Saturday, July 16, 2011

6 years

Six years ago Andrew and I began our wonderful life together. We joined a team. We have prayed for the ability to offer one another the love of the Lord, that unconditional love. We know that we fail one another, but it is not our intention to do so. We are gentle and kind to one another. We are patient with one another and we work to encourage one another. I pray that we have brought out the best in one another. We pray that our marriage can be used as an example to others.
I thank God almost everyday for allowing Andrew and I to serve in this life together. I know that I tell funny stories a lot on this blog, but let me be absolutely serious for a few lines.

Andrew is the Man that I could have never dreamed of. He is honorable, honest, bold, loving, grace filled, elegant, sensitive and NOBLE. His character is admirable and he speaks truth into my life on a daily basis. He loves me in a way that makes me feel feminine and cool, which is kind-of a neat trick. He is supportive. He prays with me, for us, and for our friends...fervently. He challenges my thinking and listens to my ideas. He is funny, and not the kind of funny that just makes fun of other things, but like, smart funny. He is soooo Hott! he is my best friend and he makes me feel like a beautiful, loving wife. I pray that I can be a reflection to him of the Love of God that he is to me.

Six years ago, Andrew and I got married.
Today he got on a plane to Costa Rica for a mission trip...and I am a proud wife...and I will join him next week!

Thank you Lord for the time we have to serve you as one!

I love you Andrew!

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