Thursday, January 29, 2009

updates are slow this time of year...

So, my back went out again last week. YEAH! I didn't have a cause for onset, which is even cooler. The up-side, my chiroprachtor and I are like BFF now. Well, when my back goes out, my attitude seems to go as well, so my amazing husband showed up at home, one day when I missed work, with these.

He is pretty awesome! I am so grateful to be married to Andrew. He is seriously like the kindest man ever.

In other news, this is Mike...(the boy)Mike is our house-mate. He is one of our Best friends. We have all know each other for just about 10 years. Mike has been staying with us since June-ish. Well, the time has come. He is moving out. This is super bitter sweet. We love having someone live with us, but we are also happy for Mike to have a place of his own.

We only have 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, but we feel like we are not doing our duty if our house stands empty so much and a whole entire room is wasted if we have no one using it! Some people don't get that, but for those of you who do...I am glad you understand. We would always live in community if given the opportunity!

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Tramfrau said...

Oh, Sarah, I'm so sorry your back is hurting again. You know I can empathize and not just sympathize. The flowers are beautiful! You have a good man, just like a smart Poeppel girl. ; )