Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Daddy.

Today is my Dad's birthday. Lonnie Ray Welker.

He is, well, I think he is 66?! Could that be?

He doesn't seem a day over over 50, and he acts like he is 25.

So I decided that in honor of my dad turning 66, I would post the 66 things I love about my dad!

Just Kidding! But I am going to post 10 things that I love about my dad...and if you know my dad, I really hope you will post something you love about him too!

1. My dad is a good ole' boy. He loves home cookin' and hot sauce..and yet he married my mom who is from Germany...while she, herself, is Saucy, pepper is too much for her taste buds.

2. My dad loves southern gospel music. Gaithers win every time...Lesters, Imperials, Cathedrals, the good old school Oak Ridge Boys, if it sounds country and is about Dad loves it.

3. My dad had been everywhere...Seriously, he joined the Navy back in the day and was on a carrier for 2 years. Every time I am excited about going somewhere new or seeing something, well, lets be real, every time we watch a movie, my dad says, "Well, I've been there!"
And then proceeds with a story.

4. My dad is faithful, and not just to his, in every sense of the word. He is faithful to his beliefs, his family, his work (he has been there for like 40 years) and the one that has impacted me the most is his friends. My dad has soooo many friends that he has had for some 60 years. It is almost insane to think the people he runs around with are people that he has known for as long as they have been alive. Amazing.

5. My dad thinks he is never wrong. I mean this in a very, very, conservative republican sort of way! ha ha ha!! I hope he reads this and laughs!

6. I love that my dad doesn't call me very much cause he doesn't want to bug me, but he calls me late at night, (Which is good for me) and talks for literally 2 minutes, just long enough to start every story that my mom has already told me, and me to tell him, "I heard." Then he says, "oh" in a semi-defeated tone followed by. "well, I better let you go, I love you."
And then says "bye" somewhere around 4 times, which is sooo cute!
I love that my dad still calls me JUST to tell me he loves me (which, lets me know he misses me)!

7. My dad drives a motorcycle...and yes, he is cool...because it is orange and not a Harley, he is not only awesome, but secure in his manhood.

8. I remember when I was like 4, we were at costume party at Springdale Baptist Church. People were trying to guess who everyone was. I distinctly remember a conversation had between two people (who shall remain nameless). They said. "Oh, everyone knows who that is, Of course it is Lonnie, he has the kindest eyes of anyone..." I am really glad that I heard them say that, because I have never looked my dad in the face without thinking that!

9. My dad is the hardest worker of anyone I know...and not only that, he managed to find time to be a dad. I have a million memories of being in the woods, working in the yard (which I thought was cool), swimming in the pool at night gazing at the stars, vacations and weekend trips to grandmas house...Best dad award...

10. A few summers ago, I spent a chunk of my summer in Florida with my mom. for a little over a week, my dad came to visit too and one of those nights we went for a walk. We walked, then sat and then walked again. I was 24 that summer and my dad and I had the best talk of my life. He told me so many stories that I had never heard. I asked like 1,000 questions and my dad answered them all. I remember that night as the first time we had an adult a real, really real one. The next summer on that very same beach he gave me away!

bonus. Unless joking, I have NEVER heard my dad say anything mean about anyone.

Dad, I don't even know if you read this, but I don't care because today I celebrate you! Thanks for the life daddy!

I love you more than you could ever know.


Tyler Tankersley said...

For some people you say, "they never meet a stranger." But for Lonnie you should say, "He never meets anybody who is not family."

The Reardon's said...

Sarah, this is SO sweet. Makes me wish I knew your daddy! Love ya babe. xoxo

Matt and Jodi said...

Every time I see Lonnie, I end up laughing. He is one of those people that you want to be around all the time.