Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lost...maybe more raveled.

Our theories on LA X . LOST season 6 episode 1 theories.

So, here is the deal, don't waste your time watching this unless you love LOST and if you do watch it and feel like you have wasted your time, don't blame me, I didn't push play!

Also, after watching, please comment and let us know what your theories are so that we can consider your thoughts in our theories.

Link for Jimmy Kimmel. Watch the first one and then change the number "1" to "2" and watch the second part.

S (and Andrew)


Tyler Tankersley said...

A: I agree with Andrew's idea that Sayid is somehow inhabited by Jacob. Remember: who was it who told Hurley to take Sayid to the temple?

B: The most interesting line from LA X came from Flocke when he said that all of this is about him wanting "to go home." So, where does Flocke live? Or possibly when does Flocke live?

C: I think that honor demands we watch the finale on May 23rd together. No youth at LUMC or 2BC.

Sarah said...

1. I also agree, but am not ready to commit to such an idea just yet...I feel like the creators gave me reason to be suspect in an interview...

2. I know! Where is this home he speaks of, as far as we know, he has been on the island forever.

3. We have no Youth on the calendar for that night since it is the weekend before graduation and we will be mission half of our population to celebrations...So, YES! We must!

The Reardon's said...

This is so good! Where is episode 2?!