Friday, July 20, 2007

One of many in the "Chicago Series"

As you know, I have recently returned from Chicago. We took a group of 19 youth to the innercity for a mission trip. The group we went throug is called Center for Student Missions, CSM for short. It was seriously amazing. Our group was split into 2 different teams. We led VBS at a homeless shelter and at a church on the south side. The 2 groups had completley different experiences, but the only one I can tell you about with any knowledge is the one that was at the church. The church is called Little Mountian of Hope. We had anywhere from 6 to 15 kids each day. Our youth kids STEPPED UP! they led the heck out of a VBS. Our group drove for about an hour each way, and each day we took a different route, so we got to see a lot of the city. Our VBS lasted from 9am-2pm. then we would get back to the dorms and sleep. My group was able to go to the beach one afternoon, It was fun, but we couldn't get in the water. There was some sort fo bacteria spill! boo! Over all the trip was sweet!! Then around 4 or 5 we would head out for whatever was planned for us. One night we worked in a food kitchen, one night we packaged food at a food depository and one night we were sent into the city alone with 2 dollard a piece to find dinner, and a few pieces of paper. We had to have people answer survey questions, and we had to find out where we would stay in that neighborhood if we were homeless. It was a crazy experience! One night we had worship and dinner all together, and the last night we went out to Ed Debevicks and kicked around Chicago, we went to the Hancock building too.


Court B said...

So, your hair is SO long and you look so good! Great chatting with you the other day! Love u Mrs. Sarah Welker Beard!! check out

Anonymous said...

love your green shirt - where is it from?

(yes, I realize that is a weird first post from some anonymous new reader, lol...but I have been reading your blog today from present on back). :)