Saturday, February 13, 2010

I love love

Andrew and are having not only a special weekend, but a pretty amazing week.

It just so happens that a gift I got Andrew for is birthday, Switchfoot tickets in St. Louis, falls on Monday night. So, to follow up this weekend we will be leaving on Monday and swinging byAmber and Vernon's and then we are all going to see the "best album ever" - Hello Hurricane, Performed Live! CAN NOT WAIT!

But in the mean time Andrew and I got a hook up from a parent of a student this weekend. We went to our Dave Ramsey class on Thursday night and then checked into a hotel! (for a super cheap deal!) On Friday we had our free breakfast, went to meet Brandon and Angie Roach, (the old youth pastors from Liberty) and had a free lunch and then we went down to the plaza to watch a Valentines day in the VIP room, using the Gift card my Aunt Linda sent us. (we have been saving it for months...Thanks Linda!)
The movie was cute...then we took a swing to pick up a meal to go at Texas road house and brought it back to the hotel to split while we watched the Olympics opening ceremonies.
All of this for $12.00! Dave would be proud!
Andrew and I are in love...And I feel so blessed that the Lord would allow us to share life together. To share like every moment in life together!

So this morning, we woke up this morning to go get our breakfast

Side note: (At breakfast I heard this couple talking. He was making a waffle and she came over to take over so he could go do something else. He said, this will beep in like a minute, just letting her know that it was about half way done...her reply, "yeah, I know, go" in like the most rude and sassy way I have ever heard, you would have thought she was a teenager just learning that she knows more than mom and dad. My heart hurt. I hope we don't get annoyed with each other that easily! Love is patient. So, I guess, it doesn't matter where you are, there is always a lesson to learn.)

and now as I am typing, Andrew is getting ready to go...And on to do our Taxes.

Taxes aren't too difficult for us yet, so for me, if I just look at it like this, "Let's just do this thing and get a return" then it seems like I am getting paid for a few hours of sorting through papers! I am at least excited about getting them done...and then off to the Liberty HS play, the Diviners, tonight.

How are you celebrating your Valentines day?

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