Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aunt Sarah

This isn't really about marriage, nor have the last few posts, but I promise there will be more of that.

I grew up with 2 friends that I have had forever and will have forever. Jessie and Jenny. Jessie has a little girl, Taylor, and is pregnant with a little boy, Jenny has a little girl, Sydney, and a week ago gave birth to little boy, Austin.

Jess, Me, Jenny and Baby Sydney

Taylor, Jess' baby


Austin (photo from Jenny's Facebook)

My sister-in-law, Michelle has Fred and is pregnant with a little boy,

Michelle -and Josh and Fred


and Yesterday,my college best friend, Jodi, who has a little boy named John, had a little girl. Sophia.

Me and Jodi


Baby Sophia
Me and Jodi with Baby Sophia

Andrew and Sophia bonding

I feel overwhelmingly extatic to have all these beautiful little babies call me "aunt Sarah".
Andrew has decided to refer to himself as "Funkle" Fake Uncle for the ones who aren't really his family...which is funny, but I told him he better not try to teach them to say Funkle, I don't think they can translate without messing that one up.

I really don't get to see any of them too often, however I talk on the phone and skype with Fred. I get "home sick" for them and wish I could be at all their birthday parties and hope they know that they always have a place to run to as they grow up and get mad at mom and dad! ha ha!

I am in love with these kiddos...

Some of you know, and some don't, so here you go...Andrew and I have been unsuccessful in the having babies department so far, but that is okay! We are totally happy with where the Lord has us and completely trust in His timing...And I am not wanting any words of advice or encouragement (just so you know). I just want you to know that being around these babies/kids and not having my own is not something that stabs me in the heart with jealousy, but overwhelms me with the fact that I get to share in the life of these special little people.

Yesterday, I was at the hospital with Jodi, and we were talking about how we haven't seen each other in so long...I hate that I don't get to be with these women that I love all the time...but such is life...the story goes that we had to leave and of course, as we were getting ready to head back to the hospital, she had a little girl! WOW!

I walked into the room and I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this little girl. It was like the most amazing thing!! It immediately made me love her and miss Fred, Taylor and Sydney, and long to meet little baby Austin...(john was there bouncing around like a crazy person).

So This post is for Jodi, Jessie, Jenny and Michelle - Thank you for sharing the love of your babies with me, they are the most precious things and I adore them as much as I adore you.

Thank you for making me an aunt, even if it isn't real! I love you.


Matt and Jodi said...

Sarah I love you and my kids love you too! You are precious to me.

Spring Patch said...

I love being a fake aunt! :) It an excellent position from which to spoil small ones rotten.

Andy and I plan on making a trek to KC to visit everyone this spring, so I'll let you know when we decide which weekend. I have several baby showers to attend on Saturdays, so I'm going to have to find an empty one in there somewhere to get out of town.

Love you!