Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I need you to vote!!!

Our church has a missions auction each year and this year I decided to put a piece of my work in. So I donated an image printed on canvas, but now I have the hard job of decided which piece to blow up and print on canvas. So I decided to leave it in your hand. Friends and Family, Please Don't Leave me Hanging!!!
I need you to comment today and vote on the image that you would purchase to hang in your home! Majority rules...so I am really hoping more than one of you comment. And. if you read my blog and have commented before, I know you are out there...I will find you and ask you which one I should go with! Feel free to pick more than one and I will take the most popular. So here they are! (It will be 20x24)

1. ocean (minus the hand in the bottom left corner)
2. Italy, Piazza San Marco
3. Night Waves
4. Flying Italian Flag in Venice
5. Cinque Terre
6. Italian Country Side
7. Colorado Train Track
8. The other side of Vegas at night.
9. Wall Crawlers
10. Fountain at night
11. Light Instillation View 1
12. Light Instillation View 2
13. Wall tree
(will edit more vividly)


Chrissy Cash said...

Ok, I love so many but my favorites are #'s 2, 5 and 10. If I had to narrow it down to just one - it would probably be #5 - or #2 - I'm undecided! HAHA!

Jess Tankersley said...

I love them all-of course, but my favorite is #7. Good luck!

lee ellen said...

I vote #4 or #7!

Anonymous said...

#4 or #5 but i like 5 the best!

krista said...

my heart fell for #6.

Katie Loew said...

so i really like #4 and #5....and jealous that youve been to cinque terre because thats like one of my top places i want to go!

i also think that #12 is cool as well.

jealous of your talent!

Kim said...
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Kim said...

I like the ocean without the hand. I think it has the widest appeal to the majority. Although I really like the like the lights and the wall crawlers, those are great!

ChrisSturgeon said...

light installation #1 or San Marcos

I might need to buy the Venice one myself!

Matt and Jodi said...

I love number 4

Bridget said...

Hey, Sarah! I vote #5! I think the Cinque Terre is just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Sar, I vote for #5 too! I think they all look great, but this one is my most favorite. :) Love you!


Cindy C said...

Love all the colors in #5 - it would go well in many different colored rooms!

Sarah Fravel said...

Hey Sarah!! DJ votes for #s 4, 5,7; I vote for #4 and #6. So, I guess that means that we really like #4! Cool idea for the auction, hope it rakes in the BIG bucks!
--Sarah and DJ Fravel in CA.
ps. check out my blog http://littlejewells.blogspot.com

HisBell said...

#4 & #5... beautiful!

Nicole said...

I -love- #5 and think it could appeal to a broad audience