Friday, January 30, 2009

Somethin' to talk about.

1. It is sad that I am not a part of this group anymore. My job is to demanding for me to have time to do this position justice...however.

2. Feb 1st is the opening of RED VELVET store! How awesome is this?! You must check it out! Not only will there be a web site, but an actual store in Springfield, MO. This is the most fun thing ever.

3. RED VELVET ART is the brain child of Elsie, She is pretty freaking creative! I am so proud of her for going for it!

4. Check out the Red Velvet store and the girls who make it up. Emma, Rachel, Silje and Elsie, (see links on the left) you are certian to find something you love, and if not to buy it, at least to get inspired!

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