Thursday, July 21, 2011

Being a Texan...and summer

Well, The thing is that winters in MO are long; long and FREEZING. Did you know that I hate being cold. Like, I truly believe that my bones get cold and they take a long time to thaw.

Upon our announcement of our move to TX, I stated that I am excited to live in a place that is warm and sunny.

We moved in April, had some brilliant 70-80 degree weather for about 3 weeks...some wicked storms around the first weekend in May and then it happened. What happened? 100 happened. 100 has come and hasn't gone. Like it has literally been above 100 degrees every day for two solid months. One day, my car "temperature teller" read 117. NO LIE!

I have come to realize the coolest part of the day is as the sun is rising. This is when I run. If I miss that 6:30-8:30am time slot, I will not go running - because I would die.

Three paragraphs up, I said, "I stated that I am excited to live in a place that is warm and sunny." I may have even said "Hot" in my original statement.
Through many conversations of people telling me "Texas heat is a killer" I made a claim.
I said, "I will not complain about the heat for 1 year."

This is me...not complaining about the heat. today it wasn't supposed to hit 100 and people are actually saying that it is a cold front. WHAT?
Some things I have to get used to:
-Sweaty Back
-Burning my legs and arms on my car upholstery
-Sweaty legs
-growing my hair out so I can put it up
-Drinking extra amounts of water
-wearing shorts (I have worn jeans 3 times total since moving here)
-Not wearing hoodies...which is one of my favorite clothing items.
-being freezing inside places always bringing a long sleeve for indoors.

So, here is the thing. I do love the heat, but I think I am ready for a small break in it. One or two days or like one cooler evening...I would even take the low 90's.

The other day, Andrew and I headed out for a run at 7:30. It was cloudy and breezy...I said, "Wow, it feels great out here, its almost cool."
Andrew laughed at the time, but later tweeted "it was in the 80's #perspective"

I really do like the heat...I am just thinking the snow-peaked mountains of Colorado sound nice this time of year.
I am thanking God we don't have the humidity that MO has, if we did, I may need to complain!


Anonymous said...

I think Colorado sounds like a great idea too!! ;)


Amber said...

bahahaha i am laughing so hard because one thing that we had to learn upon moving to TX is that it is a joke in TX that all real texans summer vacay to Colorado. hehehe.

Hoodies are my favorite thing too but i hate to break it to you, you wont wear one or even want to look at one until December...if we are lucky. the 90s+ last until October. Yesterday my friend who was about to vacation to CO this week said, "its so fun pulling out our winter clothes in July! we got our hoodies and beanies...everything." I asked him what the temps were going to be expecting him to say 30 or below by the way he was talking about how they were packing and he said," Its going to get down to 45 at night!!! and itll only be 80 during the day!" i dropped my head and laughed...gone are the days of scarfs, beanies and hoodies. BUT we can always visit those places right?!?

Matt and Jodi said...

Sarah I will complain for you...the heat in MO sucks with all this humidity! At 7:00 tonight our car read 104 degrees. Sick!
I did giggle thinking about how cold you get and now you are in a state that has a LONG heat wave. Miss you!