Monday, May 3, 2010

Sink in...bad shape.

So, this weekend, our dear friends, Joy and Elliot, came to visit us. So, I cooked a simple meal, sweet potato fries and nuggets BWW style. I was hurrying in the afternoon to get the potatoes peeled and I ran stuff through the disposal...I KNOW THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA...I just wasn't thinking. This led to a totally clogged sink later in the night (did I say that this was Sat. night?). So all day on Sunday, Andrew sat under the sink trying to get the stupid snake to run go. This ate up our entire afternoon for which we had previously imagined a nice long nap. We went to LUMY and headed home where our great friend Jay Thomason came to the rescue. He and Andrew pulled apart our old metal piping and dug thier hands in the grossness...finally they decided that it was time for us to replace that metal piping. Jay is coming over again today to help finish the process...So can I just say a few things?
1. I love our friends.
2. Our lives would not be as interesting without friends.
3. We are totally okay to be DIY'ers but only if we have someone around who knows what the crap we are doing.

I have been putting together some inspiration rooms again, so be on the lookout for some fun post on ways to update your space!
Love you all.

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