Saturday, February 6, 2010

A post for those whithout kids. or empty nesters...

Note: the LOST video will be up today sometime, but this post has nothing to do with TV.

Andrew and I want a family but are leaving the timing of that to the Lord. (Don't worry we are doing all we can, but that is not what this post is about either.) A lot of our friends have kids and I love them and hope for the day that the Lord allows us to be parents. I say this to state this fact: WE DON'T HAVE KIDS. This puts us in an interesting situation as adults who work some seriously strange hours. We decided that instead of being sad that we don't have kids, we would take advantage of the things we can do now that will take finding an amazing babysitter to do later.

It has been really hard to adjust to this life. We work with students till nearly 10 on Monday and Tuesday, till 8:30 or 9:00 on Wed and Sunday, and till 5 on Thursday (and then we go to Dave Ramsey's FPU on Thursday nights). Our weekend is Friday and Saturday.

We go go go Sunday through Thursday and because it is all work related, it is all about spiritual development and is exhausting emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. In order to make it through the week, while we still can, Andrew and try I sneak out on late night dates. And our excuse...Because we can.
We have come to the understanding that if we have kids, our lives will change and there are things that we will will not be able to do at the drop of a hat. So we need to completely take advantage of the fact that we realize that.

I have said it before, AMC theatres host $5.00 movies Monday-Friday before noon, Almost every restaurant on the Plaza has a late night happy hour, with amazing prices on food, that starts at 10:00, The record bar has shows that start at 11:00pm. Do we do this kind of thing every week? No. But, we go when we can handle losing an hour or two of sleep.

We don't' really make it to bed before midnight on any given night anyway, so sometimes on Monday one of us will just declare..."HEY! lets go on a date this week."

This week we did it on Wed. night. After leaving the office at 9:00, we went home and got a coupon we had and headed to a movie. We went to see When in Rome, Which was actually really fun. And a romantic comedy which makes us romantic...and comedic...Plus, as I have said before, gives us something else to talk about.
Before I tell you the rest about the week, I will have to justify (I told you, we are in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University). So, Andrew then says he is going to take me out on Friday morning too! whoo hoo...Again, because we can. So we have a gift card for a local breakfast joint, Ginger Sues,

so he took me there, and then to see Dear John before noon! (I read the book this week wanted to see it.) MORNING DATE and LATE NIGHT DATE in one week and we only spent $17.00!
The moral of this post, If you don't have kids, don't make excuses to stay home! Fancy yourself up every once in a while and stay out late. It is good for you. What we do know, regardless of whether you have kids or not, you have to keep dating!
If you have read all the way to this point in this post and you have kids, leave a comment and give some advice on what you do to keep it exciting once you have kids. We would love to learn from you!
Love to you and yours...
Talk to you soon.


Jess Tankersley said...

Thanks for this post, Sarah! Tyler and I don't need much convincing when it comes to how good it is that we don't have children right now, but this just even made my heart even more happy with the freedom that we have!

Maybe sometime we should go on a double-we-don't-have-kids-so-we-can-stay-out-super-late-date!

The Townsend Trio said...

So Bryan and I have one amazing kid , however, it’s extremely nice to be able to go out and do things. Being a parent, with such an awesome kid, I tend to feel guilty about going out and leaving him with a sitter, I start missing him…even at this “wonderful” 8 year old stage. Bryan and I try to do something a minimum of once a month. We go out on the Friday closest to the 13th of each month….weird I know, but we started dating on 2/13/98, so we keep to that date each month. Then, our church usually hosts one “Kid’s Night Out” a month, so we usually get out for a couple of hours then. We don’t work together like you guys, but every now and then one of us will spontaneously invite the other one to lunch. CJ is usually playing some sort of sport (usually 5 or 6 each year), so we try to have “coffee dates” during his practices. You learn to sneak little moments at home, or whenever you can. Ultimately it’s just as fun with all 3 of us going out though!

Sarah said...

Yeah! Thanks for posting from a Mom point-of view! It is good to know that dates are still happening out there! Good for you guys!

Love ya!