husband. I know that I haven't talked about marriage for a few posts, but I am all riled up again!

It became abundantly clear (for the millionth time) to me that marriage when the two people are living for the same thing, (in our case that is Jesus) life can't get any better.
Andrew and I are in an interesting place in our lives...we are so excited about living a life of service, and the most exciting thing is not knowing what is coming up and being totally okay with it, because we serve a God who is a Shepherd!

So...I also got my hair cut and colored on Sat. I got tired of the blonde...and Andrew gets a new wife like every 5 or 6 months!

Here are some before and after pics. (before was taken when I first bleached it)

sassy face

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friends forever

So last week, I went on a date with my friend Amy. We met on the Plaza and had dinner. Andrew met a friend, Elliot, and had dinner with him.
I met Amy in Gap and we wondered through Barnes and Noble and then decided on Dinner, where the creepy manager was a little too friendly. After dinner we headed to Anthropologie (excitedly) to realize that the Plaza stores lock up on a Friday night at 7:00pm! BOOOOO! SO DISAPPOINTING!!!

I am not writing this to tell you of our shopping experience, but that I don't see Amy much. There are a lot of friends that I don't see much. But I love those friends that as soon as you sit down, (or walk through a store) your conversation has purpose. We immediately talk about things that matter because we don't get to have conversations every day...NO WASTING TIME.

However, since Friday, I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about our dinner. I realized that the last time that I was at dinner with a friend at a restaurant, Just me and a girl, was last time that I met Amy, in October and then I met some friends from Springfield with Jodi in Dec (or January). As I talked to Andrew, he realized that the last time that he had a meal with with Guy, was with Matt, when Jodi either just had John or was pregnant with John...who is nearly 2.

I think two things play into this...We can't do things on weekdays, and Friday night is a night when we go hang out with friends (which really doesn't happen that much) and Saturday night we have to be up so early on Sunday that staying out late doesn't appeal to us much anymore...
Want the truth?
It really kinda sucks. I feel like I have no friendships that are constantly developing, I only have friends that survive because they have already passed the test of time and long distance.

When I talk to other women, even women who have multiple kids, they are involved in some sort of "girl time" whether once a month or weekly. I love Andrew and we need time that isn't work time, but when all time is work time we cherish the times we go out...which takes up the nights that girls may be doing something...So the solution? We have to try to get something figured out for next year so that I can actually spend time with girls who are older than 18.
(not that that is bad)
I know that some of you will say, I was in town for a week and called you and we never figured anything out...That is because my weekdays are insane, and unless it is written in my calendar 2 week ahead of time, it isn't going to happen.

I know this sounds like a horrible downcast post, and I am sorry for that. It isn't. I am very happy with my life and I feel like the way I use my time is great...I just wish I had more girl time, that's all.
What do you do?

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I haven't forgotten

I thought I would bring you a treat to get you into my good graces again. Sorry I have been gone for a week and some, but I am back. I promise not to leave you wanting...
well that isn't entirely true. But, I did bring you this recipe that was sent to me today. Holy Yum. I am actually going to make it tonight and so I will let you know how it tastes.

4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)
A small splash of vanilla extract
1 large coffee mug (MicroSafe)

Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
Pour in the milk and oil and mix well...
Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract, and mix again..
Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts.
The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!
Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.
EAT ! (this can serve 2 if you want to feel slightly more virtuous).

This week has been incredibly draining. Spiritually I am spent. It is evident that the Lord is working in the students around me by how much adversity they are facing. And of course, sin effects all of us and some of us get to be a part of the process in which we end up giving out advice and praying and seeking wisdom, which is all spiritually draining. I am just happy I get to do all of this with Andrew!
I just need to say that I love him more all the time. This week he displayed the patience and gentleness that I dream and pray of having one day.
I was so frustrated at this stupid circumstance and he literally said, "I just don't think it is going to do any good to get worked up about it so I am just going to brush it off"
To me, getting worked up is what makes it better...I feel like...okay I guess not really. But he really had a reasonable cause to get super angry about it! I want to be like him some day!
Anyway, I just wanted to say hey. I think I will post a few things that I have been sort of pining over lately in another post here in a sec.
Love you all, thanks for stopping by

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Daddy.

Today is my Dad's birthday. Lonnie Ray Welker.

He is, well, I think he is 66?! Could that be?

He doesn't seem a day over over 50, and he acts like he is 25.

So I decided that in honor of my dad turning 66, I would post the 66 things I love about my dad!

Just Kidding! But I am going to post 10 things that I love about my dad...and if you know my dad, I really hope you will post something you love about him too!

1. My dad is a good ole' boy. He loves home cookin' and hot sauce..and yet he married my mom who is from Germany...while she, herself, is Saucy, pepper is too much for her taste buds.

2. My dad loves southern gospel music. Gaithers win every time...Lesters, Imperials, Cathedrals, the good old school Oak Ridge Boys, if it sounds country and is about Jesus...my Dad loves it.

3. My dad had been everywhere...Seriously, he joined the Navy back in the day and was on a carrier for 2 years. Every time I am excited about going somewhere new or seeing something, well, lets be real, every time we watch a movie, my dad says, "Well, I've been there!"
And then proceeds with a story.

4. My dad is faithful, and not just to his wife...like, in every sense of the word. He is faithful to his beliefs, his family, his work (he has been there for like 40 years) and the one that has impacted me the most is his friends. My dad has soooo many friends that he has had for some 60 years. It is almost insane to think the people he runs around with are people that he has known for as long as they have been alive. Amazing.

5. My dad thinks he is never wrong. I mean this in a very, very, conservative republican sort of way! ha ha ha!! I hope he reads this and laughs!

6. I love that my dad doesn't call me very much cause he doesn't want to bug me, but he calls me late at night, (Which is good for me) and talks for literally 2 minutes, just long enough to start every story that my mom has already told me, and me to tell him, "I heard." Then he says, "oh" in a semi-defeated tone followed by. "well, I better let you go, I love you."
And then says "bye" somewhere around 4 times, which is sooo cute!
I love that my dad still calls me JUST to tell me he loves me (which, lets me know he misses me)!

7. My dad drives a motorcycle...and yes, he is cool...because it is orange and not a Harley, he is not only awesome, but secure in his manhood.

8. I remember when I was like 4, we were at costume party at Springdale Baptist Church. People were trying to guess who everyone was. I distinctly remember a conversation had between two people (who shall remain nameless). They said. "Oh, everyone knows who that is, Of course it is Lonnie, he has the kindest eyes of anyone..." I am really glad that I heard them say that, because I have never looked my dad in the face without thinking that!

9. My dad is the hardest worker of anyone I know...and not only that, he managed to find time to be a dad. I have a million memories of being in the woods, working in the yard (which I thought was cool), swimming in the pool at night gazing at the stars, vacations and weekend trips to grandmas house...Best dad award...

10. A few summers ago, I spent a chunk of my summer in Florida with my mom. for a little over a week, my dad came to visit too and one of those nights we went for a walk. We walked, then sat and then walked again. I was 24 that summer and my dad and I had the best talk of my life. He told me so many stories that I had never heard. I asked like 1,000 questions and my dad answered them all. I remember that night as the first time we had an adult conversation...like a real, really real one. The next summer on that very same beach he gave me away!

bonus. Unless joking, I have NEVER heard my dad say anything mean about anyone.

Dad, I don't even know if you read this, but I don't care because today I celebrate you! Thanks for the life daddy!

I love you more than you could ever know.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

probably the hardest part

I think that I have decided the hardest part about being married. Holidays.
This is such a predicament. Let me say that I love my family and love my in-laws. And I think that this is why it is so hard.

This is the kind of stuff that needs to be talked about in pre-marital counceling. We are doing the best we can with it and try our hardest to let everyone know how much we love them and care for them...we just hope it is working.

I think the thing that makes it so hard is that we live close to Andrew's family and we live far from mine. They are both amazing and totally understand and never complain or say anything to us...but, it doesn't change the way that Andrew and I feel.

We switch holidays with our families. Like this year we spent Thanksgiving with my family in Imperial, and we spent Christmas with Andrews parents here...but my parents decided to come into town on Christmas day...so My family got to see us on Christmas and Thanksgiving, but Andrews family only got to see us on Christmas...and a lot of other days for lunch or at the office...but soooo not the same.

And then there is the thought that when we go to see my family, we are literally spending a week at their house. We don't go many places, we just spend time at my parents house...this isn't fair to Andrew's parent's when we stay at their house for a day rather than a week, because this is Their holiday but we also happen to live here.

And then there is birthdays...which leads me to this post. My dad's birthday is on Saturday. Scott's birthday (Andrew's dad) is on Sunday. And since we live by his parent's we all get to celebrate every ones birthday together...which I love! But, at the same time, I don't get to celebrate my dad's birthday and 2 weeks ago, my family all got together to celebrate my grandma's 90th Birthday. My only living grandparent, and the only I have had since 7th grade. But the celebration was on a Sunday...so I couldn't go cause I had to work...but we are celebrating Scott's birthday on a Sunday and we can go, because they live a mile from home and work...do you see where the frustration comes in!
I guess it is good that I get frustrated that both of us want to spend more time with our families...

I know there really isn't an answer to all of this, and it really isn't that bad, it is just weeks like last week when two friends have babies and you can only make it to see one...or this week when two dad's have birthdays but you can only celebrate with one...that make me cry a little and then be glad for the fact that I have family close, or even family at all...

The way we deal? Well, I sit on my floor and cry and pout and Andrew explains how we don't have 8 extra hours of drive time to spare and how Dave Ramsey says spending that much money on gas at this time is not wise. Does it help? NO, but what will? The only thing that helps is the fact that I am nearly best friends with my brother, I talk to my mom and dad all the time and I have in-laws that people can only dream about having. I am married to the man that far exceeds any dream I ever had and I know that they all love Jesus...and me...

And that is how I will get myself through this short pity party.

On the list of things that are worth complaining about in life, this is probably near the bottom...but that just gives us another reason to thank God for the blessings.

Love ya,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aunt Sarah

This isn't really about marriage, nor have the last few posts, but I promise there will be more of that.

I grew up with 2 friends that I have had forever and will have forever. Jessie and Jenny. Jessie has a little girl, Taylor, and is pregnant with a little boy, Jenny has a little girl, Sydney, and a week ago gave birth to little boy, Austin.

Jess, Me, Jenny and Baby Sydney

Taylor, Jess' baby


Austin (photo from Jenny's Facebook)

My sister-in-law, Michelle has Fred and is pregnant with a little boy,

Michelle -and Josh and Fred


and Yesterday,my college best friend, Jodi, who has a little boy named John, had a little girl. Sophia.

Me and Jodi


Baby Sophia
Me and Jodi with Baby Sophia

Andrew and Sophia bonding

I feel overwhelmingly extatic to have all these beautiful little babies call me "aunt Sarah".
Andrew has decided to refer to himself as "Funkle" Fake Uncle for the ones who aren't really his family...which is funny, but I told him he better not try to teach them to say Funkle, I don't think they can translate without messing that one up.

I really don't get to see any of them too often, however I talk on the phone and skype with Fred. I get "home sick" for them and wish I could be at all their birthday parties and hope they know that they always have a place to run to as they grow up and get mad at mom and dad! ha ha!

I am in love with these kiddos...

Some of you know, and some don't, so here you go...Andrew and I have been unsuccessful in the having babies department so far, but that is okay! We are totally happy with where the Lord has us and completely trust in His timing...And I am not wanting any words of advice or encouragement (just so you know). I just want you to know that being around these babies/kids and not having my own is not something that stabs me in the heart with jealousy, but overwhelms me with the fact that I get to share in the life of these special little people.

Yesterday, I was at the hospital with Jodi, and we were talking about how we haven't seen each other in so long...I hate that I don't get to be with these women that I love all the time...but such is life...the story goes that we had to leave and of course, as we were getting ready to head back to the hospital, she had a little girl! WOW!

I walked into the room and I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this little girl. It was like the most amazing thing!! It immediately made me love her and miss Fred, Taylor and Sydney, and long to meet little baby Austin...(john was there bouncing around like a crazy person).

So This post is for Jodi, Jessie, Jenny and Michelle - Thank you for sharing the love of your babies with me, they are the most precious things and I adore them as much as I adore you.

Thank you for making me an aunt, even if it isn't real! I love you.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Print is in!

Here it is! The print ya'll voted on! And Andrew holding it!

Thanks everyone!

another story

Two days ago, We were driving home from work. This actually took place just minutes before the story in the previous post.
We have been working out and my legs are so sore. They were really sore around my knees.
As he is driving, I am telling Andrew how sore I am and so I reach over and touch his knee and say, "I am sore right here!" On the word "here" I squeesed his knee (or right above). He nearly swerves off the road as he screams and starts laughing, I was totally surprised by this reaction. I say, "What the heck was that?"
he is still laughing..."I am boy crazy!"

I love my husband.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for voting. I went with number 5, Cinque Terre.

Not a whole lot has happened in the last few days that I am ready to blog about, but here is one funny story so I don't just leave you hanging.

It has been really cold here. Last night, Andrew and I got home at like 9:00 and had to drag in the trash can and the recycle bins. The plastic handles were FREEZING. So we are already cold (we live too close to home for our car to even warm up) and now our hands are frozen. I hate being cold like this.
So we get inside and we are standing there and Andrew says. "My hands are freezing." I start to think about the warmest part of my body and it was my waist - due to layering and a coat. I take his hand and lift my shirt up a little on the side and try to put his hand on my side...(totally being silly)
He starts screaming and trying to pull away, "NO, I can't let you do this to yourself, you hate being cold, No! Don't do it, I can't let you!!"
At this point we are both cracking up and I am yelling and pulling his wrist, "I am willing to do this for you...I hate seeing you cold! Just let me!"
"Your willingness is enough, Don't do this to yourself!"

We can barely stand up we are laughing so hard and then he lets me put his hand on my side. at this point, his hand is FREEZING!!!!!!! So cold that I can't speak. I just put my head on his shoulder and squeeze my eyes shut (yes, this looked as weird as it sounds)!
He steps back after about 30 seconds and looks at me...then I say, "My side is so cold" (with a laugh, of course) So then the unthinkable happens. He lifts up his shirt to show his side and pushes it against my side that he just made freeze...and then he says. "Holy cow, Your Side is Cold!"
when that moment was over, we just laughed about how weird we are.
And I like to think that you are that weird too, you just don't tell people.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I need you to vote!!!

Our church has a missions auction each year and this year I decided to put a piece of my work in. So I donated an image printed on canvas, but now I have the hard job of decided which piece to blow up and print on canvas. So I decided to leave it in your hand. Friends and Family, Please Don't Leave me Hanging!!!
I need you to comment today and vote on the image that you would purchase to hang in your home! Majority rules...so I am really hoping more than one of you comment. And. if you read my blog and have commented before, I know you are out there...I will find you and ask you which one I should go with! Feel free to pick more than one and I will take the most popular. So here they are! (It will be 20x24)

1. ocean (minus the hand in the bottom left corner)
2. Italy, Piazza San Marco
3. Night Waves
4. Flying Italian Flag in Venice
5. Cinque Terre
6. Italian Country Side
7. Colorado Train Track
8. The other side of Vegas at night.
9. Wall Crawlers
10. Fountain at night
11. Light Instillation View 1
12. Light Instillation View 2
13. Wall tree
(will edit more vividly)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Worship art

Below you will find two paintings that I did in the last week. What you are seeing is a new endeavor for me. It is my response to God's goodness spoken through song and message during a worship service. This first one is about God revealing himself to us by setting us free and breaking the chains/bondage of sin. Amen. I did this one during worship night at LUMY (our youth group) on Valentines day. I didn't have a camera, but I had my flip, so this video is of the painting I did in response to God showing up in places that we don't expect. The words on it are "Your love makes it worth it" and that is a line from one of the songs that the worship team at Life Christian Church in Lee's Summit led. the song was called "I Surrender". Our dear friends Elliot and Joy had us come down and speak/minister to their youth group on Wednesday night, 2-17-10. (ignore the talk in the background. we were deciding where to eat after youth)

This is something that I have seen people do, but I have never done it (till this week). I am excited to see how the Lord will use this new found gift and fun response to worship.

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which foot?....oh, that's what you meant.

Some of my favorites from the night! Switchfoot, Thank you, my friends, for letting us experience music in a way that is always refreshing! Jon, your writing gets better every song!
and on a note of AWESOMENESS...the following pic is pulled from Switchfoot's website. You will notice a blurry circle to the right of the mic...(pic taken by Jon Foreman)...inside that circle you will find Amber and myself, standing!!!
Whooo hoo!