Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blood Type

This weekend/Monday we went to the Switchfoot concert. (pics to come) We went with Amber and Vernon. We talked about the Eat right for your blood type diet. I cannot find my blood type! It is not documented anywhere. We (my mom and I) even found my original birth certificate on Tuesday morning and it didn't this has led us to many topics about blood samples and such...

We made PB sandwiches for lunch. Andrew had fluff on his. We ate and an hour has gone by, I am doing some work. We have both been silent for almost an hour, and then...

He hold up his bag from lunch, it has a dab of fluff left in it.
"I have a blood sample from the state-puff marshmallow man, I need to submit it to the lab for further research."

My response...."Hold on, I have to blog."
but I do wonder what type he is!?

Have a great Ash Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

You guys crack me up. I can't wait to hopefully see you this weekend!!! Yay! :)


lee ellen said...

haha ditto to the blog stalking :c)and to Overboard being a great comedy of our time haha