Monday, February 1, 2010

are you LOST?

I know that some of you don't watch TV and some of you don't find it fitting to watch much TV...but I really feel that in my life and marriage, TV is just wonderful.

I always feel like I need to justify this topic because people would think we are crazy, but It has to be justified so that you can get a little perspective into the life of Sarah and Andrew.

One more justification before I begin...we really do use TV/pop-culture references all the time to teach, plus it gives a conversations starter with students.

Okay, now I can start.

As previously mentioned, Andrew and I spend every hour together, waking or not. We love it, but working in the ministry all day everyday gets a little exhausting. Things are serious all the time...reading, planning events, planning worship, planning Bible Study (x4), dealing with student issues, meeting with students about those issues, re-thinking the program to be more "successful", writing college recommendation letters, reading to learn, clerical work, e-mails and dealing with the parents...all while trying to stay Kingdom focused...Yes, there are times for laughter and fun in all of this, but you can probably see that this is what most of our conversations are, for us, there is no getting home and saying, "how was your day"...not only do we know the answer but we were literally having the same day. Our conversations are great and we talk all day long, but we need to have something else to talk about. There are 4 things we do so that we have some down time.

1. Having friends, which is a whole post on it's own.
2. Reading books.
3. Watch TV and movies.
4. Go on adventures. (also another post)

If I told you how many shows we watched you would ask, "HOW?"
the answer is, I don't know how, but I think the Lord allows us extra time so we have something different to take our mind off the things that might tempt us to can disagree with this all you want, but I'm right! ha ha!

So the purpose of this blog is to let you know, as if you didn't already, that Our favorite drama, and maybe favorite all around...yeah, okay it is back on this week with its final season.
LOST airs on Tuesday nights starting this week. Which is normally a huge WHOO HHOOOO! BUT GUESS WHAT? Tuesday night is also the weeknight that we host Bible Study for Juniors and Seniors at our house...conundrum? you may not think so, but we were a little confused on what to do...we have a tradition. We watch LOST at Lora's house (she is amazing) about an hour after air time so that we can fast forward through commercials and then talk about it for about an hour read that right.
You may be wondering what DVR is for if we are not going to utilize it in this case. Don't worry we do, but you can absolutely, under no circumstance, call yourself a fan of LOST and wait an entire day to watch it if for no other reason than someone is going to tell you something before your view time and spoil it.
So how have we solved the mystery that is Bible Study/LOST...we moved Bible study up an hour! IS THIS INSANE?

but it is keeping us from being insane.
What keeps you from insanity?

Love ya
Andrew says, "Ask any other LOST fan what they would have done...They would have canceled."

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Ben said...

Andrew is correct. Canceling bible study would be the die-hard Lost fan response.

What I like about you guys, is that you put God before Lost...but just barely.