Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did anyone watch LOST?


Oh My Gosh? How could it be that the two we have been aching to see back together croak at the same time? This did have me in tears. I was watching with Lora, who is a mother, and she couldn't believe that Sun didn't even mention to Jin that he needed to go and be with their daughter. I also think this is weird, but Jin had never met the baby? Does this make any difference to you? What do you think??

Also, did Syaid know something becuase of being around "Locke"? He clearly said, "It's going to be you"...So, new theories from the galley???

The think that made me most happy about this episode was that I have been ticked about Sayid this year being so cold (after the darkness started to take over) but he definitley died in a redemptive way that is nothing short of the Sayid that we had come to love up to season 6.

Lastly, Andrew and I both think that everyone except Jack will die on the Island...and I am afraid to make any other assessments untill I see next week when we hear more about smokey and Jacob....So excited about next Tuesday.

What are your theories...if you watch....

I will have a great story to tell you next week, just waiting on some details!

Talk back to me!

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Jess Tankersley said...

I agree that it was a little weird that neither Jin nor Sun even really mentions Ji Yeon. But Tyler said that maybe because of everything surrounding when Sun was pregnant and then losing Jin for so long just made the parent/child relationship weird.

I was literally weeping at the end of the episode. I hope that not everyone else dies! At least not Ben...

As for theories, I think that obviously Jack will be the next Jacob. I think that it would be neat if Ben became Jack's Richard, but I don't know if that will happen or not. I am pretty sure that I am going to cry when LOST is over, which seems silly, but the show is just SO darn good!